Common Water Line Repair Scams | Atlanta, GA

Common Water Line Repair Scams | Atlanta, GA

A water line is the part of your plumbing system through which the water enters your home. But can you remember when the last time you had a plumber inspect it was? Can you even recall when you had water line maintenance? If you cannot, then it might be about time that you have a professional take a look. The water line might become damaged for many reasons, including tree root intrusion, ground movements, and abrasion. Hence, a routine inspection by a reliable company is necessary.

Unfortunately, water line repair scams are on the rise. With technological advancements comes another challenge: a new crop of scams and swindlers. Initially, swindlers hoping to con you of your money tried using predictions to sway your opinion and make you agree to the repair. Today, they even fake the evidence. This has left homeowners with minimal room to maneuver. Fortunately, there are several common scams dishonest water line repair technicians use to defraud the public. They include:

Sticker Shock

This refers to that moment of baffling or disorientation that arises when you finally find out how much a water line repair will cost you. Since most homeowners don’t keep up with changes in the costs of things or services, the swindlers leverage this to hit them with an expensive bill. In the moment of confusion, they agree to reduce the repair cost a bit, making you think they have your interests at heart. Unfortunately, this is just another form of a scare tactic. Some homeowners believe the more expensive the service, the better the quality. This is not always the case, and scammers have mastered the art.

Fake Leakage Detector Beeps

As mentioned above, technological advancements have made the swindlers more innovative. When they come to your Atlanta, GA home, they can use fake beeps as evidence that your water line leaks. When you ask them for proof, they will insert the inspection cameras with a pre-recorded video showing extensive corrosion in the interiors of your water line. This will undoubtedly convince many. However, you will be viewing another person’s sewer or water line. In any plumbing work, inspection is the first step, and scammers have excelled in skewing the inspection results to their benefit. They will look worried and concerned to bait you into agreeing to the expensive water line repairs or replacements.

Additionally, you can have a second opinion from another repair technician on whether your water line is indeed corroded and leaking. Only after then should you agree to the repair or repair. Remember, depending on their review and accreditations, it is always better to work with a repair company that you trust. Professional companies will always have a guarantee on their work and are willing to show you some references.

Emergency Repairs

It is a red flag when someone tells you that the water line should be immediately replaced or requires emergency repairs before performing any inspections. As mentioned above, any plumbing job requires an inspection to determine the extent of the damage. After the inspection, the water line repair technician can estimate the cost of the repair. But if they come and immediately inform you that you need an emergency repair or even have to replace the water line, you should not agree to that. To begin with, things do not usually break down swiftly or catastrophically. Remember, “it is too urgent to start thinking of” is a common idea that swindlers use to prevent you from asking the right questions. Rather than entertaining the act or going along, thank them and have a second opinion from another plumber. Today there are many technicians, and you can find one immediately or by the following day.

That Will Not Cut It

One common cause of clogs and bursting in water lines is tree roots from the plants growing close to the water line. When the roots penetrate the water line, they will result in a clog, leakage, or even make the pipes burst. When this happens, you will experience a financial loss. Digging up the piping and fully replacing it isn’t normally necessary. Today, professional water line repair technicians are leveraging the technology and embracing trenchless water line repairs. You can ask the professional about leveraging these technologies to avoid the cost associated with excavation. If the cutting is required, the plumber might not have the right tools, as this is often the work of an arborist.

If the Technician Gets Too Personal

Does the technician ask way too many personal questions? That could be a way of being friendly. Unfortunately, scammers normally like establishing how vulnerable their victims are. Hence, these personal questions may be a small talk or a way of establishing your knowledge of plumbing matters. They will intentionally lie to see whether you can catch it. Asking if your wife or husband is at home in Atlanta, GA might be a small talk or a way to establish whether you are alone when making the decision involving the expensive water line repair.

Problem Inflation

This type of con is as old as a hill. Everyone is familiar with someone who brought their vehicle in for a small repair only to learn that they will be parting with thousands of dollars. This is the identical strategy; once they begin looking, some water line repair technicians will uncover countless expensive issues. It can be challenging to distinguish between this con and a professional’s honest delivery of terrible news; nevertheless, on occasion, a closer examination reveals significant underlying issues. In this case, you should have another technician give a second opinion. If the two professionals come to a similar conclusion, then the problem is likely legit. Otherwise, you were most likely getting scammed.

Avoid Getting Swindled!

There are many water line repair technicians in Atlanta, GA, and not all are qualified to do the repairs. Others are outright cons. To ensure that your water line is effectively repaired, contact us at Peach Plumbing & Drain.

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