4 Common Leaks That Require Professional Water Heater Repair Services | Brookhaven, GA

4 Common Leaks That Require Professional Water Heater Repair Services | Brookhaven, GA

Your water heater, like all appliances, needs maintenance. Regular maintenance of water heater components will help you identify problems and book the right water heater repair service. Your home’s water heater is typically an electric- or gas-powered appliance that heats water continuously to provide hot water whenever you need it. Most homes in Brookhaven, GA will have a water heater that falls into one of the below categories:

  • Conventional
  • Tankless
  • Heat pump
  • Condensing

While old age and general wear-and-tear is responsible for some common issues with water heaters, you’ll have more problems with your water heating system if you don’t do the necessary annual servicing. Professional plumbers are required to undertake water heater repair when something goes wrong, so by inspecting your unit on a regular basis you can identify issues before they become major inconveniences that require extensive repair or replacement services. One major repair that has a few different causes to look out for is, of course, water leaks!

As expected, appliances that hold a lot of water, sometimes at high pressure, often have issues that result in leaks. Water heater leaks have various causes, including improper water pressure, stuck valves, faulty gaskets, and defective temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valves. You might also notice leaks due to excessive heat, loose bolts, or faulty plumbing connections.

For complex issues such as stuck valves, overheating, or faulty temperatures, you will need to contact a plumber with adequate water heater repair experience.

Here are the top four causes of water heater leaks:

1. The Cold and Hot Water Outlet and Inlet Connections

Luckily, if this is where the source of your leak is located, it is very simple to fix. Check the connections to your outlet and inlet pipes and determine if they are loose. Usually the hot water outlet pipe will be located to the top of your unit, while the cold water pipe may feed into the side of your unit. These inlet and outlet connections can be tightened or replaced as necessary.

2. The TPR Valve

Water heater repair often includes the replacement of TPR valves. Your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve is an important part of its operation. It monitors the tank’s water temperature and pressure. This valve will let you know if there is too much water in the tank or if the water gets too hot.

If this valve is leaking, you will see water trickling down the side of your tank. This could indicate that you need a replacement valve. It could also be a sign that your current water pressure is too high, and the water is forced out through the TPR valve to prevent larger issues. A licensed plumber will be able to determine which of these situations is the true culprit.

3. The Heater Drain Valve

A leaking drain valve is an easy but standard issue that can be repaired. The valve is designed to be watertight when closed. If water leaks out and the valve is closed as tightly as possible, the valve needs replacement. However, it is a very affordable water heater repair.

4. The Bottom of the Water Tank

The most common reason for a leaking water tank is the last we’ll discuss today. If annual maintenance is skipped, this allows sediment to build up over years. Sediment accumulates in a water tank’s bottom, and it can eventually corrode and cause the tank to leak. Typically, the bottom of the water tank will only leak after years of deterioration has occurred. You should call a professional plumber to replace the water heater in this scenario.

These areas can be inspected by you before calling a plumber. This will give them an idea about what’s wrong and what equipment they will need to bring to undertake the water heater repair or replacement service.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

You could perform simple tasks, such as tighten loose bolts yourself, if you have identified the cause of the leak and feel capable of fixing it. However, there are a multitude of benefits associated with hiring a professional plumber in Brookhaven, GA to undertake the work for you.

Here are some ways you can benefit from professional repairs by a licensed, insurance, local plumber:

  • Substantial drop in energy and water costs

A professionally completed water heater repair service will result in a significant decrease in both your energy and water bills. A professional plumber can restore the heater to its original condition, so it will use less energy to heat water than it did previously. This increase in efficiency will also result in less water waste.

  • Consistent, high-quality water

A non-professional plumber may be able to restore hot water flow, but it will likely be temporary. Professional plumbers will not only restore the heater to its original condition but also make sure that repairs last a long time. The issue will be fixed first-time, and you’ll benefit from consistent, high-quality water for months to come.

  • Peace of mind

Alongside consistent, high-quality water, you’ll receive peace of mind. Arguably, the best reason to hire a professional plumber to undertake water heater repair! It is not a good idea to attempt to repair the water heater yourself. You will not only disrupt your daily routine but also make it difficult to be productive by worrying about an issue that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about. It is possible that you will do something wrong or worsen the problem.

This constant anxiety can be eliminated by hiring a licensed, local and professional plumber. You can go about your day knowing that your water heater issues will be resolved quickly and effectively by someone with true know-how.

While DIY videos are helpful, attempting to repair complicated equipment, such as a water heater, that you don’t know a lot about is dangerous and a safety risk. If your water heater is leaking and you feel you need water heater repair in Brookhaven, GA, call Peach Plumbing & Drain!

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