Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters In Homes | Atlanta, GA

Benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters In Homes | Atlanta, GA

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Water heaters are essential in Atlanta, GA, because they make it easier to carry out chores, shower, wash hands or cook. Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters because of their ability to heat water only when it’s needed, helping homeowners to cut costs and save on energy as much as possible.

The water heaters use high–efficiency copper heat exchangers and operate using electricity or gas. They also vary in size as they come from small point-of-use units for the sinks to full-size units that can supply hot water to all your home’s faucets. Homeowners should consider having tankless water heaters for the following reasons.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are the best option for people that want to save money because of less energy consumption. The heaters help folks reduce the standby energy loss, common in the tank-style water heaters that heat water and store it or constantly reheat the water in the tank. The tankless water heaters are different because they only heat water when you want to use it for washing dishes, hand washing, bathing, or laundry.

Once you turn on the hot water faucet, cold water moves through a pipe to the heater for heating either by a gas burner or an electric heating element ready for use. The process is instant and does not require heating a large amount of water for storage, saving energy costs.

The heaters are beneficial because if you use less hot water, you will pay equivalent lower utility bills and vice-versa. So, if your energy bills are high due to the tank water heating system in your home, you should get a qualified plumber to correctly install tankless heaters in your house as soon as possible.

Eligible for Tax Rebates

People that buy ENERGY STAR certified water heaters might qualify for federal tax credits up to $300. Tax credits are a refund one gets on taxes, based on the tax liability.

The rebates apply for both the gas and electric water heaters. They are for homeowners and not for rentals or new construction buildings. Therefore, when planning to upgrade your water heaters, you should choose energy-efficient tankless heaters because of the tax rebates.

Save on Space

The storage tank heaters need homeowners to create substantial space because of their large size for installation to run efficiently. In contrast to tank-style water heaters, the tankless type requires less space because of the wall installation.

Though the tankless water heaters come in different sizes starting from small to full-size units, they have a compact design that cannot take as much space as the storage tank heaters. Homeowners with limited space in their house should consider having tankless style heaters to meet their hot water needs with low energy consumption.


People in Atlanta, GA, should invest in these water heaters because they are more durable than storage tank heaters. They are expensive to purchase but worth the investment because they can last up to 20 years with proper and regular maintenance.

The tankless heating equipment is also the best option compared to the tank-style types with a durability period of 12 years.

Ease of Installation

For gas or electric appliances or systems to operate smoothly, proper installation is paramount. Taking time to research and find experienced and skilled technicians that will professionally mount the on-demand water heater on the preferred and strategic wall in your home is wise.

Correct installation depends on aspects, such as the type of fuel to power the water heating system, climate of the location, local building code requirements, and safety concerns.

The hired plumber should understand the local codes and be from a plumbing company with easy access to a permit. The expert will use advanced tools to install the tankless water heaters, which is a hassle-free process compared to the storage tank water heaters.

Easy to Maintain

Tankless water heaters are low maintenance units that require regular cleaning and tune-ups at least once annually. Is it possible to clean or tune up a water heating unit that has no storage tank? The answer is yes, especially if the on-demand water heater is at a high temperature or the water passing through the heat exchanger is hard water.

If the municipal water is high in magnesium and calcium minerals, your unit is prone to clog. The deposits from the hard water can build up in the heat exchanger, affecting the overall performance of the system and its longevity. These water heaters require regular investigation and cleaning to avert the possibility of mineral build-up. Therefore, if you want a water heating system that is easy to maintain, go for the on-demand water heaters because maintenance focuses on lesser parts.

The plumbers concentrate on cleaning the heat exchanger compared to the traditional water heaters that you have to ensure the tank is also smoothly running. Having a professional to carry out routine tune-ups that include de-liming or descaling the water heater to remove the mineral build-up. It is worth noting that if tankless heaters are of high temperatures, the expert has to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual to the latter during maintenance for the best possible outcome.

Endless Supply of Hot Water

People can also enjoy the continuous supply of hot water because of the tankless water heaters. Since the on-demand heaters provide hot water instantly after opening the hot water tap, you can be assured that you will get enough hot water to fill your tub for laundry, cooking, bathing, or doing other household tasks.

You can also run the kitchen and bathroom faucets simultaneously without worrying about water running out. The continuous hot water supply is a plus for the tankless heaters, making them better than the traditional tank-style heaters that run out of water, forcing you to wait for them to fill up for use.

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