Heavy Rainfall, Your Pipes, And Why You Might Need Plumbing Service | Sandy Springs, GA

Heavy Rainfall, Your Pipes, And Why You Might Need Plumbing Service | Sandy Springs, GA

When powerful storms blow through the area along with heavy rainfall, you might be worried about your roof and foundation, but did you know that heavy rains can even affect your plumbing system? Excessive rain can cause several different plumbing problems that can spell trouble for your plumbing system and property. Peach Plumbing & Drain features a full range of professional plumbing solutions for residential and commercial property owners in and near Sandy Springs, GA. Our plumbing service is always delivered by experienced, licensed plumbers. If you have plumbing problems caused by rain or any other issue, we can help.

Poor Soil Grading

Poor soil grading means that water is more likely to pool around the foundation of the home or building structure. This can definitely be a serious problem for the home’s foundation, and often leads to seepage. But poor soil grading can also spell trouble for your plumbing system. All that water that is absorbed by the soil around the structure can displace soil and cause ground shifts that affect underground pipes. Shifting soil can cause pipes to crack. Not only are underground pipes difficult to access, but they can also be more expensive to replace because they often need to be dug up. By correcting the soil grading so that there’s a slight slope, you can encourage rainwater to flow away from the building, the foundation, and the pipes located around the structure.

Main Sewer Line and Debris

Sewer problems are a big plumbing job for any plumbing service. The sewer line is the home or building’s main drain. All the drains in the home, for example, feed into the sewer line where they flow onto the municipality’s sewer system. Heavy rains and flood waters can send debris through the sewer system and back into the home’s sewer line. When the debris settles in the pipe, it can cause a serious sewer line clog.

When a home’s sewer line is clogged, it can cause a backup. In fact, none of the drains can be used because they all feed into the main drain. Using the washing machine, bathtub, toilets, etc…will send water out through the sewer line, but when it meets the clog, it will flow back toward the house and up the drains where it can cause extensive water damage, ruining drywall, flooring, carpeting, or anything else it comes into contact with. Wastewater backup can also cause a serious mold outbreak to occur. Sewer line debris and clogs are a major sign that you need plumbing service.

Collapsed Sewer Line

An influx of rainwater can do more than shoot debris and water back up the pipe; it can also cause the sewer line to collapse. When too much water flows back up the pipe, it can cause too much pressure on the sewer line, especially if the pipe is older and becoming brittle. A collapsed sewer line problem is a major problem that requires emergency plumbing service. Without a functioning sewer line, your home’s plumbing system can’t function.

When a sewer line is in terrible disrepair, it’s not a candidate for inline trenchless repairs. It has to be replaced. Digging up a damaged sewer line is a major job that often takes days to complete. The pipe has to be removed and then replaced with a new one before the plumbing system will work. If you’re concerned that your sewer line is damaged, you can contact our plumbing service for an inspection. Peach Plumbing & Drain can send a skilled plumber to your Sandy Springs, GA home to troubleshoot any drain problems you’re experiencing.

Sewer System Is Overwhelmed

Your own sewer line isn’t the only drain that’s under threat when heavy rains fall on the area. Sometimes rains fall so fast and heavy that municipal sewer systems can’t handle all the water. In these cases, where is all the excess water flowing into the sewer system supposed to go? It goes wherever it can, and that’s often back up sewer lines and into people’s homes and commercial properties. While Peach Plumbing & Drain can’t solve the town’s sewer system catastrophes like this, we may be able to help you prevent back up by installing a preventer. When you call our plumbing service, we can discuss ways to reduce your risks of messy wastewater backups.

Undrinkable Water

Heavy rains that cause flooding can actually lead to water contamination. If you receive a city-wide boil order during or after heavy rains, it’s generally because the water quality has been compromised by flooding. Be sure to follow the city’s recommendations and boil any water before you drink it if advised.

Can You Prevent Plumbing Problems Due to Heavy Rains?

You can take some steps to reduce the problems caused by heavy rains. For instance, you should make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear so that rainwater doesn’t pool around your home or building’s foundation. Be sure that the soil is graded properly as well. If you have concerns about your sump pump, contact our plumbing service to check it out for you.

Also, be sure to tackle any drain problems as soon as you notice them. For instance, if the last bout of heavy rains caused your drains to flow slowly, there’s a good chance that your sewer line has debris. A clog may be developing that can stop up the pipe or even damage it. Call our plumbing service to inspect it before the problem gets worse and causes a backup.

Choose Peach Plumbing & Drain when you need a plumber in Sandy Springs, GA. Our plumbing service is experienced and has the expertise needed to serve all of our customers’ plumbing needs. We’re committed to maintaining our fair pricing and prompt service.

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