Five Indicators That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

Five Indicators That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

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A working drainage system facilitates a continuous flow of fresh and clean water and eliminates harmful waste and debris. Drain problems can be messy and devastating to deal with. They pose health risks to the family involved and could result in water loss and damages. Homeowners should invest in regular drain inspection and cleaning services to prevent potential clogging and a sewage backup.

While some signs are evident, others may go unnoticed for a long time. That is why it is critical to seek drain cleaning services from an expert. Professional plumbers have the right tools and techniques required to thoroughly inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem and any other underlying issue that could cause potential damage in the future. Always remember that a clean drain is a happy drain. Below are some ways to determine if it is time to seek drain cleaning professionals.

The sink drains slowly

The most conspicuous sign of a drainage problem is slow drains. Some homeowners experience that issue more often than they would like. If you notice the shower, washing machine, or kitchen sink drains extra sluggishly, that should notify you that your drainage system has a problem. Slow drains can result from several things, the common culprit being foreign objects accumulating in the plumbing system. Materials such as soap will build up over time, blocking pipes hence slowing the drains. Also, deteriorated pipes can result in slow drains.

Slow drains signify a problem in the draining system, which can potentially turn into a full-blown disaster if you do not fix the issue immediately. Homeowners ought to consult and seek help from a skilled drain cleaning service provider to address the problem. Also, you should avoid draining dissolvable substances such as food waste down the pipes.

Odd smells

Another common sign of a drainage problem is distinct musty smells, especially in the kitchen sinks. Kitchen sinks deal with a lot of food waste that accumulates over time, causing foul smells. However, if the smell comes from other parts, you may be dealing with multiple other plumbing problems. Some of the other causes of odors include bacteria build-up, increase in water pressure, a dry-T-trap, and a sewer gas leak. A foul smell could also mean that sewer gases are coming back up out of your drain.

If you do not immediately address the source of the smell, your home might become uninhabitable and pose health risks such as respiratory problems. Whenever you observe unexplained and disturbing odors in your home, it is wise to contact a drain cleaning service provider to examine the situation and offer a permanent solution immediately. Plumbers have special tools that can reach the source of the smell no matter where it is located.

Strange noises

A well-functioning drain system produces some noise when water is running smoothly. However, if the sound is persistent even when there is no water running, it could mean the drainage system has improper ventilation problems. When the sewer line is broken, drain vents are obstructed, or the drains are clogged, air tends to force its way out through the drain trap and mainly through vanity sinks, showers, and toilets. That results in unusual sounds in the drains.

Sounds from the drains can be very irritable. They could also escalate into huge drainage problems, including sewage and toilet back-ups leading to structural damages. Therefore, if you notice a series of gurgling sounds stemming from the drains, contact a drain cleaning service provider as soon as possible. A well-skilled drain cleaner can examine and identify the cause of the sound and offer a permanent solution.

Frequently clogged drains

If the drains have been clogging frequently, it is high time you consider seeking drain cleaning services. Drain clogs develop slowly and often without obvious warning signs. However, if not detected early, the situation could be messy and costly to repair. When the sink and shower clog simultaneously, it indicates a potential sewer drain clog, which you should deal with immediately. Clogged drains result from food particles, dirt, skin flakes, and other foreign objects accumulating in the walls of the drainpipes. The garbage blocks the pipes and leaves no space for water to flow.

Some homeowners try to clean the drains by themselves using drain-cleaning chemicals. It is not only dangerous but can also cause damages to the pipes, resulting in costly repairs. Do not panic if or when your home experiences drain clogs but hire a drain cleaning service provider to remove all gunk materials and restore your home to its optimal functionality. You should also avoid flushing food waste and other insoluble particles down the drain to keep the pipes healthy.

Water pooling

Another common sign that your home needs drain cleaning services is water collecting around your drains or outside at the mouth of your sewage system. Water that does not drain at all or drains slowly is known as standing water, and it can be due to several factors ranging from a small blockage to an obstruction in the main sewer line.

Having water pooling in your home should be a cause for concern due to its hazardous nature. Standing water can become a breeding place for mosquitoes and other pests that can cause illnesses such as Malaria. It can also cause water damages such as mold infestation and structural damages that are expensive to repair. You ought to consider hiring a drain cleaning service company before the situation gets out of hand.

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA, ought to be attentive to changes in the drainage system before the situation gets out of hand. The professionals recommend the drains to be cleaned at least once every two years. Having a professional drain cleaner monitor your drainage system will save you from future damages, so contact a local expert promptly.

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