How A Plumber Can Diagnose The Causes Of Frequent Sewer Line Clogs And Fix Them | Buckhead, GA

How A Plumber Can Diagnose The Causes Of Frequent Sewer Line Clogs And Fix Them | Buckhead, GA

Sewer line backup is one of the worst plumbing issues a homeowner can ever have. Not only is it a total pain, but it can also cause serious health hazards. And if you have a septic tank, a backup could mean thousands of dollars in repairs. So what could be causing your sewer line to back up so frequently? Learn more about why your sewer line is backing up and when you should call a plumber

Roots Invasion

Tree roots are a common issue that affects sewer lines. You might have an appealing tree on your front lawn, but that tree could be causing serious damage to your pipes or a sewer backup. Most homes in Buckhead, GA, have sewer pipes just beneath the surface of the lawn, and as trees develop, the roots can penetrate the sewer line, causing a clog that brings a lot of inconveniences. 

As roots spread, they look for sources of water and fertilization. That explains why roots move towards sewer lines without you knowing. It is not something that occurs all at once. It is an issue that develops slowly. That is why it is advisable to hire a good plumber routinely for a plumbing inspection in your home. 

Even when roots have invaded your pipes, some water can still travel through pipes and past roots, but your home will receive water with poor pressure. Also, your drains may run slow and can easily backup. 

Call a professional plumber today, and they will break up the roots and clear a path for the water. In some cases, you may have to remove the tree depending on the tree and the position of the roots. 

Multiple Clogs

Clogs are another common cause of frequent sewer line backup. The combination of soap scum, hair, toilet paper, and grease cause sewer backups in your home. If your home has a backup that affects more than one sink or toilet, you could be dealing with an issue that requires a professional. It could signify a problem with the main sewer line, and the issue can’t be solved with a bottle of drain cleaner or a plunger. 

Frequent sewer line backups can be prevented by hiring a plumber for regular maintenance and using drains properly. Avoid flushing foreign items down the toilet because you will be inviting problems into your home. For instance, items such as napkins, diapers, cleaning wipes, and hygiene items should not be washed down the toilet. Instead, dispose of them properly in the trash and not flush them. 

Furthermore, avoid pouring kitchen grease down the sink and loading garbage disposals with large quantities of kitchen waste. Remember that sewer pipes are only six inches in diameter, so it takes a lot of build-ups to cause a clog. Also, you can hire a plumber to inspect your drains regularly to ensure clogs are not forming in your pipes. 

Main Sewer Line Blockage

Sometimes, the cause of sewer line backup may not be in your home. Some backups can be caused by the piping system owned and maintained by Buckhead, GA. When it happens, the issue is detected and fixed before it becomes worse. The main sewer blockage impacts the area’s residential and commercial sewer lines and can cause much property damage if not fixed. 

Rather than a single drain, the main sewer blockage simultaneously affects all your plumbing in the entire house. All the water from your toilets, showers, and sinks will have nowhere to go but up through the drains. If you see all your drains in the home backing up at once, it indicates a main sewer line blockage. The best thing to do is leave it to the professionals to fix it. Do not try to fix the issue yourself because you could make it worse.

Damaged Sewer Pipes 

Damaged, broken, or collapsed sewer pipes could cause sewer backup in your home. Some homes are over 100 years old, and the common sewer pipe materials used are cast iron or clay. As the pipes age, they can easily crack or collapse, causing havoc in your home. If your pipes are old, hire a plumber to install updated and durable pipes that will provide years of use without breaking. Consider switching to PVC pipes, which will not corrode or rust.

There are different ways to tell if you have a damaged sewer pipe. For instance, you may notice excessive green growth on your lawn above the sewer line. Also, gurgling noises from drains and toilets indicate a problem with the sewer line that requires immediate attention from a professional. If you have any of these signs in your home, don’t hesitate to call a plumber in Buckhead, GA, to inspect the sewer line.

Presence of Grease, Oil, and Fat in Your Plumbing 

You must watch what you wash down there for your drains to run smoothly. Some things, such as fats, oils, and grease, should not go down the drain. These items collect in the pipes and form clogs, which are hard to deal with unless you get help from a plumbing professional. 

When you pour grease or oil down the drain when hot, it will reach a point when it becomes cold and hardens. They form a clog, collect other particles, and prevent your drains from moving. If the clog is not fixed, you may experience frequent sewer line backups. Until you remove it, the issue will keep persisting. 

To get rid of the clog, DIY methods won’t work. The best way is to hire an expert plumber, and they will use effective methods to remove the clog.

Let Us Help You to Keep Your Pipe Lines Working

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