8 Situations That Warrant An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

8 Situations That Warrant An Emergency Plumber | Sandy Springs, GA

Plumbing emergencies can be dangerous and cause serious destruction of your property. For example, a leak in your bathroom could lead to a leak through the floor, and electrical appliances or furniture in the room below experiencing water damage. Anything that causes a stain or leak, even before it gets to the stage of collapsing ceilings, should be treated as a priority and an emergency plumber should be engaged. These eight scenarios all require a plumber’s attention:

#1 Ceiling/Wall Stains

You won’t always know when a pipe bursts inside your home. In fact, it can be quite difficult to determine if pipes inside your walls have burst, without intervention from a plumber, until you notice color changes on ceilings or walls. By this point, typically, there will have been a lot of accumulated water damage.

You should be looking out for unexpectedly dark or yellow stains on lighter paint or wallpaper. This is an indication that water has accumulated behind the scenes. Your emergency plumber in Sandy Springs, GA should have the right diagnostic tools to locate the leak, and the expertise to repair the existing damage ASAP.

#2 Ceiling Leaks

Water leaking from your ceiling, or wall, can indicate that water has accumulated internally and is now severely damaging the property. It is likely that the plasterboard has stopped absorbing water and it now has nowhere to go except through the wall or ceiling itself. Although it may seem like a tiny drip, the plasterboard is likely to be holding several liters of water and the ceiling structure may be devastatingly weak. A ceiling leak is a plumbing emergency that deserves an evaluation from a licensed, qualified, and professional emergency plumber.

#3 Unexpected Running Water Sounds

A burst or leaking pipe is likely to cause water to continue to trickle through your home at night. This is alarming as the water could be causing damage to your electrical fittings or creating sparks. Water leaks from the washing machine or dishwasher hoses that pool under cabinets can go unnoticed for long periods, creating breeding grounds for mold and bacteria as well as warping flooring and rotting wood. All unexpected running water noises when water fixtures aren’t running should be investigated by an emergency plumber to help prevent continued damage.

#4 Flooding and Flood Risks

If your sump pump fails suddenly during a storm, it could lead to a flood in your basement. It will cost you more to fix the problem if it isn’t fixed immediately. It’s not just the cost of the broken appliance or plumbing that you need to consider. Additional appliances, carpets, flooring, insulation, plasterboard, lighting fixtures, and more can all be affected during a basement flood.

Pipes that aren’t insulated can also cause flooding. If pipes aren’t insulated during winter and temperatures drop below zero, water could freeze and cause them to burst. Without an adequate leak detector system, you could end up paying more for repairs and replacements.

To avoid water damage, we recommend homeowners install leak detection systems in their homes. Also, arrange for licensed plumbers to undertake regular assessments of the plumbing in your Sandy Springs, GA home. Flooding can be a costly and serious plumbing emergency. To avoid further damage, contact an emergency plumber immediately if a flood occurs.

#5 Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs can occur when there is too much waste or toilet paper flushed. You can temporarily clear a clog sufficiently by using a plunger, but if the toilet doesn’t flush correctly on a regular basis, call a plumber.

Toilet clogs can become a critical issue if you have only one bathroom in your family home. The clog will prevent you from being able to use the toilet, which can be problematic. A plunger may not have the ability to clear clogs if the blockage is further down the pipe. An emergency plumber will have specialist equipment to clear the blockage.

#6 Drain Clogs

Water will drain slowly if there is any form of blockage. You can avoid the issue and wait for the water to drain, but the clog will only get worse over time. A large clog can block the water from draining, and even cause unpleasant backups of stagnant water.

#7 No Water Supply

Running water is essential for your daily life. If water stops coming out of your faucets, it may be time to call an emergency plumber if there’s no known water shutoff cause. To rule out widespread water outages, it is a good idea to check with neighbors before calling. Ensure that your service is not disconnected because of non-payment, and make sure that your water bill has been paid.

If all is well with your bill payments and your neighbors, it’s time to call a professional plumber. A variety of issues could cause water shortages, so it is important to call a licensed professional to diagnose the problem. There could be:

  • An issue with the main water supply
  • Blockages in the pipes that supply water to your fixtures
  • A corroded water delivery pipe
  • Leaks in the plumbing system
  • Frozen pipes

#8 Contaminated Water

Lastly, if you notice rust-colored or odorous water, you should immediately call an emergency plumber. If the water from your taps is cloudy or has a brownish tint, it is unsafe to use. Hot water that is discolored may be due to sediment in the water tank. The tank’s interior could be deteriorating if the unit has been in use for more than ten years. This could lead to tiny metal and mineral particles contaminating the water supply. Rusted pipes could be contaminating the water supply if your water is brown. You can only guarantee that water is safe to use once a plumber has attended, identified and resolved the root cause of contamination.

Peach Plumbing & Drain can send an emergency plumber to your home in Sandy Springs, GA. We are here for you 24/7. To resolve any troubling plumbing issues, call us ASAP.

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