Ask Our Plumber About Smart Home Plumbing Devices | Atlanta, GA

Ask Our Plumber About Smart Home Plumbing Devices | Atlanta, GA

Smart home devices can provide enhancements and essential protection throughout your Atlanta, GA home. Your plumbing is no exception, and our expert plumber can provide advice on which products may be right for you. Choices range from luxuries like smart bidet toilets to valuable protection such as leak detection systems that automatically shut off the water supply when appropriate. Getting the opinion of our Peach Plumbing & Drain licensed plumber can help you select products that will be useful and effective, and avoid interactions with other aspects of your plumbing system, if any. For example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a touchless faucet in your bathroom? What about available voice-activated kitchen faucets that can dispense a precise gallon of water into a pan while you perform other tasks? As always, your expert plumber is a valuable resource for home design and feature choices as well as a skilled professional to call for implementing your designs.

Touchless Faucets Are Practical, ADA-Friendly Water-Saving Fixtures

For many people, the choice of faucet is based on what they can operate, especially as they get older and may have limited strength in their hands. One option that suits many people is the touchless faucet, which began as a simple motion-detecting device, popular in public bathrooms to avoid patrons leaving the water on as they depart. They provide the same convenient water-saving function in homes, which can save hundreds of gallons over a year simply by interrupting the water flow between lathering up and rinsing after shaving, and the same for tooth brushing. Our plumber can install one in the kids’ bathroom for great water-saving results and much less risk of sink overflows and flooding. Some of the more advanced models can provide customized water temperatures for each user, and other luxuries. Smart faucets are also convenient for other bathrooms and even kitchens, where sophisticated touchless faucets provide not just motion sensing. They also integrate with an app for voice control, provide gesture-based control in addition to simple motion start and stop, and help homeowners track their water consumption as well. As with many new technologies, these may not be familiar to most homeowners, but our plumber can both install them and show you a few ways to enjoy the new features. They’re quite practical for busy chefs, helping to multitask instead of standing by the sink to monitor water flow into a pot, since they’ll take commands like a cook’s helper and save water in the process.

Luxury Bidets with Everything but Wi-Fi

Once an exclusive import from Japan and Europe, luxury bidets have come into their own as a way to enjoy comfort and convenience in privacy. They caught homeowners’ attention in Atlanta, GA when toilet paper shortages loomed, but then became more popular as word spread. Features include a bidet spray feature using warm water, self-cleaning using germicidal UV light as part of the process, motion-sensing night lights, and lids that lift as the user approaches. A self-rinsing lid and seat provides a reassuring extra sense of cleanliness, and features are available in both separate bidet seats and fully “smart” toilets. A heated seat, adjustable controls, and extra added tech features on advanced models allow tech-focused homeowners to add even more gadgetry that’s convenient and functional.

The Advantage of Touchless Has Become Apparent

For both faucets and toilet seats, touchless operation is now a critical part of an increasingly hygienic lifestyle. What you don’t touch, can’t transfer germs from surfaces to your hands the thinking goes. Our plumber can install these great features for your home, and also make sure that remodeling you do is performed with a focus on easy cleaning. Using the right materials and components, you can reduce the risk of germs, mold, and mildew being hard to remove with routine cleaning.

Flooding and Emergency Water Shutoffs

Flood sensors are available to be placed near your water heater, in your bathrooms, and anywhere else you are concerned that pipe breaks, sink overflows, and other disasters might occur unnoticed. These alerts can integrate with your alarm or smart home system, or provide direct messaging to an app. In addition, our plumber can install devices that, in extreme cases, are able to shut off your home’s incoming water supply or local supply to your sink by remote control in order to avoid expensive cleanup. If you’ve ever come home to a leak or overflow that’s been running for some time, you know the value of an automated response when the system senses a potential flood.

Water Quality Systems Are Getting Advanced, Too

Imaginations have been going wild at companies producing water filtration and quality products. They’ve created usage monitoring products that help homeowners track their water consumption and make intelligent adjustments for conservation and cost savings. A side benefit is that they also can provide indications of unexpected water usage such as slab leaks that are slow to show themselves otherwise. Our plumber can help with these, and install water filters along with features like chilled and even sparkling water supplies. You can not only save water, but enjoy the water you use more thoroughly, even taking a break from bottled still and sparkling water at home.

Smart Water Heaters

It makes energy sense to have a hybrid water heater for your tank-based supply, using heat pump technology. Now, they also connect by Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor operation, make adjustments, and receive leak alerts with auto shut off when more than a gallon escapes unexpectedly.

As plumbing technology advances, your plumber from Peach Plumbing & Drain brings you the best, from advanced pipe and sewer line inspection and leak detection to the latest smart home plumbing conveniences. We’re your source for plumbing inspection and equipment recommendations as well in Atlanta, GA, helping you to maintain a reliable, long-lasting plumbing system in your home. Call us with all your plumbing questions, as well as for repairs, upgrades, and innovative remodeling ideas!

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