Drain Cleaning Service: 5 Causes Of Clogged Shower Drains In Your Home | Atlanta, GA

Drain Cleaning Service: 5 Causes Of Clogged Shower Drains In Your Home | Atlanta, GA

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Having a shower at the end of a busy day is a fantastic feeling. Apart from maintaining your body’s hygiene, a cool or warm shower refreshes your mind and prepares you for a session of relaxing on your sofa or bed. Bathrooms are susceptible to plumbing problems that require prompt repair solutions. If repairs get delayed, enormous problems, including lack of hot water, flooded bathroom floors, and stinky drains, are imminent.

Always ensure you engage a drain cleaning service provider when you feel something isn’t right in your bathroom. Clogged shower drains can be frustrating and inconvenient to you and your family members. Look for a company that offers drain cleaning to fix the issue before it becomes hazardous. Mentioned are some of the causes of clogged shower drains in homes.


The most common misconception in homes is that drains should take out all the dirt and debris inside homes. This assumption is wrong because as the dirt enters the drains, it can build up in corners or interior walls of the pipes and form large balls of debris, completely blocking your shower drains.

Ensure to shake off the dirt from your feet outside and use a basin to wash your muddy shoes, especially if you have handled some activities in your garden. Otherwise, if you wash off the mud from your body or shoes, you may have to seek drain cleaning services in the long run due to the inevitable blockage that will occur in your shower drains.


Some companies strictly want their professionals to have short or no hair for brand presentation purposes; thus, some homeowners have to shave frequently while showering because visiting barber shops every time is expensive. Additionally, some homeowners prefer to groom their hair in the bathroom immediately after having a shower.

Others wash their pets in the bathtubs and shower floors. All the hair that escapes into the drains could be the beginning of an immense problem down the shower drain. As hair enters the gutters, it can knot and combine with other substances, including soap and debris, blocking the shower drain. If your daily grooming routine entails shaving or washing your pets in the bathroom, you may have to seek regular drain cleaning before things get out of hand.


Soap is the most common cause of clogs in shower drains. Some homeowners force soap remains down their drains, and this could be the reason behind flooding or slow drains in their showers later on. To avoid this, you should collect the soap remains and dispose of them safely in your garbage bin. Also, soap residue can cause scum that, in turn, builds up in the drains, leading to clogs. The amount of scum produced by your soap depends on the soap quality. Usually, bar soaps have more scum compared to other soap types.

Ensure to consult with the sales attendant to advise you on the best soap for minimal scum production the next time you visit your trusted supplies store in Atlanta, GA.

Jewelry and Other Objects

You may be so obsessed with your best and most expensive jewelry that you don’t want to remove it from your neck, wrist, ear, or ankle whenever you shower. Unfortunately, as you shower, the jewelry could drop off unknowingly and enter your drains. Consistent accumulation of jewelry and other objects such as coins in your shower drains can cause clogs, prompting you to look for specialists in drain cleaning services to fix the mess.

Ensure you remove all the jewelry from your body before showering to avoid clogging your drains with your jewels. Additionally, always leave your bathroom door closed to prevent kids from throwing objects such as coins, ball bearings, and tiny toys in your bathroom. You can also request a drain cleaning service company in Atlanta, GA, to install a shower waste trap with more tiny holes to reduce the amount of waste entering your bathroom drains.

Tree Roots

Tree roots have a natural mechanism that draws them to the tiniest drop of moisture within the ground. Leaking underground pipes can attract the roots. As the roots grow, they can shrink or bend the drainage pipes of your home’s shower. It could cause a big mess within your bathroom’s drainage pipes, including wastewater backups on your shower floors, which in turn, lead to floor damage.

Additionally, repair costs will build up if you don’t seek emergency drain cleaning services quickly. A professional drain cleaner will use video inspection cameras to assess the state of your underground drain pipes. If roots have shrunk and blocked the drain pipes, you’ll have to invest in either tree cutting services or relocating your bathroom drain system.

Cosmetic Debris and Toothpaste Scum

Makeup and cosmetics enhance our beauty, but did you know they can cause clogging? Products such as foundations, brushes, and facial powders can enter your shower drains, and the results will not be pleasing. Additionally, some homeowners with faulty bathroom drains see the shower drains as the only option to drain toothpaste scum after cleaning their teeth.

While flowing into the drains, cosmetics, and toothpaste accumulates on the walls over time and blocks the pipes. If you notice wastewater backups in your bathtub or shower drains, it’s high time you look for a company that offers drain cleaning services. The drain cleaning service company will help restore the efficiency of your bathroom drains quickly.

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