Emergency Drain Cleaning Service: Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Line | Atlanta, GA

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service: Causes Of A Clogged Sewer Line | Atlanta, GA

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Every homeowner in Atlanta, GA, dreads finding their residence flooded due to a clogged sewer line. Sewer lines are essential in eliminating wastewater from homes to the required sewer treatment facilities. A blocked sewer drain results in the collection of waste in the pipe. The sewage build-up causes stagnant water that generates a horrible odor disrupting your home’s comfort.

With every American household using over 300 gallons of water on average, a proper elimination system is necessary to ensure proper disposal. Also, every home produces sullage with 15 to 20 liters generated each day. It’s important to understand that debris materials in pipes could result in wastewater flowing back, which may cause the growth of bacteria that could adversely affect your health.

When drainage pipes malfunction, it’s a clear warning that there could be a blockage in the sewer line, and drain cleaning services may be necessary to fix the issues. Below are some of the causes of a clogged sewer line.

Flushing Large Debris Down the Toilet

Your toilets are essential in your household to ensure proper sanitation. But some individuals use the toilet as a dustbin to dispose of every type of waste material, which should never be the case. Only human waste and paper should be flushed down the toilet and not solid items or food. Even though the toilet pipes are enormous, they can easily clog, resulting in extensive problems with the sewer drain.

The antibacterial properties of some types of products, for instance, wet wipes, don’t disintegrate because they disrupt the degradation process. Therefore, it slows down the breakdown process when dumped inside the plumbing system and eventually clogs the toilet and the entire sewer line. If you are experiencing such problems, you can call a drain cleaning service expert in Atlanta, GA, to fix the issue.

Tree Roots Infiltrating The Main Sewer Line

Tree roots infiltration is a common plumbing problem in most homes. Trees are well known for their extensive system of roots, which may infiltrate the main sewer line they search for nutrients and water, especially during the dry season. The main water line facilitates the transfer of water from one point to another; it’s natural for the roots of a tree to infiltrate it and cause serious problems such as blockages calling for attention from a trusted drain cleaning company.

When the roots infiltrate the sewer line, you may experience gurgling noises, and the drain will start moving slowly. You will need drain cleaning services when the root blocks your home’s sewer system. Homeowners are advised to watch out for possible threats caused by the trees. Identifying the issue early enough will help you avoid sewer line repair and replacement costs.

Pouring Grease in the Kitchen Sink

Many homeowners have the habit of pouring grease into the kitchen sink. This can lead to extensive drain blockages because oils, fats, and grease are insoluble in water and tend to harden in the long run, creating significant clogs in a sewer line.

Homeowners should avoid disposing of grease or cooking oils by gushing them inside the sink. Instead, putting the grease in a different crate until it hardens before throwing it into the dustbin is the best option one can take to prevent costly drain cleaning services.

When wastewater can’t flow through your home’s plumbing pipes and into the sewer system, it may lead to unsanitary conditions and property damages. You may require assistance from a well-trained drain cleaning specialist if your home’s sewer line has been blocked due to extensive accumulation of fats, oily, or greasy substances.

A Sagging Line

A sagging line results from the poor quality of soil surrounding the main sewer line. Sometimes, the soil particles can become weak, making the main pipe lower than the usual point, accumulating debris.

Over time, debris accumulation will become adequately huge, resulting in a significant blockage that compromises the well-being of your plumbing system. Regular check-ups on your sewer line by a trusted drain cleaning service provider minimizes sagging line issues.

Damaged Sewer Line

A damaged sewer line generates wastewater leaks. Factors such as poor installation of pipes, damage from pests and rodents, wear and tear can cause pipe breakage.

Additionally, sewer lines must be maintained regularly to keep them in their top-notch conditions for a longer time. Constant maintenance is necessary because even a minor problem left to run for long can develop extensive sewer line damage. These problems are associated with a sewer line clog that can be prevented if a drain cleaning service expert properly inspects the plumbing system. The plumber can conduct the required repairs to prevent water from backing up into your toilets in your home.

Mineral Build-Up

Mineral accumulation in your sewer line can not only cause the sewer line to block but to break. This is because mineral deposits harden with time, forcing the wastewater line to strain. Over time, the sewer line will deteriorate, reducing its lifespan.

If you experience any mineral build-up, you can contact a drain cleaning service provider to help you resolve the issue.

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