Drain Cleaning Service: Common Signs Of A Clogged Toilet | Atlanta, GA

Drain Cleaning Service: Common Signs Of A Clogged Toilet | Atlanta, GA

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Did you know that 24 percent of the daily indoor water usage in American homes goes directly to the toilet? As such, clear toilet drains are important for the well-being of home dwellers in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Some of the major reasons why your home’s toilet may block include hard water build-up over time and the flushing of non-degradable items such as a toddler’s toys. Without prompt repairs, you may have to replace the entire system through a professional drain cleaning service, which can be quite expensive.

On the same note, it’s worth remembering that attempting to repair small issues such as toilet blockages can quickly turn tragic because you may not be well-versed with the appropriate drain cleaning service safety standards.

Therefore, homeowners are advised to seek help from drain cleaning service experts in Atlanta, GA, if they believe that there could be a blocked toilet within their household. If left unattended, such a problem can cause serious health problems, and that’s why you must speak to a certified drain cleaning technician if you notice any of the following signs.

A Slow Draining Toilet

You’re used to your toilet giving off that definitive roar when you flush it, but when your toilet has low water pressure, there’s not much power behind its flush. In that case, it may result in a slow-flushing toilet. There are various reasons for such an occurrence, but the main one is a blockage within the toilet drainage system. Eventually, a slow draining toilet becomes ineffective to the homeowner and results in water wastage.

To prevent such scenarios, an immediate drain cleaning service should be conducted. The slow draining of water from the toilet bowl after a flush is a sure sign of backed-up drains. Under such circumstances, you may notice that it takes longer than usual for the water level in the toilet bowl to drop, and sometimes the level may drop lower than expected, a scenario caused by the vacuum effect of a blocked drain.

This may also be due to a clogged sewer line that consequently blocks your toilet. Either way, you should schedule a regular drain cleaning service to avoid bigger plumbing problems that could potentially force you to evacuate your home prematurely.

An Overflowing Toilet Bowl

There could be no clearer sign of a blocked toilet than a full bowl after flushing. A clogged toilet line that doesn’t allow a proper flush may eventually cause the toilet to overflow. If you flush your home’s toilet and the bowl stores up the water therein for some time, then it may be clogged.

The excessive dropping of toilet paper or flushing non-biodegradable items is often blamed for blocked toilet drainage. Watching as the water in your toilet slowly rises to the brim can cause a lot of anxiety. However, when the toilet fails to flush after the first attempt, be sure not to flush it again since this can damage your expensively decorated flooring and carpets. As a result, you may end up incurring extra costs for restoration services. Instead, contact a plumber for a comprehensive drain cleaning.

A Gurgling Sound

Flushing the toilet causes a sink to gurgle because their drain pipes are connected. When the drains are blocked, it may change the liquid-to-air ratios within the plumbing system, causing sewer gases to escape through the water seals and vents therein. Gurgling sounds from other plumbing fixtures within your home and bathroom are a warning that your toilet may be blocked. If there’s a clog, the water flow from the toilet into the sewer drain can create a vacuum.

This vacuum effect can be strong enough to suck air down through the toilet trap, resulting in a gurgling noise. To prevent such instances, all you need is an appointment with a trusted drain cleaning service provider to address the issue.

A Foul Smell

A foul odor coming from your toilet or bathroom is a clear sign that your home may have blocked toilet lines. The bad smell can be unpleasant to individuals in the house and even embarrassing if you have guests visiting you. It can be quite a bother such that you may have to light up scented candles and spray air freshener to cover up the problem. All these remedies may not solve the issue and can even introduce toxins to the air, thereby decreasing your home’s indoor air quality.

The continuous accumulation of sewer waste in your pipes generates gases emitted through vent pipes and fixtures throughout your home. However, bad odors may not necessarily stem from the sewage gases but through the water collecting in the crevices within and around the toilet. This accumulated water gradually attracts bacteria, which in turn grow and produce a foul odor. If your home’s toilet is always smelly, it could be time to look for a drain cleaning professional for the appropriate solution.

Overflowing Gully Trap

While the toilet basin has a water seal to prevent odor from reaching the surface and allow fresh air in, your home’s toilet also features a gully trap that receives piped wastewater from your house before it enters the underground sewer system. The trap has visible grates that get raised above the ground level to prevent stormwater and foreign materials from entering the wastewater network.

Additionally, they’re low enough to avoid the overflow of wastewater into the home if there’s a blocked toilet pipe. If you notice toilet paper and water on the ground around the gully trap outside your home, then your home may have a clogged toilet that requires an immediate drain cleaning service.

Cholera is one of the health risks homeowners are likely to encounter. Blocked toilet specialists are equipped with the necessary tools for an effective drain cleaning and can help clear the blockage to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases or property damage.

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