How To Know When You Need Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

How To Know When You Need Drain Cleaning Service | Atlanta, GA

One of the first things most Atlanta, GA, homeowners tend to forget about is their plumbing. As long as hot and cold water comes out of the faucets and wastewater is drained properly, their home’s plumbing will be the furthest thing from their mind. Until something happens and they start finding puddles or foul odors invading their living area. That’s when most people start to feel the anxiety of not knowing how to get things working again, especially when it has to do with drains that are blocked or backing up and creating a literal stink.

When this happens, your first reaction will probably be to start pouring caustic drain cleaner down your pipes, or searching for DIY videos that promise to get your drain as clean as a professional drain cleaning service would. The bad news is that anything you do will probably be not only useless but could actually worsen your problem, which is why you will be better off knowing when to call a drain cleaning service. Because of this, we have compiled a list of signs that let you know when to call in a plumber.

1. The water isn’t going anywhere

Have you ever found yourself taking a shower that seems to be filling up your tub instead? Or maybe your kitchen sink is one inch away from overflowing? This happens when your drain pipes are blocked and the water can’t continue on its way to the sewer, which makes it just stand and accumulate until it starts overflowing the drain. These blockages are usually created by hair, soap scum, grease, or any number of things that get caught in the pipes. At first they may not represent too much of a problem, but as time passes and the foreign matter continues to accumulate, you will end up with a clog. The only way to get that water flowing normally again is to call a professional drain cleaning service to disconnect the pipes to remove the water and the plug. This same thing stands true for when your drain is slow to empty the water, an issue that, if left unattended, can turn into a full blockage as described above.

2. Your home is starting to stink

It happens to the best of us, one morning you wake up and there’s the most horrible odor wafting through your home. You check on your dog to see if he rolled in anything dead the night before, but he still smells of that soap you used to bathe him last weekend. You follow your nose and start cleaning every area from where the smell seems to emanate, but you have no luck. You next check your drains and trash can, and everything seems to be in order, but things may not be as good as they seem and sewage is very probably collecting in your pipes.

The first thing you should avoid in this case is to try to fix the problem yourself. Doing so may leave you standing in your basement with sewage up to your ankles. Instead, calling a professional drain cleaning service will ensure the smell goes away faster than it appeared, because only the experts are trained to safely remove anything that is causing the stink by using special equipment and machines that will reach the source of the odor regardless of where it is originating.

3. Your pipes are gurgling

If strange gurgling sounds are coming from your sinks, regardless of whether they appear to be draining correctly or not, you could be facing a problem that has been building up for a while now. Gurgling noises are a sure sign of clogs starting to form. This is because when a clog forms, it tends to bubble when water goes through it. The sound of these bubbles forming is that gurgling you hear coming from your pipes. Once a professional drain cleaning service removes the blockage and cleans out your pipes, this gurgling noise will go away.

4. Water suddenly starts backing up

Nothing is worse than finding a puddle of dirty water in the middle of your bathroom or kitchen. When this happens, not only will it create a nightmare that is difficult to clean up, but can also mean that damage has been done to your home’s structure already. These backups are usually caused by a drain pipe that has been completely blocked and there’s nowhere else for the water to go, so the pipe closest to your drain starts to fill up and overflow. It could also start leaking from pipe joints and cracks, seeping into your home’s foundation and walls, compounding the damage. When this happens, you should consider it to be an emergency and you have to call a drain cleaning service immediately in order to prevent any further damage from happening.

5. Fruit flies appear out of nowhere

If you are one of those homeowners that enjoy a perfectly clean kitchen but suddenly find you’ve been overrun by fruit flies even though you’ve never left any food or fruit out, you may have a problem in your drains. When food residue starts accumulating in the drain of your kitchen sink, these little pests will know and start swarming your home. A professional drain cleaning service will be able to clean all this food residue from your drain, and when they’re done, the flies will magically disappear.

6. Your toilets are overflowing

If you’ve ever had a toddler you should have a very good idea of why toilets overflow. Whether it’s a toy dinosaur or an action figure, sometimes even a handful of Legos, kids seem to really enjoy flushing things down the toilet. What they don’t realize is that once their toys are flushed, they will surely get stuck in your drain pipe, and, when combined with anything else that could cause a clog, will create a blockage that is almost impossible for you to remove. The end result is that next time you flush, not only will the water not drain properly from your toilet, but will also come rushing back into the bowl and spilling onto your bathroom floor. If you are in Atlanta, GA your best bet when this happens is to call a professional drain cleaning service like Peach Plumbing & Drain. Our expert plumbers will make sure the toy and everything else causing the overflow is removed and your toilet is usable once more. So, don’t hesitate, if you need drain cleaning services in Atlanta, GA give us a call today!

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