Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Just Isn’t Producing Enough Hot Water? | Brookhaven, GA

Do I Need Water Heater Repair If My Water Heater Just Isn’t Producing Enough Hot Water? | Brookhaven, GA

In most Brookhaven, GA, homes, hot water has become a source of convenience. Today, heated water is used for various activities such as dishwashing, bathing, showering, or laundry. Hence, a water heater is a critical plumbing appliance. For this reason, homeowners must do all they can to ensure that the appliance remains in a top condition. This includes retaining licensed water heater repair professionals for routine maintenance and inspections.

However, even with the meticulous water heater maintenance, the appliance is bound to run into issues. Unfortunately, some of the water heater issues mean you will not have enough heated water for various activities at your home or insufficiently heated or lukewarm water. So, what water heater issues might result in your home’s lack of heated water?

Why Is the Water Heating Unit Not Heating the Water?

Broken Pilot Light

Without a lit pilot light, the water heater cannot heat the water within its tank. If you don’t have heated water at your home, this is among the probable causes. Hence, you will have to relight the pilot light. Unfortunately, it might be damaged or defective. In such a case, you might have to call a water heater repair professional to inspect the unit further. The same applies if the pilot light doesn’t light. The professional will inspect the unit for a faulty thermocouple sensor or a gas inlet valve that isn’t opened.

Gas Leak

By itself, natural gas is colorless and odorless. The main reason you might notice a rotten egg smell or sulfuric odor is the mercaptan that the gas utility company adds. Hence, the mercaptan makes it easy to smell or perceive gas leaks. Whenever you notice the rotten egg smell near the water heater, shut off the unit and immediately call a water heater repair professional for a further inspection. The professional will use their experience to fix the gas leak from the water heater.

Lack of Natural Gas Supply

Whenever you notice that your Brookhaven, GA home doesn’t have heated water, the issue might be because there isn’t enough gas or any. The gas supply settings might accidentally change, resulting in less gas flow into the water heater. A malfunction of the supply line might also cause a lack of gas flow because of normal wear and tear. The water heater repair technician will turn off the gas supply, inspect the water heater, diagnose why the gas supply isn’t flowing at the required pressure, and fix it.

A Damaged Temperature Cutoff Switch

Are you experiencing a lack of hot water at your home? This might be caused by the high-temperature cutoff switch becoming flipped. To tell whether this is the reason for the lack of hot water at your home, open the switch and push the button until you hear a click sound. This means that the power is being reset. Otherwise, you might have to enlist the assistance of a water heater repair technician to replace the switch.


It is excellent to inspect the water heater compartment every once in a while for flooding. If you notice it is flooded, that is a sign that the water heater is leaking or the thermostat is compromised. This might be why your home doesn’t have enough heated water. To deal with such an issue, enlist the help of a professional plumber to fix the thermostat or patch the leaks.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

The other reason you might not have enough heated water at your home might have nothing to do with the water heater. A lack of hot water can also be caused by a tripped or a misaligned circuit breaker. This is a common occurrence in electrically powered water heaters and tankless water heaters. However, working with electricity can be dangerous.

When you call a water heater repair technician, they will inspect the wiring and the water heater to diagnose the cause of the problem. If the issue is a tripped or a misaligned circuit breaker, they will reset it and switch the power back on. However, if it keeps tripping, the professional might advise you to hire an electrician to address the issue.

Malfunctioning Heating Elements

The other reason your water heater might not produce sufficient hot water is malfunctioning heating elements. Since they directly heat your water, they also directly impact the water heater’s efficiency. Although the water heater might last for over a decade, you might have to replace some components, including the heating element, earlier. The sediment accumulation might affect the heating element, meaning they will not heat the water efficiently. If you are a proactive homeowner, this might never arise because you have hired a professional plumber for regular inspection and maintenance.

Signs That It Is Time to Replace an Old Water Heater

Knocking Sounds

Do you hear knocking sounds emanating from your water heater? This may be caused by sediment accumulation at the bottom of the water heater resulting in those unsettling sounds. When the sediment layers collect, it forms a blockage between the heating element and the water, which might even make the tank overheat. If not addressed by a water heater repair professional, this might result in an explosion.

Water Leak

Have you noticed a leakage near your water heater, and there isn’t enough heated water at your Brookhaven, GA home? That is a vivid sign that you should seek a replacement service from a plumbing professional. However, the decision to replace the unit depends on the extent of the leakage and the area where the unit is leaking. A repair service will suffice if the leakage comes from a pipe connection, a drain valve, or the cold-water valve.

Discolored Hot Water

Have you noticed rusty, brown water whenever you turn on the hot water faucet? Does the water have some metallic smell or taste? These are signs that the water heating unit might be corroding from within. It also means that the anode rod is depleted. To address the issue, you should enlist the assistance of a water heater repair professional. They can inspect the tank and inform you whether you have to replace it or replace the anode rod.

Are you experiencing a lack of hot water at your home? Either of the above causes might cause that. To resolve the issue, you should enlist the assistance of a plumber near you. Don’t hesitate to call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain today for any water heater repair service.

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