Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters | Atlanta, GA

Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters | Atlanta, GA

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Tankless water heaters are those that instantaneously heat water as it flows. Apart from the hot water that is present in their heat exchanger oils, these heaters do not keep any hot water internally, unlike the tank counterparts. If you are a nature enthusiast, you can opt for the tankless heaters and accrue multiple benefits and still save some trees. Below are some of the advantages.

Energy saving

Tankless water heaters can be 8 to 14 percent more energy-efficient than standard water heaters in homes that use a lot of water, on average, 86 gallons. For those that use a lesser amount of approximately 41 gallons, you can also save 24 to 34 percent of energy use in comparison to the traditional water heaters. Getting a plumber to install these water heaters at each hot water point in your home will increase energy-saving capabilities by 27 to 50 percent.

Reduced utility bills

Water heating is the second-largest energy consumer after heating and cooling, accounting for nearly 18 percent of the total energy bills. As a homeowner, you would want to cut down utility costs to the minimum. And with inventors thinking big and developing environmentally-friendly appliances such as on-demand water heaters that significantly reduce energy usage, you can achieve your goal. Replacing your standard water heater with a tankless one will save on your month-to-month energy costs, and you can be sure not to regret investing in the appliance.

Eliminate hot water deficiency

If you have a lot of family members in your home, the water heating needs will definitely become high. Everyone will probably want to get a hot shower in the morning, and one might find themselves taking a cold shower due to a lack of hot water. Having a tankless water heater will help eliminate that problem since the appliance does not depend on reserved heated water. As water passes through, it heats in real-time and provides a continuous supply of hot water. You can talk to an experienced plumber to get insight into the best tankless water heater size that will serve your family needs.

Availability and ease of installation

Some home appliances utilize gas or electricity to run. There are tankless water heaters that use gas while others electricity as energy sources to suit the needs of different consumers. For instance, you would not be living off the grid and choose to have an electric tankless water heater, since the favorable option will be a gas-enabled one. Additionally, tankless water heaters are by far smaller in size than the traditional ones. Therefore, the installation process can be easy and quick. The conventional water heaters may require you to enclose the big tanks in closets to maintain a good picture of your interior, but tankless water heaters can blend with your indoor environment. You can even save up some more space for your household items.

Higher distribution rate

The unique feature of heating water as it passes through makes tankless water heaters a convenient option for multiple hot water needs in a home in Atlanta, GA. You might get impatient while waiting for that family member who takes a long time in the bathroom to finish taking a shower before you embark on using hot water in the kitchen. With a tankless water heater, that inconvenience will belong in the past. These heaters can enable multiple hot water use in various rooms, while one is showering, the dishwashing machine can be operational, and someone can also be using hot water at a sink. Do not hesitate to get a tankless heater and eliminate the need for waiting in line to use hot water.

Elongated lifespan

Although the initial cost of a tankless water heater is slightly higher than that of the conventional water heater, the service it delivers is commendable since it works longer than traditional water heaters. With adequate maintenance, demand-type water heaters can last up to 20 years in contrast with conventional ones whose lifespan is about 10 to 15 years. Therefore, the high initial purchase price shouldn’t worry you at all since you get to use up more hot water for a smaller energy bill. In the long run, you will realize you made the best decision about having a tankless water heater in your home.

Reduced maintenance

Depending on the physical location of your home, a standard water heater may require maintenance services annually or after six months. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, need minute maintenance services, and they can last up to about four to five years without servicing depending on the quality of your water. If your water provider supplies hard water, a once-a-year cleanup to remove mineral build-ups in the tank is essential. It is quick to clean though, all that is necessary is a vinegar solution and a water flush through the tank for about 60 minutes. You ought to seek these services from a professional to avoid tampering with your costly heater and cause unwanted damages. And if the DIY was in a bid to save up some cash, the irony of it all is that you might end up spending more on repairs.

More pure water

As a tank water heater ages, the interiors may start getting rusty hence supplying foul-smelling colored water. That could cause health hazards and tarnish the beautiful colors of your sinks and bathtubs. To solve the problem, all you need is tankless water heaters that supply clean, hot water as it comes from your supplier. This evades hitches such as the constant renovation of sinks and bathtubs as well as high healthcare costs.

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