Common Mistakes That Might Lead To The Need For Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

Common Mistakes That Might Lead To The Need For Water Line Repair | Atlanta, GA

The water line is the part of your plumbing system responsible for carrying clean water from the municipal mainline into your Atlanta, GA, home. Hence you must ensure that it is in functional and pristine condition. Unfortunately, the water line is buried beneath the ground in most cases. This makes them prone to damage caused by soil movements, tree roots, and weather. Whenever they break, getting them fixed might prove challenging. Hence, knowing the mistake that might result in a water line issue is critical. Below are some of the mistakes that might prompt a need for a water line repair.

Trying DIY

Water line repair and replacement might indeed prove expensive. Hence, it is understandable why some homeowners might be tempted to save some dollars on the repair and try to repair the waterline themselves. However, DIY repairs might prove expensive down the line. Although repairing the water line might appear a simple task, the thing is that you might end up doing more harm than good. First, you aren’t a plumber.

Hence, you most likely don’t have the necessary tools to complete the job effectively. And by any chance that you have the tools, you don’t have the required training. DIY fixes to your plumbing, such as the water line, also mean you will not be eligible for home insurance claims. Remember, your plumbing is a complex system requiring a plumber’s attention to fix it effectively. So, what was intended to save you some dollars might end up costing you thousands.

Ignoring Warning Signs

No plumbing issue comes up from the blues. Before it becomes full-blown, it throws signs that, if you interpret properly, you could avoid heavy expenses in plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, some homeowner ignores the signs and wait until the problem worsens before they take any action. A water line is one part of the plumbing system that is highly neglected because it is out of sight. However, you should know that when it comes to your plumbing, out-of-sight-out-of-mind doesn’t apply, and it will cost you more.

Signs such as rusty water, greener patches on your yard, or reduced water pressure indicate an issue in your water line. Ignoring them can only mean that you’ll have more expensive and extensive water line repairs. Hence, next time you notice an increased water utility bill, a reduction in water pressure, or rusty water, know that you have a water line issue. The only solution, in this case, is to call a plumber to repair the water line. Otherwise, the issue will worsen, prompting more extensive repairs that will cost you more.

Letting the Water Line Be Exposed to Various Elements

The other mistake you could make when it comes to your water line is letting it be exposed to various elements. This might arise for various reasons, including improperly sealing the piping or not properly covering/insulating the water line pipes. When the water line is exposed, it is more prone to damage caused by surface activities, wind, freezing, or even the sun. It might result in breaks and cracks in the piping whenever this happens, which might prove expensive to fix. At worse, you might have to hire a water liner repair expert in Atlanta, GA, to replace the water line entirely. You can avoid the mistake by sealing and insulating the water lines properly. 

Over-torquing Connectors and Fittings 

The other common mistake some homeowners make that might lead to a water line repair is over-torquing their connectors and fittings. This arises whenever they tighten the connectors and fittings too much, making them get damaged or even break. Although it is essential to have secure joints and connections, over-torquing may damage the pipe threads. This means that there is a high likelihood that the fitting will not hold. This might lead to leakages that can result in severe damage. Hence, hire a plumber to install the connections and fittings to avert this mistake. The professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to tighten the connectors properly and ensure a secure/tight connection. By doing this, you’ll be averting expensive water line repairs later in the future.

Letting Trees and Shrubs Grow Near the Water Line

The other mistake that some homeowners make when it comes to their water lines is to allow trees and shrubs to grow too close to or near the water line. Though it might seem like a beautiful sighting, the roots from these trees can be detrimental to your water line’s health. As the trees or shrubs grow, their roots will exert pressure on the water line, puncturing it. Whenever this happens, soil, dirt, and debris will enter the water line and obstruct the water flow. Further, serious water leaks will cost you a fortune in water utility bills at the end of the month.

Additionally, you’ll have to call a plumber for a water line repair. The professional might advise you to cut the trees, reline, or reroute the water line to avoid further damage. They could have warned you if you had a maintenance and inspection plan with a plumber. Hence, if trees or shrubs are growing on or near the water line, have a professional reroute the water line or cut the trees. The water line repair technician can erect root barriers to protect the water line from root-related damages. Root barriers are physical barriers that ensure the tree roots don’t grow into the water lines. They are made from metal or plastic materials and are installed around your Atlanta, GA, home’s perimeter. 

Not Disconnecting the Water Line Before You Leave for a Vacation

Before you leave for a vacation, you should disconnect the water line. When you plan on moving out for an extended vacation, you must shut off the water supply by turning off the main valve. Doing this ensures that water won’t sit stagnant in the water line and cause other damage. Further, have a water line repair technician inspect the water line before leaving for vacation. Not shutting off the water supply and disconnecting the water line is a mistake that you should avoid.

Reputable Plumbing Company

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