5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Brookhaven, GA

5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Brookhaven, GA

Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your home. It’s responsible for providing clean hot water whenever you need it, and it’s necessary for other appliances in your house to function correctly. Your washing machine and dishwasher need hot water to function, and if the water heater isn’t working, these appliances won’t work either.

If your home is like most, the water heater is in the basement or tucked into a closet, and you don’t see it often, making it challenging to detect several problems. It’s a good idea to visit the water heater regularly to ensure it’s working correctly. If the unit experiences any of the following issues, it’s best to hire a plumber in Brookhaven, GA, who’s an expert in water heater repair.

#1 You Have No Hot Water

A lack of hot water is the most obvious sign you need to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair. Before making the call, you should check a few things to avoid an unnecessary service call.

If you have an electric water heater, make sure a circuit hasn’t tripped, and there’s power going to the unit. For oil or propane units, ensure fuel is in the tank. If your water heater runs on natural gas, check another gas-fueled appliance or check with a neighbor to rule out a widespread outage.

If everything checks out, it’s time to call a plumber. A faulty heating element will prevent the water from heating and should be fixed immediately. If the unit is over ten years old, it may have reached the end of its lifespan and can no longer heat the water, requiring a replacement.

#2 Lukewarm Water

If the water coming from the taps doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm, you may need to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair. Before you make the call, check the unit’s thermostat. It should be set to 120 to 140 degrees, which is hot enough but not too hot. Adjusting the thermostat should solve the problem if the thermostat is set too low. It would help if you also considered the temperature outside. If it’s freezing, the water filling the unit will be very cold, and it can take longer to heat. If neither of the issues is the cause, it’s time to call a plumber.

If the thermostat is broken, the unit won’t get the correct signal, and the water won’t heat enough. If your unit has two heating elements, one may have failed, and the functional element can’t heat the water enough. A plumber can inspect the unit to determine the cause and make the necessary repair.

#3 The Unit Is Noisy

Your water heater should be whisper quiet if it’s functioning correctly, and if it makes noise, you’ll need to hire a professional in water heater repair in Brookhaven, GA.

If the unit makes a banging sound, there are likely large pieces of sediment in the tank, banging against the inside of the water tank. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option because the constant banging can create a leak in the unit, causing the contents of the water tank to flood your house.

A popping sound also indicates sediment buildup in the tank. When water gets trapped beneath the sediment, it will boil, causing the popping sound.

A plumber specializing in water heater repair can inspect the unit and may try to flush the sediment. If they can’t, you’ll need to replace the water heater.

#4 You Frequently Run Out of Hot Water

It’s not uncommon to run out of hot water from time to time. The hot water supply can be depleted if everyone in your home showers one after another or if the hot water and dishwasher are running when someone takes a shower before you. Nobody wants to take a cold shower, and it’s best to hire a water heater repair professional if you frequently run out of hot water.

If your water heater isn’t large enough to meet your family’s hot water demand, you’ll run out of hot water frequently. If this is the problem, installing a unit with a larger tank will solve the problem. You can also install a tankless water heater that heats the water only when you need it, and there’s no hot water supply to deplete.

There could also be significant amounts of sediment in the tank, leaving less space for hot water storage.

A plumber specializing in water heater repair in Brookhaven, GA, can inspect the unit and ask questions about the size of your family and your hot water demand to determine what’s wrong so that the problem can be resolved.

#5 Water or Moisture Around the Unit

Moisture on the unit, walls, and floor often indicates a leak or broken hose. This is a simple fix; however, waiting to hire a plumber will result in water damage and mold growth around the unit, so it’s best to call immediately.

Water pooling around the unit indicates a leak in the water tank, which is much more serious. When the unit leaks, the entire contents of the tank will leak out, creating a disaster in your house. Unfortunately, leaks cannot be fixed, and you’ll need to replace the water heater.

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