5 Plumbing Service Problems To Watch For | Atlanta, GA

5 Plumbing Service Problems To Watch For | Atlanta, GA

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As much fun as it is to own a home, there are also a lot of different things you need to stay on top of and keep an eye out for. In fact, owning a home requires that you know a little bit about a lot of different things, which includes having some basic plumbing knowledge. However, it’s always best to leave the hard work up to the plumbing service experts. If you want to know which plumbing problems you should watch for and when you need a plumber to help, here are five of the most common plumbing problems.

1. No Hot Water

If there’s one problem you’re almost guaranteed to deal with at one point or another, it’s a lack of hot water. While you’re probably used to waking up to a hot shower every morning, your water heater is actually designed to last only a short 10 to 12 years. This life expectancy is even shorter if you don’t have a plumbing company flush your water heater every once in a while.

Sometimes, you can get hot water back by replacing one or both heating elements in the water heater. However, there are times when you simply need to replace the entire water heater due to its age. The good news is, this isn’t incredibly expensive.

2. Slow or Clogged Drains

Clogs are another very common plumbing problem, and they don’t always come in the form of a fully clogged drain. Sometimes, there will be a slight clog that makes water flow slowly down a drain. Whether your drain is a little slow or completely clogged, you need to schedule a plumbing service appointment before it’s too late. Leaving a clogged drain to get worse could result in a pipe leak, sewer odors or compromised water quality.

The good news if you have a clogged drain is that it’s fairly easy for a plumbing service expert to unclog. While some clogs are tougher than others to remove, they can usually be knocked out fairly easily with a snake or auger. However, you should never try to do this on your own since these tools can cause severe damage to pipes that leaves you with a massive plumbing repair bill.

3. High Water Bill

While you never know exactly how much water you’re going to use in a month, you should have a decent idea of what your water bill is going to be. If you notice your water bill is suddenly hundreds more than it usually is, that’s a good sign that you’ve got a leak or some other problem that’s wasting water. Your first reaction to an unusually high water bill should be to call a plumbing service expert.

Determining the cause of a high water bill can be difficult because there are so many different potential causes. You could have a pipe leaking underneath your home, or your toilet could be running when you aren’t noticing it. Sometimes, water bill spikes can even be a result of slow, dripping leaks that occur inside your home and seem minor. Even if that’s the case, you need to have it checked out as soon as possible.

4. Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is essential for everything from getting your dishes clean to taking a shower and brushing your teeth. If your water pressure is suddenly much lower than it has been in the past, that means something changed within your plumbing system that causes a lack of pressure. Calling a plumbing service company is the only way to figure out what’s really going on and get it fixed.

It’s important to make note of where water pressure is suddenly lower in your Atlanta, GA, home. If you’re only losing water pressure to a single fixture, something in that fixture is probably the reason for your low water pressure. Oftentimes, fixing low water pressure is as simple as replacing the aerator on your faucet or cleaning it out. If your entire home is suffering from low water pressure, that means the problem is somewhere deeper in your plumbing system.

Sometimes, you’ll lose water pressure in a fixture after the water has been shut off and reconnected at your home. If this is the case, make sure you talk to the plumbing service company you hired about getting your water pressure back to normal.

5. Running Toilet

You might not think it’s a very big deal, but a running toilet is one of the worst plumbing problems you can have. As easy as it may be for a plumbing service expert to fix a running toilet, that doesn’t change the fact that it can cost you hundreds of dollars every month on your water bill. If you notice your toilet running, make sure you’re keeping an eye on it until it’s fixed.

In most cases, fixing a running toilet is as simple as having the flapper valve replaced so the bowl isn’t constantly filling with water. However, there are times where you may need to replace an entire toilet due to a leak. While this involves a little more work, a plumbing service company can install a toilet for a reasonable price in a short period of time.

Make the Call

The last thing you want to do is hold off on calling a plumber when you’ve got a serious problem. As tempting as it might be to save a little bit of money, you need to make sure you’re calling an expert any time you have a plumbing problem.

If you’re in the Atlanta, GA, area, there’s no better choice than Peach Plumbing & Drain when it comes to plumbing service. Whether you need preventative maintenance or plumbing repairs, we’ve got you covered. Call Peach Plumbing & Drain at (678) 995-5082 to schedule a service appointment today.

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