Indicators You Need To Invest In Leak Detection Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

Indicators You Need To Invest In Leak Detection Plumbing Service | Atlanta, GA

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Are you ready to run up and down in your home to trace all sources of leaks? Probably not. Plumbing leaks can be an irritating experience in your home if you don’t get a credible plumbing service company to handle them promptly.

Leakages in homes can waste up to one trillion gallons of water annually throughout the US. 10 percent of households with leaks can waste approximately 90 gallons or more each day. These statistics clearly show the wasted gallons in your home will reflect on your monthly water bill.

Other problems arising from leak issues include mold infestation on drywalls and ceilings, paint bubbles on walls, and floor damage. These additional problems can make you spend a lot of money to get water damage restoration and mold remediation services.

Leakage issues in homes usually arise from defective faucets, bathtubs, plumbing pipes, and toilets. Leak detection services can help you trace the exact spot of leakages. However, this activity needs a professional from a trustworthy plumbing company in Atlanta, GA, to handle it to achieve accurate results.

After identifying the exact location of leakages, the technician should offer repair, maintenance, or replacement solutions. Read on to know when’s the right time to invest in leak detection services.

Increased Water Bills

Has your water bill suddenly increased even after using water conservatively for the month? If so, then there could be a leakage issue within your home’s plumbing system that needs an immediate fix from your reliable plumbing company before the situation worsens.

Before you call in your plumber, ensure you compare your water bill with last year’s bill of the same month to be sure the spike isn’t arising from a seasonal change of water using patterns.

The plumbing services company you go to should assign you a technician that’s skilled in using advanced technology to identify all leaking spots in your home and fix them to restore your normal monthly water bill.

Frequent Running Water Sounds

After a long busy day on the streets of Atlanta, GA, all you may crave is sipping a cold Pepsi while reading a novel or watching a movie in a calm environment at home. Sometimes this flex can be inhibited by distractions such as running water sounds. When you hear water running, there’s a high probability one or multiple faucets in your home are on.

If you check and find out all the taps are closed, you may be having a leak hidden somewhere within your home. However, sometimes your toilet’s flapper could be worn out or broken, making the toilet run nonstop. Before concluding that the running water is a result of leakages within your plumbing system, check your toilet if it’s still.

Afterward, you can request a specialist from your plumbing service company to offer leak detection services and fix any leakages to restore your peace of mind.

Weird Smells

Any weird smell in your indoor space can be the beginning of a major problem, either with your HVAC or plumbing system. If you notice signs of mold on your walls and ceiling, there could be leakage from pipes hidden inside the structures. After identifying mold in your home, the first step is to call your plumbing service company to scan for any leakage issues and fix them.

Afterward, your plumbing company can recommend the best mold remediation company to offer you immediate mold removal services. If you don’t seek these services promptly, there are high chances you plus your family may deteriorate your respiratory health by breathing air full of mold spores.

Apart from damaging the structural appearance of your home, mold can cause lung, nose, and throat irritations. A much worse situation may be the worsening of chronic lung conditions such as asthma. Ensure you get immediate help from a licensed and experienced provider of mold removal and plumbing services whenever your eyes come across mold in your home.

Wet Spots On The Floor and Foundation Cracks

Some pipes within your home’s plumbing system lie inside your home’s foundation slab. Just like other pipes, these fixtures aren’t spared when it comes to leakage problems. The pipe joints could become loose and start leaking, or their surfaces could crack due to high water pressure.

Although identifying leaks for underground pipes with naked eyes is impossible, some signs can make you conclude the pipes are leaking. These include wet spots and cracks on the ground floor of your home. If you notice such incidents, notify a slab leak repair specialist from a well-known plumbing service company in Atlanta, GA, to offer immediate leak detection and repair services.

If you delay getting prompt solutions, you may be looking at an increased repair cost in the future. You may have to replace your flooring due to extreme damage by slab leaks.

To some extent, the pipes underground may be damaged beyond repair and require replacement services. Ensure you visit a credible plumbing service company in your area to offer you immediate slab leak detection and repair services to keep repair costs down and maintain the structural integrity of your home.

Low Water Pressure

Sometimes low water pressure issues can result from defects from your water supplier’s side. However, before rushing to your supplier’s customer service desk and lamenting about how they serve you poorly, talk to a provider of plumbing services to assess the root cause of low water pressure in your home.

Low water pressure could be because of various issues, including blocked or cracked pipes and half-open water meter valves. Ensure your water meter valve is fully open before calling a plumber to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. After ascertaining the valve is open correctly, talk to the plumber to conduct an inspection to determine and fix the cause of low water pressure in your home.

Get Personalized Leak Detection Services Today!

Leak detection services are worth investing in since they help professionals detect leakage issues and fix them in advance to prevent water leak-related problems such as increased water bills and water damage to your house.

If you’ve experienced any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to visit a plumbing service company and request immediate leak detection and repair solutions. Our professionals arrive at clients’ premises on time to handle plumbing emergencies such as leaks, clogged drains, jammed garbage disposals, and faulty toilets. Don’t hesitate to call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain if you have a plumbing issue in your home.