Beware Of These Plumbing Disasters: Advice From Your Plumbing Service Provider | Brookhaven, GA

Beware Of These Plumbing Disasters: Advice From Your Plumbing Service Provider | Brookhaven, GA

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an average family can save over 12,000 gallons of water and $130 in water bills annually if they replace all malfunctioning and dilapidated toilets in their houses with a new bathroom. The same family can waste close to 10,000 gallons of water per year from household leaks, an equivalent of 299 loads of laundry. That’s the amount of water needed to take 200 showers in an ideal home.

If you are a resident of Brookhaven, GA, household leaks can be exorbitant, whether in the bathroom, toilet, or taps. The effect of water leaks due to poor plumbing services can lower the resale value and aesthetics of a home. There is also the danger of mold and fungal growth allergic reactions and inhaling issues to individuals.

Water leaks that develop due to poor plumbing service can similarly lead to structural damage in walls and floors and cause warps, holes, cracks, and dents. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is essential to know potential plumbing disasters and how your plumbing provider can avoid them. Highlighted are a few of them.

Leaking Faucets

Most faucets have compression valves or sink cartridges that open and close to regulate water flow. Your faucet can seep or have an overflow because of a broken pipe or fitting. A majority of seepages and outflows could be the result of deteriorating cartridges or run-down stems assembly washers.

Worn-out washers and seals or loose nails, screws, rivets, nuts, and bolts can also contribute to a leak. The worst culprit for a leaking faucet can also be rusted O-rings, which seal the cartridge, or corroded valve seats.

For dripping faucets, your plumbing provider will assemble their working tools, including an adjustable wrench, flat head screwdriver, penetrating oil, replacement washers, and O-rings. Your plumbing technician will turn off your water supply and remove the damaged parts to fix these issues.

Your plumbing service technician will then inspect your O-ring and washer and find a perfect replacement for this if need be. Afterward, your plumbing technician will reassemble all the parts, including the washer, O-ring stem, nuts, and handle, and then gradually turn the knob to check if the drips have stopped.

Running Toilets

A running toilet can be a result of a leak between the tank and the bowl. Either way, spotting a running toilet can be extremely complicated but possible after you learn the symptoms to look out for. Obvious signs include the toilet trickling from the sides of the toilet bowl way after it has been flushed.

When your plumbing service expert informs you that your toilet is running, you have to allow your technician to check if the flapper is not closing appropriately onto the flush valve. For a running toilet, your plumber can replace any worn-out flapper seals or flush valves.

If the toilet handles are corroded, your approved plumber will replace these as well. Your technician can also replace your tubing system in your toilet if damaged. Equally, your plumbing service provider can rectify these issues if the float is too high or the handle is stuck.

Low Water Pressure

It may have escaped your mind that when every member of your household is using water, either from a tap, the shower, or toilet, there is low water pressure, which can cause a headache. Interestingly, low water pressure is often a minor issue and can be resolved quickly without the help of a plumbing technician.

Extreme low water pressure issues can be caused by corrosion of steel pipes. Damaged shut-off valve systems can also be the reason for your low water pressure. Plus, low-pressure issues from the water companies can also be a reason for low water pressure.

To sort out pressure issues, your plumbing service provider will often advise you to place your water tanks at the highest point of your home. Secondly, your plumber can check that all the water valves are correctly placed.

In case the aerator is blocked due to calcium deposits, your plumber may opt to replace it. Thirdly, your technician can also unclog or replace any corroded iron pipes.

Clogged Drains

Imagine the pressure you get when cleaning dishes and the water is assembling at the bottom and not moving down the drain. It can be pretty stressful. Soapy scum, fatty oils, debris, toilet paper, minerals, and dirt often cause clogged drains. Multiple blocked drains in a house are a warning signal of sewer line issues.

Your plumbing expert can sort blocked drains. Your certified plumber can use a plunger to unclog the drainage system. Alternatively, a commercial drain cleaner can be used. The plumber can also disconnect and clean the pipe, though this can be messy at times.

To guard against future clogs, you need to plan for regular drain cleaning periods with your plumbing provider. Installing a sink strainer or mesh on your sinks and taps will help trap scum, grease, and debris that block the drainage.

Final Word

While plumbing leaks, pump failures, water problems, clogged drains, running toilets, and pump failure can be minor issues, it is always wise to sort out plumbing issues as soon as they occur.

With time and constant observation, you can learn how to check your entire plumbing system to prevent unrepairable water damage and costly repairs. Constantly monitoring your water bills to check for any extremities will also help avoid any plumbing service headaches.

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