How Can Water Heater Maintenance Reduce The Need For Emergency Water Heater Repair? | Brookhaven, GA

How Can Water Heater Maintenance Reduce The Need For Emergency Water Heater Repair? | Brookhaven, GA

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If you get regular inspections and service for your water heater, how far can you reduce the risk of failure and the need for water heater repair? At Peach Plumbing & Drain serving Brookhaven, GA, our water heater repair experts make a big difference in your water heater’s performance and efficiency when they perform regular maintenance. They also help you avoid leaks and disasters that could lead to costly cleanups. Let’s look at how maintenance of your hot water heater can help avoid water heater repair, and whether that might make emergency repairs unlikely.

Knowledge, Experience, and Maintenance Are a Powerful Combination

Routine maintenance by our water heater repair team is more than testing and replacing parts and performing other cleaning and maintenance tasks. Our professionals know water heaters, know how they tend to fail, and what are signs that there might be problems. They might ask you a few questions about your water heater performance when they visit, and they’ll be keeping their eyes out for problems. Their knowledge and experience make each maintenance visit and inspection a more powerful tool for keeping your unit functioning the way it should and lasting as long as it can.

Water Quality and Your Anode Rod

For the long life of your water heater and fewer water heater repairs, our experts will take a look at your anode rod during maintenance. It does degrade over time, and your water quality will affect that process, whether you have hard water or soft. It’s important that you have the right type of anode rod for your situation, too, as the various metals used respond differently to water quality. Your anode rod also helps keep bacteria from growing in your hot water heater tank, which you’ll notice as an odor when you run the hot water. When the anode rod is depleted, corrosion of the water heater tank is likely to accelerate, shortening the life of your unit. Our experts will keep an eye on your tank condition, especially if the anode rod has been depleted for some time, to avoid not just water heater repair problems, but premature replacement of the hot water heater.

Hot Water Quantity and Temperature Control

Most of the symptoms you’ll usually notice regarding your hot water heater involve how hot the water is from your shower, and how long it lasts before it goes cold. You may also notice how long the shower has to be run before the water is hot, which is actually a useful piece of information for maintenance and water heater repair as well. Our water heater repair technicians can use these observations to determine if there may be problems with your heating and thermostat components in the heating unit. In some units, there are two pairs, one for the upper part of the tank and one in the lower section. Depending on which one is malfunctioning, both the quantity of hot water available and how long it takes to arrive can vary. By making repairs to these components during a routine visit, we can help avoid the cold shower emergency repair that results when all heating units have failed.

Pressure Relief Valve Maintenance Checks

There’s a valve on your water heater that provides an escape route if your tank is too full or pressure has built inside the tank beyond acceptable limits. It’s an important safety valve that protects against ruptures in the tank and resulting water leakage and cleanup, or even in rare cases a tank explosion from excess pressure. Over the years, our experts have seen problems with these valves that show themselves in several ways, including small leaks when pressure is a bit high, and discharges from valves that are malfunctioning, also resulting in puddles beside the hot water tank. Sometimes the evidence they find is just a dried spot where the puddle once was, indicating that it’s time to check the valve. In cases of overpressure or serious valve pressure, there will be plenty of water coming out and it’s time for an emergency plumber call.

Hot Water Pipe Leaks

If your hot water plumbing goes under the concrete slab in your basement, you may experience the warm floor syndrome we sometimes see. Your pet may notice it first, enjoying the warm spot that is a sign of hot water leaking under the slab and accumulating under your floor. This is one of the things that our plumbers look for when there are pressure or temperature issues with your hot water since some of it is being lost under your foundation. Not every home has this type of plumbing, but if yours does and it’s time to make a repair, our team of skilled plumbers can get the job done. They can also locate hot water line leaks throughout your home, including the walls and ceiling where hot water can do more damage than cold. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to trace lines in typical area construction styles and special equipment that helps us pin down leaks so we can go in and fix them with a minimum of recovery required.

Expert Hot Water Heater Installation

If it’s time to replace your hot water heater because of a failing tank, other damage, or a need for increased energy efficiency, rely on our team to perform a fast, precise, and clean replacement. We also perform relocations if you are remodeling your basement, and installation of tankless water heater equipment to suit your family’s needs, including in your kitchen.

Call the Experts at Peach Plumbing & Drain for Brookhaven, GA Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Our team provides expert plumbing service to our customers in Brookhaven, GA including careful maintenance and skilled diagnoses. Our goal is to keep your life simpler and more enjoyable with more routine plumbing services and fewer emergency calls. When you need us or have questions about your plumbing, give us a call anytime, 24/7.

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