Finding A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

Finding A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

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Although it is hidden out of sight behind the walls, beneath the floors, and under the sink, your plumbing is very important and needs to be well maintained. Your plumbing is a complex system that runs through your home and under it, a problem in one area can have a knock-on effect in others.

Take for instance a clog that is causing your sink to empty more slowly. Where is it exactly? It is easy to see why pouring some drain cleaning fluid down the sink will not have any effect. The clog may not have formed anywhere near the sink.

It may be many yards away so that the chemicals will not meet the clog. If your pipes are old, pouring harsh chemicals down the sink will only damage them and cause a leak. So how do you fix that clog without damaging the pipework?

You should get an experienced drain cleaning service offered by Peach Plumbing. We are Atlanta’s most trusted drain cleaning professionals; to confirm this you only need to check our many positive reviews online. Remember if you have any plumbing emergency, we are just one phone call away and ready to help you day or night.

Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service.

The following warning signs indicate that you need a professional drain cleaning service. Closing your eyes to the problem is only going to make matters worse.

  • Slowly emptying sinks or bathtubs – Is the water in your sink or bathtub taking longer and longer to empty? Does the water in your shower tray cover your ankles when you are taking a shower? You may have a clog somewhere. Clogs are formed by grease, food, hair, and other materials sticking to the inside of the pipework. As the clog grows it will slowly restrict the water flow. If you do not get your pipes cleaned by a professional drain cleaning service, they will likely block completely.


  • Clogs that keep returning – If the clog has been in place for some time it can be difficult to remove. Pouring strong chemicals down a sink may remove them temporarily and they may return.


  • You live in a hard water area – Clogs can be compounded by minerals that are dissolved in the water forming layers of insoluble scale. Only a professional drain cleaning can clear the problem once and for all without any damage to your pipes.


  • You Hear Gurgling Noises – As water flows over a clog it creates air bubbles, and this is the cause of the gurgling sound you hear as the sink empties.


  • Water Backing up in Sink or Bathtub – having standing water in your sink is bad enough, but if you see water backing up you have a problem. This problem is worse if the water is discolored. Your sewer line may be blocked, as the wastewater cannot exit your home. Sewage coming back into your home is a serious health matter and you need a professional drain cleaning service in Atlanta, GA.


  • You can smell unpleasant odors – this could be due to food trapped in the U-bend and pouring some gentle cleaner down the sink will usually remove this. If not, you may need to undo the U-bend to remove any trapped material or use a drain snake. If you are not comfortable doing this then please call Peach plumbing.


  • Problems with Flies – if you are suddenly having problems with flies then it could be that they are attracted to food trapped in your drainage pipes. Once you have a drain cleaning service from Peach plumbing the flies should disappear. No food, no flies.


  • You can smell Sewer Gas – sewer gas can contain ammonia, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous gases. These are not gases that you want to be breathing in. You could have a blockage or damage to your sewer line. Only a professional drain cleaning service can quickly locate and remove any blockage or repair or replace the line. Peach Plumbing has the right equipment and specialist knowledge to deal with this.


  • Your Toilet is Blocked and Overflowing – is your toilet always blocking? The reason may be that you are flushing unsuitable items down it. It may come as a shock but items like wet wipes and Kleenex can cause blockages because they are not designed to dissolve easily in water. Putting sanitary towels and cat litter down the toilet is not a good idea either. You should not constantly pour strong chemicals down a toilet as they can corrode and damage older pipework. If your toilet overflows these chemicals, as well as hazardous bacteria and viruses, will spill over your floor. Cleaning this mess is a dirty and dangerous business and should be left to the professionals at Peach plumbing, who use protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection.

You can avoid many of these problems by taking simple precautions. For instance, do not pour warm grease or food down a sink, this is the main cause of clogs. The only items you should put down a toilet are water, toilet tissue, human waste, and some gentle cleaners.

Anything else will cause a blockage. We also suggest that you have your plumbing system regularly maintained, as this will pick up on problems while they are minor ones. If you have a septic tank, we suggest that you use as few chemicals as possible, these can disrupt the work of the bacteria in removing the sewage.

Let Peach Plumbing & Drain Perform your Drain Cleaning Service.

Peach Plumbing & Drain are the drain cleaning service experts in Atlanta, GA. Finding and carefully removing clogs or blockages is a job for one of our highly skilled technicians. Not having your drains cleaned can put you and your family at risk. Cleaning up after a toilet overflow is not something you should put yourself through. At the first sight of any problem, you should contact Peach Plumbing and Drain. We have many years of experience in cleaning and unblocking drains, and we can quickly locate and remove any problem. We are on call 24 hours a day, every day, and we will not keep you waiting.