Getting A Water Line Repair Before It’s An Emergency Call | Atlanta, GA

Getting A Water Line Repair Before It’s An Emergency Call | Atlanta, GA

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Water line leaks and the temporary repairs homeowners sometimes try both indicate the same thing: soon, there’s going to be a bigger problem, and possibly flooding. Our emergency plumbers know that too well, responding as they do to water line breaks throughout our customers’ homes, often in the walls and ceilings, and sometimes in the main line through their yards. When that happens, we provide the expertise and professional skill to get things under control and prepare for a water line repair. We actually have a number of ways that we can anticipate problems with water lines and do a scheduled, more convenient repair instead. Wouldn’t you prefer that?

Hearing the Sounds of a Troubled Water Line

Every once in a while, it pays to listen to your plumbing. For you, that means listening for the high-pitched whistles that leaks sometimes make, and of course sounds of water trickling or running where it shouldn’t normally be. If you have plumbing under your basement slab, hearing water beneath it is a likely sign of trouble. Hearing bubbling sounds in your water heater isn’t a sign of a water line repair, but it is also something to pay attention to. You may catch problems like leaking faucets and toilet valves as well, water-wasting issues that we can easily come and fix to save you some of the ever-rising cost of your water supply. If you hear loud bangs in the pipes, especially when the dishwasher or washing machine are cycling, these may be the sounds of a future water line repair, a “water hammer” that often damages other appliances through pressure spikes, and can cause pipe wear and damage, too. If you hear those whistles or see signs of moisture, we have some interesting equipment that can actually listen to your pipes for the sounds of leaks and help us pinpoint the source.

A High Potential for Damaged Pipes

Water hammer pressure spikes can vibrate your pipes and cause wear over time or damage to weak joints, but there are other ways that we can identify the future risk of water line repair. In the Atlanta, GA area we know about typical construction, and if you have pipes of a certain age and type, we know that may be at risk. Particularly PVC pipes of certain types that don’t age well, and iron pipes that may corrode, especially in certain types of water quality. If we’ve already performed one or more water line repairs in your home, we may mention the type of pipe if it indicates a high risk of repeat calls for further repairs.

We’d rather you had the chance to avoid the damage involved in further leaks, and when weak pipes age, they can make a mess. Many homeowners opt for repiping, a process where we swap out old pipes for new ones quite efficiently. That can be done for a certain area where problems exist, or just as a whole-house renewal. It can look pretty good to a potential buyer, too, that your pipes are new and solid. If you have pipes under your foundation slab and you’re aware of the soil migrating as some soil types do, there’s a risk of pressure on those pipes causing them to crack and leak. The water line repair for those lines can be costly, but rerouting them through your basement can provide an effective fix.

Dampness Indicates Danger

Anywhere in your home that shows signs of dampness such as walls, floors, ceilings, and basement floors, is a potential sign of water line trouble. Secondary signs such as the sight or smell of mold or the presence of insects and vermin that are living on the water can be clues, too. Make good notes if you can, because water can travel some distance along pipes before it appears as a clue.

Water Bill and Water Meter Clues

You can spend a lot of money watering your lawn or garden from underneath when your main water line springs a leak. You might notice the stripe of extra-green grass in your Atlanta, GA yard, but a spike in your water bill or water meter readings can also tell you something’s up. We can help you use your water meter to detect leaks throughout your home and property by shutting everything down and taking readings a couple of hours apart, too. Getting a water line repair scheduled for your main line is much more convenient than a messy break in the line that leaves you without water in your home while we dig through the mud to repair it. The more we can be water line detectives, the better off we’ll all be.

Under the Slab Can Be the Hardest to Find

We mentioned water line repairs under the slab, and it’s worth also mentioning that besides the sounds and any wet basement floors, water usage clues are an important resource for locating this problem, too. Eventually, water leaks under the slab will flood and water nearby landscaping, but they may also put pressure on the foundation from below and cause cracks. If you notice related clues including water pressure problems and dampness in your basement, give us a call.

At Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta, GA, We Don’t Just Repair Plumbing, We Care For It

Our team has studied plumbing and gained experience with residential and commercial buildings and their systems for many years. We understand how plumbing works, we can often read the signs of trouble, and we are glad to provide maintenance services that help head off developing issues. When it comes to a sewer or water line repair, we can often help the homeowner or business owner anticipate the problem and make plans, so that it has the least impact on their lives and budget. Let us help you with our plumbing skills and expertise: give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help.