10 Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair | Brookhaven, GA

10 Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair | Brookhaven, GA

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There is nothing as comforting as a hot water bath in cold weather. The water heater is one of the essential home appliances in your Brookhaven, GA house. If it stops working, it can cause inconvenience to everyone in your family. Like any other appliance, the water heater also malfunctions sometimes, but most problems don’t appear instantly.

The water heater gives out signs that indicate some problem exists that needs your attention. Here are ten signs that show you need a water heater repair.

  • Odors

When the hot water gets smelly, there is some reason behind it. According to experts, an electric water heater contains anode rods made of aluminum or magnesium. The anode rods corrode with time, and the metal reacts with the sulfates in the water creating hydrogen sulfide that smells like rotten eggs.

There can be other reasons for odors like a nasty bacteria build-up inside the water. If the hot water smells bad or has a distinct but unnatural smell, it is an indication you need water heater repair.

  • Extras

If you find some particles floating in hot water, not all is good with your water heater. The floating particles are signals that tell – you need a repair. In that case, you need to call a water heater professional who will clean the water heater inside and outside. It is like your water heater needs detox occasionally, just like your body.

  • Cold Shoulder

If you are getting cold water from the hot water faucet and the thermostat setting is hot, there is some problem with the water heater. The water heater has two water connections- the cold water inlet and hot water outlet. It has a dip tube that delivers the cold water to the bottom of the water heater forcing the hot water out from the outlet.

With time the dip tube deteriorates; it can crack or become brittle. When this happens, the cold water directly pours inside the tank and mixes with hot water, and the result is you get cold water or lukewarm water though the thermostat is set at 100 or 120°C. The cold shoulder problem tells that you need water heater repair.

  • Leak

If you notice any water leaking from the heater, call the water heater technician immediately. Some people think a small water leak is not a major problem, and the water heater functioning will not be affected by such a small leak. It can be a big mistake. The leak will eventually grow with passing time, and it will increase repair costs.

Ignoring a leak can lead to massive problems like the water heater tank might burst at any given time. This would lead to the replacement of the entire unit, which can be expensive. You could have avoided this expensive repair by calling the water heater repair service to fix the leak.

  • Steam and Burns

The water has a safety mechanism that is intended to protect you from steam and burns that can be caused by hot water. Some people complain of steam or boiling water emanating from the faucet. It happens despite lower thermostat settings.

If you see steam or boiling water delivered through the faucet, you need a repair. In this scenario, you need to call a water heater technician providing service and get the temperature and pressure valve replaced.

  • Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

The water heater is designed to supply hot water whenever you need it. At any given time, the water heater should have gallons of hot water. It has two heating coils – one at the top and one at the bottom. If the hot water runs out too quickly, one of the heater coils is not working.

  • Funny Noise Coming From Water Heater

As the water heater ages, it is common to hear some noises coming from the heater. However, if the sounds emanating from the water heater are loud, it can be a reason to worry. Call a water heater technician immediately to diagnose the problem and fix it.

  • Signs of Corrosion

The water heater body is made of metal, and the average life of the water heater is around 8 to 12 years. It is common for the metal body of the water heater to corrode. The water heater also has metal parts inside, which are submerged in water most of the time. These parts corrode faster, and you might see the water discolored, which is a sign of corrosion on the inside.

If you see signs of corrosion on the outside, you need to replace the heater. Call a water heater technician in Brookhaven, GA, to replace the water heater.

  • Sudden Water Temperature Fluctuations

If the water coming out of the faucet shows water temperature fluctuations, there is some problem with the dip tube that needs to be fixed.

  • Failure to Heat Water

If you do not get hot water from the hot water faucet, there is some problem with the water heater. Call a water heater technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Why Do You Need to Call Local Water Heater Repair Service?

It would help if you did not ignore any signs given out by your water heater. Fixing a water heater is not a DIY task. The electrical circuit inside the water heater carries high voltage that might deliver a fatal shock if mishandled.

Hiring a professional water repair service guarantees proper care of your appliance, impeccable service, and longevity of your water heater. If your water heater gives out any of the signs discussed above or you face any problem with your water heater, call us immediately.

We have a team of trained and experienced water heater technicians who can perform all kinds of water heater repairs of all brands and models. We are available 24×7, and we are just a call away.

Call us anytime to book an appointment, and our professionals will visit your home at a time chosen by you. Our professionals carry all necessary tools along; they will diagnose your water heater’s problem and fix it.

You can rely on Peach Plumbing + Drain in the Brookhaven, GA area for any water heater repair. We have been providing water heater repair services for more than a decade and have a long list of happy customers. Call us today for any water heater repair, maintenance, or replacement.

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