5 Signs That It Is Time To Call An Expert In Plumbing Repair | Atlanta, GA

5 Signs That It Is Time To Call An Expert In Plumbing Repair | Atlanta, GA

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The plumbing system in your home is very complex. Most people don’t think about their plumbing system often. As long as clean, clear water is coming out of the faucet, and water and waste go down the drains and toilet, your plumbing system is the furthest thing from your mind. It isn’t until you have a plumbing issue that you begin to worry.

Many homeowners today are trying to save money by making home repairs and home improvement, do-it-yourself projects. While this is fine for certain jobs around the house, plumbing repairs should never be a DIY project. Even if you found a video online to teach you to make the necessary repairs, you shouldn’t. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up causing more damage to your home’s plumbing system. If you get stuck in the middle of the job, you won’t be able to use your water until a plumber can get to your home.

The plumbing issues listed below are complex issues that aren’t easy to fix. To prevent causing more damage, if you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, you should hire an expert in plumbing repair.

#1 Slow or Clogged Drains

Slow and clogged drains can make life in your Atlanta, GA home difficult. If the water won’t go down the drain or goes down too slowly, daily household tasks can be difficult or impossible. Some homeowners don’t consider a slog or clogged drain a major issue, and they will try to clear the drains themselves. Many will use a liquid drain cleaner; however, these products aren’t always effective. Also, these drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your pipes. Some homeowners will dry to use a drain snake to remove the clog. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up puncturing a pipe, causing a flood in the home.

The best way to remove a clog from the drain is to call a plumbing repair expert. They will have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely remove the clog completely.

#2 Water Heater Issues

Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in the home. If the water heater isn’t working properly, many of your appliances won’t function properly either. Also, you cannot take a shower without hot water, wash your dishes, or complete simple household chores. Because your water heater is so essential, you should call a plumbing repair professional as soon as you notice any of the following issues:

  • No hot water
  • The hot water isn’t getting hot enough
  • You are running out of hot water too quickly
  • Moisture or pooling water around the water heater
  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater
  • Rusty hot water

Water heater repairs should never be a DIY project. If you make one mistake, your water heater could break down completely. Also, if your water heater is still under warranty, trying to fix it yourself will void the warranty. It is best to leave all water heater repairs to a plumbing repair expert because they have the knowledge and experience to find the source of the problem and then make the necessary repairs.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

If you have noticed that the water pressure in your home is much lower than usual, you should call a professional in plumbing repair. If the aerator in the faucet is clogged, it can weaken the water pressure. There is more to removing a clog than sticking a pin in the aerator; therefore, you should leave the job to a licensed professional.

The problem could be something more serious, like a leak in the waterline. If this is the case, you need to call a plumbing repair expert as soon as possible. The water coming from the waterline will pool up behind the wall, causing serious water damage. It can also create a mold issue. Because a waterline leak is a serious problem, you should leave the repair to a professional.

#4 Dripping Faucet

Many people will ignore a dripping faucet because they don’t think that it is a big deal. After a day or two, it is easy to get used to the sound of dripping water. Also, because the faucet is just dripping, many homeowners aren’t worried about wasting water. This is a mistake. If your faucet is dripping, there is something wrong with the faucet’s internal structure that needs to be replaced. Also, a dripping faucet wastes more water than you might think. If the is one drop per second coming from the faucet, you can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water every year. Not only is this water waste bad for the environment, but it will also cause a significant spike in your water bill. If you have a dripping faucet in your home, you should call a plumbing repair expert as soon as possible.

#5 Frozen Pipes

The temperature in Atlanta, GA, is relatively mild; however, it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop below freezing on a winter night. If it is exceptionally cold one night and your water won’t turn on, there is a good chance that the pipes are frozen. This is a very serious problem. When water freezes, it expands. If the ice expands too much, it can cause your pipes to burst, which can cause a major flood. If your pipes freeze on a cold winter night, you should call a plumbing repair expert immediately. A licensed plumber will know how to thaw your pipes quickly, which is the only way to keep the pipes from bursting.

If you are experiencing any plumbing issues in your home, contact Peach Plumbing & Drain. We have over 72 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, which should give you confidence that we will get the job done right the first time. We understand that you cannot control the timing of your plumbing issues, which is why we offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To schedule an appointment for plumbing services, give us a call today.