Don’t Be Embarrassed By These Common Toilet Problems Your Plumbing Service Provider Sees All The Time | Atlanta, GA

Don’t Be Embarrassed By These Common Toilet Problems Your Plumbing Service Provider Sees All The Time | Atlanta, GA

Toilet problems are never fun. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid them; thus, it’s not uncommon to encounter issues such as constantly running, overflowing, or sweating toilets. Some of these problems may need professional plumbing services, while others are easy to fix. In this blog, you’ll learn about the common toilet problems you may encounter in your home in Atlanta, GA, and how to avoid them.

Clogged Toilet

Clogs are the most common plumbing problem in homes. Toilets block when you dispose of towels, sanitary pads, wipes, or toys. Even if plumbing service professionals clean the drains to clear the clog and you continue flushing non-biodegradables, the obstruction of the toilet clogs will always be recurrent.

Unblocking the toilets should be an emergency because it can lead to other serious issues such as floods, sewer poisoning, and water damage. An obstruction in the sanitary unit can also cause other drains in your home to clog, leading to nasty plumbing issues such as a backup that sends raw sewage into your sinks, tubs, and drains.

Preventing Clogs in Toilets

To keep your toilet free of clogs, you should avoid flushing inorganic things down the toilet. The sanitary unit in the bathroom should only be for poop, pee, and puke to prevent frequent toilet blockages. It is appropriate to have a dust bin that handles used flushable wipes, paper masks, gloves, and other materials that can block the drainage system.

Leaking Toilets

Another toilet issue that you can encounter in your home is leaking. The toilet leaks might damage wooden parts of your bathroom, increase your water bills, and cause mold growth.

Causes of leaky toilets include:

  • Cracks in the toilet tanks or bowls
  • Worn-out seals, tank-to-bowl connections, and flappers
  • Failed gasket
  • Malfunctioned fill valves

You can clean your bathroom floor and wait for a while to confirm the leakage if you find it wet after a short time, or put food color in the tank and check the time it takes to disappear.

Alternatively, you can request help from a plumbing service professional in Atlanta, GA, to inspect and detect leaking parts and fix them appropriately.

Prevention of Leaky Toilets

Since toilet leaks are unpredictable and costly to fix, it is prudent to hire plumbers to carry out periodic maintenance of your toilet. They can replace the flapper valve, a thin rubber valve connecting the tank to the bowl before it wears outs and starts leaking.

A plumber can also replace the filler valve and inspect the water flow regulator to ensure it is at its peak performance. They should also check the tank-to-bowl connections and seals and replace the broken parts.

Sweating Toilets

If you live in an area with high humidity, there are high chances of having sweaty toilets in your home. The issue is also noticeable after having a hot shower that forms condensation in the outer parts of your sanitary fixture, dripping down to the floor.

Failure to get a plumbing service contractor to check and fix the issue might lead to safety hazards, such as falling due to the wet and slippery floor.

Dripping water from the sweating toilet can also make molds thrive in your bathroom cabinets. The sweaty toilet is an easy fix by a skilled plumber who can recommend reducing the humidity levels in your bathroom.

Prevention of Sweating Toilets:

The best way to prevent your toilets from sweating is to have a peak-performing air conditioning unit in your house to control the humidity levels when the outdoor weather is scorching hot.

An experienced plumbing service technician can recommend the installation of well-insulated toilet tanks that prevents condensation in your toilet.

Weird Noises When Flushing

Plumbing fixtures or systems can produce certain types of sounds when water moves through them, which should not cause any alarm. But, if you hear strange and loud whistling sounds when flushing the toilet, never brush it off because it indicates problems that need fixing as soon as possible.

One of the common causes of the whistling sound is a faulty or old and worn-out refill valve. It is an issue that is fixable by replacing the malfunctioning part.

Prevention of Whistling Toilet Tanks

Plumbing service providers can prevent the toilet tank’s weird sounds through regular toilet system maintenance. The process includes inspecting each component and connection to ensure efficiency. It also involves removing all worn-out parts, such as the tank refill valve.

Bubbling Toilets

If you notice air bubbles in the toilet bowl before flushing, you could be having a problem in the toilet drainage system. It could indicate a clog in the drain or a malfunctioned plumbing vent. If the problem is faulty vents, you’ll notice that flushing the toilet is a hassle and the odor in your bathroom will become unbearable and hazardous because of sewer gasses that can lead to poisoning.

The faulty vents make it impossible for proper ventilation, leading to the bubbling in your toilet. And, if the toilet drains are clogged, apart from the bubbles, you can notice slow draining of the water in the toilet bowl and other issues such as backups. A plumbing service contractor can use a plunger to unblock the toilet drains or a plumbing snake to clear the clog in the vents.

How to Prevent the Bubbling in Toilets:

Since prevention is better than cure, you should invest in regular tune-ups that include cleaning the drains and the plumbing venting systems to ensure wastewater from the toilet flows freely to the septic tank.

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