Manage Your Kitchen Wastes: Tell-tale Signs It’s Time To Have A Plumber Repair Or Replace Your Garbage Disposal Unit | Atlanta, GA

Manage Your Kitchen Wastes: Tell-tale Signs It’s Time To Have A Plumber Repair Or Replace Your Garbage Disposal Unit | Atlanta, GA

A garbage disposal unit is an alternative to having an outdoor compost pit for your kitchen wastes. There’s no doubt most homeowners have garbage disposals under their kitchen sinks to get rid of food remains. Besides keeping the sinks and pipes clear, it saves time, reduces kitchen odors, keeps the environment safe, reduces trash among others.

However, your garbage disposal system may fail to function properly, and while some problems could call for a repair by a trained plumber, some may mean replacing the unit altogether. In the following blog post, we’ll discuss some of the things that may indicate your garbage disposal isn’t working right.

The Unit Fails to Turn On or Turns On for a While Then Shuts Down

If you turn on your garbage disposal unit and it doesn’t respond, or it shuts off by itself while the power is on, this boils down to one thing; a faulty motor. Ideally, if the motor’s lifespan is almost over or it’s been burned out, then you can expect such to happen.

You can contact a plumber in Atlanta, GA to run some tests on the equipment to establish if the problem can be fixed or have the unit replaced.

Consistent Kitchen Odors

Usually, food debris is not left to rot in garbage disposal equipment. Thus, bad smells are removed from the kitchen. And even if a bit of smell comes out due to food wastes decomposing inside the unit, it can easily be eliminated through gentle cleaning.

However, you should not use harsh cleaning detergents because they can ruin the disposal blades of your appliance. After cleaning, if the smell is persistent, you can find a qualified plumbing service to fix that mess.

Unusual Noises from the Machine

A piece of silverware could produce a loud sound if it slipped into a garbage disposal unit. Remember, the garbage disposal equipment has got moving parts. So you want to be sure any weird metal-like noise is coming from a foreign object, say, a spoon.

In this case, you can use a flashlight to check for anything causing the noise. If you see no object, then chances are the unit’s disposal components are grinding together while it’s in use. Getting a plumber in time to address the issue will help prevent further damage.

Slow or Reduced Performance

Food particles should move through easily and quickly for a properly functioning garbage disposal unit. In an event where you noticed the food wastes seem to be taking too long to be dispelled, you need to get a plumbing service in Atlanta, GA, and have the appliance inspected.

A poorly performing disposal could be a result of blunt blades. In cases where the blades are damaged beyond repair, the plumber may recommend that you replace the whole unit.

Water Leaks from Your Garbage Disposal

Due to age or after a long period of usage, your disposal can develop cracks, and you may notice water leaking from the place where the unit connects to the general plumbing of your kitchen.

You may not be able to differentiate between a sink or dishwasher leak and a garbage disposal leak. For this reason, you have to look for an expert plumbing professional to establish the cause of the leak and have the issue fixed.

A Disposal That Is Jammed

This is a scenario where food fragments, even the smallest particles, fail to drain through the disposal. A garbage disposal that is jammed up will cause food scraps and water to back up into the sink.

This means there’s a blockage in your unit, making it malfunction. In certain cases, the clogs may mean getting a new appliance with a larger capacity. So, instead of you waiting and hoping the mess would go away, why can’t you link up with a plumber to solve the problem?

Frequent Resets

This is another sign that your garbage unit is failing or almost as good as ‘dead.’ For example, when big clogs build inside the disposal, you may have to use the reset button on the apparatus to relieve it from such a situation.

However, if you’re pressing the button every other time, it’s time you contact a plumber to install a new garbage disposal. Also, frequent resets may be caused by loose wiring within your plumbing system.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Draining Into the Dishwasher

This is the last thing you want to experience. Perhaps, your garbage disposal unit may be connected to the dishwasher. If this is so, food or liquid wastes may drain into it. Therefore, seeking the service of a plumber who’s knowledgeable in the matter may help solve the puzzle.

Smoke Is Coming Out of the Unit

If your garbage disposal is producing smoke, this isn’t normal. It could mean something is up with the motor or a short circuit within the disposal. When you notice this, don’t hesitate to have your local plumbing company come in and rectify the issue.

The Garbage Disposal Is Humming But Doesn’t Grind

If your disposal hums but it’s doing nothing when you turn on the switch, it may be an indicator the disposal is jammed, or it’s not powerful enough to disintegrate the food scraps. As such, you may need a plumbing company to repair or replace it if necessary.

What Next?

You don’t want garbage nightmares, at least in your kitchen. So you need a plumber to check your garbage disposal to ensure it stays in top-notch condition. Well, you can trust Peach Plumbing & DrainAtlanta, GA for all your garbage disposal needs, from installation to repairs.

Our plumbers work around the clock and give you peace of mind by ensuring the job is done correctly. We also do residential and commercial plumbing, drain cleaning, water leak detection, plumbing repairs, as well as emergency plumbing. Give us a call.

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