Burst Water Pipes: Causes, Signs, And Solutions Explained By A Plumber | Buckhead, GA

Burst Water Pipes: Causes, Signs, And Solutions Explained By A Plumber | Buckhead, GA

Burst pipes may not be as common as other plumbing issues like clogged drains. But they might be the most expensive to repair. The Insurance Information Institute states that every year one in every 60 insured homes files a water damage claim. With the current drastic changes in weather, burst pipes and other nightmares are things homeowners can no longer safely ignore.

As a homeowner, you might not be new to plumbing problems and want to do as much as possible to prevent them. Read on to learn what causes pipes to burst, the warning signs, and what you need to do to reduce water damage.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Usually, a pipe burst doesn’t simply occur out of the blue. There are several warning signs that indicate that something is wrong with the plumbing. Knowing what you need to look for can help you prevent a disaster.

Harsh winter weather can also cause pipes to burst. Frozen water will expand and cause pipes to crack. Uninsulated pipes are more likely to freeze in cold weather.

Keeping the heating always on and adding extra insulation to pipes might be necessary if you live in an area that experiences long winters.

Corrosion and rust weaken pipes and make them more susceptible to cracks and bursts. Pipes are also more likely to break in older homes with aging plumbing systems.

Clogs will cause the water pressure to increase in the pipe. Often, this will cause a leak somewhere along the line. But if the pressure is too big, the water can break the pipe.

Sometimes pipes can move due to repair work on the plumbing system. Temperature changes can also cause pipes to shift. Increased water pressure can cause pipes to shake and can burst damaged or fragile pipes.

What Are the Signs?

Puddles of water in the house are the most apparent sign of burst pipes. You will find water under the sink and on the floor around it. But often, burst pipes are more challenging to spot. If you are experiencing some of the following signs, you most likely have a burst pipe.

It might be a severe leak or burst pipe if you do not know the cause of the sudden increase in your water bill. Water leaks alone make up 10 percent of the water bill. Because leaks can also cause burst pipes due to fluctuating water pressure, you should fix any leak as soon as you see it. You might need to hire a professional plumber to help detect less apparent leaks.

Sounds of dripping water could come from a variety of sources. If the noise doesn’t come from the toilet, sinks, or faucets, it could be from a burst pipe. You might also hear metal clangs and pipe noises.

Large water stains on walls and ceilings, fluctuating water pressure, and discolored water could indicate a burst pipe. Call a plumber if you notice any or several of these signs in your home in Buckhead, GA.

What to Do When a Pipe Bursts?

You will need to act quickly when a pipe bursts to prevent the water from causing significant damage to your house.

Shut off the water.

First, you will need to shut off the main water valve immediately. You do not need any more water leaking from the pipe. You can find the water main in the basement, near the water heater, or in the crawl space.

Call a plumbing professional.

Next, you will need to call a plumber as soon as possible. Some plumbing companies in Buckhead, GA offer emergency services that work round the clock. You should find a good plumber and know their rates and services before an emergency occurs.

Drain pipes and faucets.

You then need to drain the water from the plumbing system. You can do so by turning on every faucet and flushing the toilets several times.

Disconnect the electricity.

Also, remember to turn off the main electric switch. With water everywhere, there is a high risk of electrocution.

You might need to call an electrician if the electrical panel is inaccessible.

Clean up the water.

Start cleaning up the water before the plumber comes. The longer the water stays, the more likely mold and mildew will grow. If you can, place a bucket under the broken pipe.

You might need to hire a professional water removal company if there’s too much water.

Document the damage.

Take a lot of pictures. You will need those if you need to claim insurance for water damage.

Always let a professional plumber handle any repairs and schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure you won’t be denied coverage due to negligence.

Ventilate the rooms or turn up the heat.

Open doors and windows to make the water dry faster. If a frozen pipe caused the burst, crank up the heating to slowly thaw the pipes. It is crucial to slowly warm the pipes as drastic temperature changes can cause them to burst.

Once your plumber arrives, the professional will determine the best way to fix the problem. Depending on the type and location of the burst pipe, the repair might take longer.

Your plumber will explain to you the process and how much it costs. Your insurer will also need to look at the damage’s extent. Be sure to document everything.

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A burst pipe might not end the world, but it can be every homeowner’s nightmare. Peach Plumbing & Drain can help you prevent such a disaster and assist you in an emergency.

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