10 Signs You Might Need Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

10 Signs You Might Need Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

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The main water line leading to your home is one of the most critical components of your property’s plumbing system. If it happens to break, you’ll need a professional plumber to repair or replace the degraded components, which can be both costly and time-consuming. Plus, not only can a broken water line cause extensive flood damage, but it can also cause damage to the street, causing it to crumble. Fortunately, there are several warning signs which indicate your property may require water line repair. An awareness of these factors can help you to get your water line checked and repaired before it’s too late:

  • Frequent clogs. One of the most common signals that your property might need water line repair is periodic, unexplained clogs. You may start to notice that clogs are becoming more frequent and harder to clear. If this is the case, the cause can be less to do with the internal plumbing of your home and more to do with the main water line. A professional plumber can perform a water line inspection and let you know if repair is required.



  • Noisy fixtures. Even though plumbing systems include the flow of water, it doesn’t mean that your plumbing system should be overly loud when in operation. If you hear pipes clanging when you turn on the water supply, your toilet gurgles when you turn on the tap, or you hear whistling or dripping sounds regularly, these are indicators that one or more pipes in your Atlanta, GA, home are damaged. These symptoms also indicate there could be an issue with your main water line.


  • Low water pressure. When there’s a blockage in the main water line, such as tree roots or clogs, you’ll see a change in water pressure. A large enough leak will cause a noticeable drop in water pressure and slow the amount of water coming into your home. If you’ve noticed that even with a pressure regulator, you do not see a normal amount of pressure, then a water line repair might be required. If you’re not getting any water at all entering your home, this is a sign that your water line has ruptured completely. Common causes of restricted water flow that can affect mains water pressure are excessive mineral deposits and tree root punctures. If you notice a sudden change in water pressure, call a plumber right away to determine the cause.


  • Pooling water. One of the most common signs that indicate an issue with the main water line is the presence of pooling water. If you see unexplained puddles forming in your yard, soggy patches of lawn that were previously fine, or extra-lush grass and plants growing near your main water line, these are all indicators of a below-ground leak. Water leaking into the soil adds extra moisture that the nearby plants can use to grow quicker than in other areas of your yard.


  • Discolored water. If you turn on one of the faucets in your home and you see yellow or brown water, instead of the expected clear color, you’ve got an issue with your plumbing system that needs addressing urgently. While discolored water can be an indicator that the interior of your water heater may need a service, it can also signal a water line repair could be required. Rust doesn’t only build up in interior pipes; the pipe leading into your property can also be affected by it. A professional plumber will be able to determine where the rust-colored water is coming from.


  • Excessive rust and corrosion. Older water pipes, such as those used for mains water lines, used to be constructed from iron, which is heavily susceptible to rust. If you’ve got an older water pipe running into your home, it is better to replace it with copper piping as these modern pipes are much more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. A water line inspection can identify the type of water line you’ve got running into your home and determine whether you would benefit from water line replacement to ensure rust doesn’t affect your water quality. White, chalky deposits and green spots on visible pipes can also indicate excessive rust may be affecting your plumbing system.


  • Costly utility bills. A change in water bill costs can indicate a main water leak that needs to be taken care of, particularly if you can’t see an obvious leak inside your home. Higher bill costs that can’t be explained by known increased usage or a change made by the provider indicate your home may need a water line repair service.


  • Warm basement flooring. Particularly if you start to notice any warm spots under your basement flooring, you may be experiencing a hot water line leak underneath your foundation slab. You might also see other signs of water damage in your basement such as mold, wet flooring, and cracks starting to appear.


  • Foundation cracks. One of the most severe indicators your plumbing system may require a water line repair is the sudden presence of cracks forming in the foundation or walls and flooring. Typically this happens when there is a prolonged water leak that has seeped into the foundation of your home, weakening its structural integrity.


  • Unpleasant odors. One last warning sign that may indicate a water line repair is needed is a noticeably repulsive sewage odor permeating your home. When dirty water or sewage is not being channeled correctly away from your property due to a water line issue, the backed-up pipes can cause a troublesome smell.

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