Common Plumbing Service Noises And What They Mean | Atlanta, GA

Common Plumbing Service Noises And What They Mean | Atlanta, GA

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Toilets, faucets, pipes don’t speak. However, if you listen to the noises in your kitchen and toilet, you might be able to understand them. You often hear ghostly noises in your house like a clang, thump, bang, or bump. Don’t ignore these sounds; your plumbing system is trying to tell you something.

If you hear unusual noises from your pipes or toilets, you need to call the plumbing service. Strange sounds coming from your pipes are not ghostly. It is a sign you will face a big problem if you don’t call a plumber right away. Here is the list of some unusual plumbing noises and what they mean.


A loud banging sound is generally known as a water hammer sound in the plumbing service dictionary. The banging sound is caused by higher pressure water systems when a tap is turned off too quickly. The hammering sound is also caused by fast-acting solenoid valves that stop the water flow in the pipe suddenly, which causes a shock wave through the water.

This shock wave causes the pipes to vibrate or shudder, and you hear a loud banging sound. Some of the reasons behind banging sound in your plumbing system are the pipes are not secured properly, or there are obstructions in plumbing. A professional plumber can locate the noise source and fix it for you.


If you hear a knocking sound anywhere, but at the front door, it is due to some problem building up in the plumbing system. The knocking sound might be due to sediment buildup in the pipes or water heater. Limescale deposits or another sediment buildup in pipes can cause knocking sounds. In that case, you need to call the plumbing service to perform water heater maintenance that could resolve the knocking sound issue.

The knocking sound could also indicate a problem with the water arrestor. When you shut off the water, the sudden stop in the water flow causes pressure buildup in the pipe that is absorbed by the water assertor. If the water arrestor is worn out, it creates a knocking sound. In that case, you need to call the plumber to get the water arrestor replaced.


The gurgling sound indicates there is some problem with drain pipes. In most cases, the gurgling sound is due to clogged pipes. The wastewater from the kitchen sink contains grease, fat, small food particles that accumulate at joints or stick to the drain pipes’ inner circumference. With passing time, the buildup increases, and it starts blocking the free flow of wastewater. The blockage causes a gurgling sound, and you might also get a foul smell coming out of the kitchen sink or bathroom drain outlets.

Gurgling could also indicate larger issues like improper drain denting. When the air is not vented out of the drainage system, it causes a gurgling sound. In some cases, the gurgling sound could be due to a broken drainage system that a plumbing service can fix.


Whistling sound generally comes from two sources. The first source is your clogged shower head. Too much buildup in the showerhead increases the water pressure causing the whistling. A simple cleanup of the showerhead can fix the issue. Call a plumber in Atlanta, GA, to clean the showerhead that will fix the issue.

The second source of whistling sound could be a leaking toilet valve. To fix this, call a plumbing service that can adjust the valve alignment or replace the valve entirely.


A hissing sound in your plumbing fixtures indicates high water pressure. For example, you may hear a hissing sound the moment you turn on a faucet. High pressure in water pipes needs to be addressed timely as it increases your appliances’ wear and tear.

Contact plumbing service immediately to check the water pressure level in your plumbing fixtures and install a pressure valve to maintain proper water pressure.


Perhaps the most annoying noise you will hear from your plumbing system is a screeching sound. In many cases, the sound is so sharp it causes arms hair to stand. Luckily, a screeching sound is not an indication of the arrival of a plumbing disaster. It just needs the replacement of a valve or a faucet. To get rid of the annoying screeching sound, call plumbing service and get the valve or faucet replaced to fix the issue.

Thumping in the Wall

Thumping noise in the wall indicates a plumbing problem. You hear a thumping sound after you turn off the water. It is hard to tell the exact cause behind the thumping in the wall. Call a plumber in Atlanta, GA, who will investigate and fix the issue.

Local Plumbing Experts to Fix Plumbing Noises in Your House

The plumbing system runs through walls and floors. Any noise from the pipes or plumbing system tells you about the brooding problem. If you continue to ignore these noises, the problem could lead to bigger problems that will ultimately lead to expensive repairs.

Plumbing systems also need your love and care. Calling a plumber for regular maintenance can keep your plumbing system in good condition and extend its life.

If you hear any of the plumbing noises in your house call the plumbing service at the earliest. There is a possibility the problem has just started, and fixing it early could prevent costly repairs later. Any problem with the plumbing system will also disrupt your life, and you might not be able to use the toilet, bathroom, or toilet for a specific period.

Many plumbing service professionals, plumbing-related problems are initially minor. Your ignorance makes it big. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the plumbing noise; call professionals and perform the repairs and replacements as early as possible.

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