Need A Plumbing Repair? Signs Of A Faulty Pressure Reducing Valve | Atlanta, GA

Need A Plumbing Repair? Signs Of A Faulty Pressure Reducing Valve | Atlanta, GA

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Plumbing problems of a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) are rare in most households. It is an issue that is difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix because it is usually out of sight, making it out of mind as well.

Let’s start by describing what a pressure-reducing valve is to be on the same page as you read along. It is a valve that protects your entire house from excessive water pressure that can lead to additional plumbing problems, such as bursting water lines or drainage pipes.

The pressure-reducing valve ensures the water passing through your plumbing pipes is of sufficient pressure that the water lines can handle for long without causing havoc. The optimal water pressure in your Atlanta, GA, house should not go beyond 60 pounds per square inch (psi) because it might lead to costly plumbing repair services.

Water flowing to your house from the municipal lines has high pressure, which is the primary reason why residential property owners hire plumbers to install the pressure control valves. However, since it has rubber parts and springs, it is susceptible to problems that might cause severe damages to your property without prompt plumbing services from professional plumbers.

It is wise to learn all the signs of a failing pressure control valve to call for quick repairs before it creates a problem that might get out of hand. Some of the indicators of a faulty PRV that will require the immediate attention of a plumbing expert are:

Low Water Pressure

If you enjoy adequate water flow from your taps, you will not miss noticing when the water pressure drops, compelling you to water an hour for a bucket to fill. Your first guess will probably be on the level of water in tanks or water flowing from the municipal water lines has significantly reduced. The low water pressure could make us think of a possible water shortage.

After ruling out the possibility of a water shortage, you should pick your phone and call a reliable plumbing repair company in Atlanta, GA, to get a professional that will identify and fix the problem to restore your optimal water pressure that simplifies your life.

Fluctuating Water Pressure

Another symptom of a damaged pressure regulator in your residence is the regular rising and falling of water pressure. You might be washing your vegetables or utensils in your kitchen, and suddenly water flows at a high pressure spurting water on you and the floor.

Or you may be waiting for your bathtub to get filled to enjoy a nice bath after work, then the water pressure drops, making you wait for hours for it to reach the desired level.

A plumbing technician can link the infuriating changes in water pressure to the pressure-reducing valve. The issue might be the PRV is broken, making it cause problems in your home. The moment the water pressure in your home starts to fluctuate, please do not ignore the issue and reach out for plumbing repair services from a certified and trained plumber within your vicinity.

Vibrating Or Hammering Sounds

Sometimes, you might hear constant humming noises coming from the walls in your house whenever you open your kitchen or bathroom faucets or use any plumbing fixture. That is evidence that the pressure regulator or reducing valve is malfunctioning and requires a plumbing repair technician to fix it.

It might take a while for you to see the frequent knocking or humming sounds on the wall as a plumbing issue, making you overlook the problem. An inexperienced plumbing repair contractor might also link the problem to other fixtures such as bad vacuum breakers, faulty expansion tanks, and improper strapped pipes before getting to the root cause of the noises, wasting your precious time and money.

A trained, qualified, and experienced plumber will use up-to-the-minute plumbing tools in the market to skillfully and professionally identify the problem as the PRV and fix it as soon as possible. Therefore, you should always hire a certified and competent plumbing repair specialist for top-notch services that will be right the first time.

High Water Pressure

If the PRV in your home is faulty and the water coming from the county municipal is very high, you will also notice high water pressure when you open your faucets. High pressure is a threat to your entire plumbing system because it can lead to bursting pipes that might cause indoor or outdoor floods.

Most of the water lines can handle less than 80 psi in pressure, and when it goes beyond that for a while, water damages will soon be a problem to contend with, causing sizable dents in your pockets for plumbing repair services.

So, when you sense the water pressure is higher than usual, and you value your plumbing system, drop whatever you are doing and get a qualified plumber to fix or replace the damaged pressure reducing valve.


Since the pressure-reducing valve is outside your home, you might find muddy or flooded parts in the yard or flower bed. The leakage around the PRV indicates damages due to wear and tears caused by aging.

Having a plumbing repair professional replace the broken or damaged pressure control valve before it bursts, causing other plumbing problems, is a wise step that will save you money and protect your property from catastrophic water damages.

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Pressure reducing valve wears out as it ages, causing strange plumbing problems in your house. The water pressure issues resulting from the PRV will affect all the faucets in your bathroom, kitchen, yard, and showers. If only one faucet in your home has low or high water pressure, the culprit is not the pressure control valve.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best plumbers to fix your PRV, do not hesitate to call Peach Plumbing & DrainAtlanta, GA. We are a licensed plumbing company providing affordable, quality, and reliable services to residential and commercial clients in Atlanta. Our plumbing repair experts go above and beyond to fix and address all your complex and simple plumbing issues.

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