Finding A Good And Trustworthy Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

Finding A Good And Trustworthy Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

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If you have a plumbing emergency, do you know a good plumbing service in Atlanta, GA that can send somebody out in the middle of the night to deal with it? Not all plumbing companies work after hours or offer emergency plumbing service even at weekends or on holidays.

It is not always easy to find a plumbing service to deal with your emergency, let alone find one that you can depend on. You do not want to wait until the next morning for somebody to repair your burst pipe. That is why you need a professional plumbing service like Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta to help. We hire only the best plumbers and offer the highest standards of work at affordable prices.

When Do You Need a Plumbing Service?

There are many occasions for which plumbing service is needed, and these include:

Emergency Plumbing Service

A plumbing disaster can occur at any time. Peach Plumbing & Drain has an incredible group of people available 24/7 to help you with any emergency. Help is only a phone call away and one of our higher skilled technicians can arrive at your home quickly.

Clogged Drains

If you have a bad clog in your pipework, watching the sink empty can be like watching paint dry. If you do nothing this problem will only get worse and eventually the pipework could be completely blocked and no water can escape. Material like grease, oil, coffee grinds, and food can stick to the insides of pipes to start a clog. As the clog grows it will restrict the flow of water through the pipe. Having a professional drain cleaning service from Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta, GA is the safest way to remove clogs.

What Can I Do to Avoid Clogs Forming in the First Place?

The best thing you can do is to stop pouring food and especially warm grease and oil down your sink, put these in the compost. Use any chemicals in moderation to remove clogs. Chemicals could remove smaller clogs, but overuse could corrode older pipework and joints, increasing the risk of leaks happening.

Blocked Toilets

A fully working toilet is essential in any home. Unfortunately, we tend to treat them as trash cans. Pouring any old rubbish down them leads to blockages. Products such as wet wipes and tissues cannot quickly dissolve in water. They will build up over time if they are not flushed away properly.

How Can I Avoid this Happening?

Stop flushing anything other than water, human waste, and toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners down your toilet. Pouring chemicals down a toilet may seem a good idea but will have little effect if the blockage is located far away. They will also corrode the pipes and joints.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing

This is a nightmare if this happens to you, this unspeakable mess contains many germs and bacteria. Peach Plumbing suggests that you leave the clean-up to one of our technicians, who are equipped with protective clothing to shield them from infection.

Stop Flushing Your Toilet If It Is Blocked

Do not continually flush the toilet to remove a blockage, this is the main cause of overflows. Remember those chemicals you poured down the toilet to clean the blockage, well now they are on your floor.

Your Sewer Lines Are Blocked or Damaged

Have you noticed discolored water backing up into your sink? Is it accompanied by the foul smell of sewage? It looks like your sewer line is blocked or damaged. A problem with your sewer line will mean that the wastewater from your home is unable to exit the main sewer network.

It has nowhere to go but back into your home. This is now a serious health hazard, and you need a technician from Peach Plumbing to investigate the problem for you. They will have a specialized video camera on the end of a flexible tube to view the blockage. Once the location and extent of the damage are known, our technician will be able to give you the facts to enable you to decide the next course of action.

Avoiding This Problem

Other than not pouring fat, oil, and grease, or any other unsuitable material down your sewer line, there is little you can do but be on the alert for problems. Giant “Fatbergs” can form in the main sewer system and could block any wastewater exiting your home.

Leak Detection

Most water pipes are located behind walls and under the floor, so it is not always easy to detect a leak and it may be some time before a leak reveals itself. One sign of a leak is usually a moldy smell coming from inside the sink cabinet. Damp patches on walls and floors are tell-tale signs. A small leak will not normally need an emergency plumbing service but should not be overlooked as it can cause a lot of water damage over time. Another sign of a leak is a larger-than-expected water bill.

Use Your Water Meter to See if You Have a Leak

A simple way to determine if you have a leak is to use your water meter. If you turn off all your taps and water devices, your water meter should not be recording anything. Any movement means you have a leak.

Burst Pipes

Leak and burst pipes are the main reason why people need a plumbing service. If you have a burst pipe you need to act quickly. Before you call Peach Plumbing you need to turn off the main water shut-off valve and then turn off the mains electricity as well. Prompt action will reduce the amount of water damage and avoid electrocution. Make sure it is safe before returning to your property to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Where Is the Main Water Shut-Off Valve?

A good question, do you know? If not, then find out. The same applies to the Mains electricity switch as well. A simple Google search should be able to provide the information you need to do so.

Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta, GA

If you have a plumbing emergency, you are likely to be under a lot of stress. The sooner you call us the sooner we can send an experienced technician around to help you with your problem. 

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