Common Water Shut-Off Valves: Insights From Your Seasoned Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Common Water Shut-Off Valves: Insights From Your Seasoned Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Water damage is a common and devastating issue in most homes in the United States. In fact, approximately 14,000 individuals are affected by water damage daily. Knowing where your water shut-off valve is located and how it works can help reduce water leaks and floods.

Over the years, water shut-off valves have evolved. Nowadays, there are automatic valves that detect water leaks by either detecting water on the floor or monitoring the water flow in the pipe. If they detect an irregular flow or moisture, they quickly shut down to prevent water from flowing into your home.

This blog will discuss seven of the most water shut-off valves in homes today to help you decide the best choice for your space.

Gate Valve

The gate valve defines the valve’s mechanism of opening and closing. To turn the valve on or off, spin a circular handle to lower or raise the metal gate in the valve. In case the valve is off, the gate hinders water from flowing. The gate valve can be used to reduce the flow of water too.

The gate valve controls your home’s main pipe water or other major water pipes. Sometimes, you may find it in the pipe leading to your hot water boiler. Gate valves are relatively durable, and homeowners in Atlanta, GA, can find these in the market at a wide range of prices, depending on their budget.

Angled Fixture Shut-off Valve

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, can find these valves in various appearances. However, the most common ones are the small silver valves with oval-shaped handles with ribbed edges, making them easier to grip. Plumbers commonly use these valves to angle straight upward water pipes when they come out of the wall to supply water in tubes that run to tall places on the toilet or sink valve.

You might come across fixture shut-off valves that internally use compression stems, but most commonly use a small ball inside. You can find them in different styles; they can be joined with copper pipes, or in some cases, you might come across those glued onto plastic pipes. But the most popular ones today are the compression fittings. The angled fixture shut-off valves are relatively durable and affordable.

Ball Valve

This type of valve has a lever handle. When the handle slightly turns, like a quarter way, the valves open and close completely, and the water turns on.

Many homes often use the ball valve as the main water shut-off. You can quickly identify it since the valve’s body below the handle has a wide center area where the ball has a hole. If the valve opens, the ball positions the direction of the water pipe to allow water to flow. Meanwhile, when you close the handle, the ball will rotate about ninety-degree, and the hole inside the ball will be locked.

You can buy the ball valve either with a standard port, where the valve will be smaller than the diameter of your pipe, or a full port; in this case, the valve is the same size as the diameter of your water pipe. These valves are not costly and are also pretty durable.

Globe Valve

The globe valve looks like a ball valve, but its body is slightly bulbous. On the inside, it has a baffle with a water flow port flowing through it. The globe valve has a handle that operates a plunger. When the handle turns off the valve, the plunger, in turn, moves down next to the water flow port. It then shuts it down.

Plumbers use these valves when they need to control water flow. You can mainly find them in the controlling pipes in your home that run outside to water spigots. Also, you can find them where the branch of a plumbing line has shut off. These pipes are very durable. However, they have a drawback; they are costly.

Straight Fixture Shut-off Valve

These valves are pretty similar to the angled fixture shut-off valves. Plumbers use the straight fixture shut-off valves in cases where the flowing water can flow direct without an angle to your home’s fixture. Unlike the angle fixture ones, the plumbers use these for water that goes up from the floor.

The straight fixture shut-off valve is made of metal with a small handle that enables you to smoothly open or close off the water flow. These water valves are not expensive and hence affordable. Also, they are relatively durable.

Needle Valve

Also known as the saddle valves, plumbers commonly use them to connect water supply tubes to your water filters, refrigerator, and other home appliances. They operate by clamping onto your home pipes and forcing a hollow needle inside your home, extending up to the tap water. To enable water supply to the appliances, the plumbers connect a plastic supply or flexible copper tube to the fitting on the valve.

However, these valves have been prohibited by the building codes and are not allowed in many areas. Still, you might find one or two in your home. The needle valves are not durable nor dependable; nowadays, the building codes dictate that this valve should be made with a standard fixture valve.

Stop-and-Waste Valve

These valves will indeed serve homeowners in Atlanta, GA, during the cold winters; they are an essential irrigation fitting that assists your sprinkler lines in not freezing during the winter. This valve is built with metal and has two openings; one is used to open and close the flow of water while the other serves by allowing water to drain from the line.

You will need a unique key to switch and shut off these valves. In the case of a sprinkler system, the plumbers bury the valves in the ground below the freeze lines. As long as the plumber buries these valves appropriately, they are durable. However, they are pretty expensive.

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