5 Plumbing Overflow Problems That Need The Attention Of A Plumber | Atlanta, GA

5 Plumbing Overflow Problems That Need The Attention Of A Plumber | Atlanta, GA

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Leaks, depreciation, and plumbing issues are inevitable. They are likely to be more frequent if you have children. These issues with your plumbing can make life in your residential or commercial property in Atlanta, GA, uncomfortable and unbearable. Hence, you will need plumbing services to address them. Plumbing issues may result in property losses, meaning that you have to get the problem fixed by the plumber promptly. Remember, some plumbing issues are worse than others.

Overflowing bathtubs, toilets, or drains can make life at your home miserable if left unaddressed. The overflows may cause flooding, leading to water damages, destruction of valuable property, and health issues. Therefore, you incur the expense of paying for the costly replacements, restoration, repair, or medical bills. This article will focus on the plumbing overflows and what may cause them. Keep reading to learn more about plumbing overflows.

1. Foreign Objects Inside the Drain

Foreign objects like wood, toys, and toothbrushes are among the leading causes of clogging that results in overflowing at your home. These objects get stuck at the corners of your plumbing’s drainage system. Thus, they prevent flushable tissue papers, water, and human waste, from passing through.

Because of the blockage, dirty water cannot pass through the septic tank. It starts flowing back into the drain, toilet, or bathroom and might start overflowing within no time. A back-flowing toilet is a health hazard, and an emergency plumber must attend a plumbing emergency that requires. They will resolve the overflow issue before the backflow permeates into your entire home.

Be mindful of what you through into your drains or flush down the toilet. Never pour dirty water into the washroom before you check if there are foreign materials like toothbrushes, clothing, or toys that may block or clog the drains. If you hear sounds emanating from your drains or toilet, contact a plumbing agency like Peach Plumbing & Drain to inspect and remove the clogs from your plumbing.

2. Decaying Pipes

The pipes leading to your home’s sewer line or septic tank start to decay as they age. The decay makes the pipes weak. They might bend and result in a blockage, preventing the wastewater and human waste from draining into your septic tank. Consequently, the blockages cause overflows and backups in your toilet or sink.

The pipes become more prone to breaking, causing a misalignment with your central drainage system. The breakage and racks in your pipes could allow rocks, dirt, and mud to enter the plumbing system, resulting in clogs and overflows inside your kitchen and bathroom plumbing appliances. Hence, the services of an emergency plumber become a necessity to help avert a more severe problem of flooding of the sewer water or water damage in your house.

Although water damage repairs are costly, they are not as expensive as clearing the human wastes overflowing from your washroom. While toilet overflows may damage your plumbing, they carry even a more dire risk to your family’s health. The costs you might pay for maintenance and repair are little compared to the hefty medical bills you might have to pay.

Thus, call a plumber as soon as possible whenever you notice stagnating water or a toilet backup. It will help curb the downright expensive repairs and replacements. Timely repair to overflowing drains or toilets may protect your family from exposure to sewer gas. If exposed to sewer gas, you or your family might suffer headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, and vomiting. You might end up using a lot of money to pay for medical bills if there is a Cholera outbreak at your home as a result of an overflowing toilet.

3. Leaking Faucets

If the faucets at your home or commercial property are leaking and there are clogs in the drains, you might be staring at an impending bathroom or kitchen overflow. Enlist the help of an emergency plumber to get the leakage fixed. They first close the main water supply, inspect the plumbing, diagnose the problem, and take steps to resolve the leak.

The water leaking within a clogged plumbing fixture like a sink or a tub might flood your house. It creates conditions favoring the growth of molds and mildew at your home. These are dangerous for the health of your family. Additionally, you may end up incurring more for repairs and replacements.

Our Peach Plumbing & Drain plumbing technicians will swiftly fix the problem in your Atlanta, GA, residential or commercial property. The technician will adequately resolve the clog and the leak, preventing overflows from happening at your home.

4. Clogged Drains

One of the vital roles of a plumbing system is safely driving away from the wastewater and sewage discharge from your home into a septic tank or to a public sewer line via a drainage system. However, if your drains have clogs and blockage, it hampers the free water flow into the septic tank or sewer line.

You must call a plumber if you realize that your drains or toilet are backing up. Call the technician if you notice stagnant water in your sink. They will promptly repair the blockage. An overflowing toilet is a pending health hazard. Experienced plumbing experts use modern tools and equipment to inspect your plumbing system for the issues making it clog and remediate by removing it.

A clogged washroom drain is caused by flushing non-flushable materials into the toilet. These are materials that don’t dissolve in water. These materials include sanitary napkins, facial tissues, condoms, automotive fluids, disposable diapers, and bandages.

In your tabs, bathroom drains, and sinks, the clogs may be caused by grime, hair, and debris. Therefore, to prevent overflow issues from happening at your home enlist the services of plumbers like Peach Plumbing & Drain. Our plumbers will install filters to help prevent dirt and food particles from entering the drains.

5. The Buildup of Slime Inside the Pipes

Grime can build up inside your pipes at massive levels if you do not maintain your plumbing. You might be forced to enlist the services of an emergency plumber. When you flush lotions, toothpaste, gels, and soap into your drains, they form a gooey and sticky film of slime inside the pipes.

If your drains are not cleaned regularly, these accumulated grimes becomes thick and sticky, causing blockages within the drain pipes. It prevents water movement in the sewer line. The blockage or clog may cause overflows if the faucets and sinks are left running.

The slime buildup inside the drains creates conditions favoring bacteria growth and facilitates pipe corrosion. Enlist the help of a plumbing service to clean your drains of the slime.

Overflows are one of the leading plumbing emergencies in residential and commercial property. They have many detrimental effects, including damaging property and health hazards. Therefore, you must do everything possible to prevent them from occurring.

Retain a plumbing service to maintain your plumbing systems regularly. If the problem has already occurred, the plumbing technician will promptly resolve the issue. Do you need plumbing services for your Atlanta, GA home? Call our licensed and skilled plumbers at Peach Plumbing & Drain.