Need Water Line Repair Services? Here’s What You Should Know | Atlanta, GA

Need Water Line Repair Services? Here’s What You Should Know | Atlanta, GA

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The water line that supplies fresh water to your building is essential for everyday living. Without proper water in-flow, you can face challenges while carrying out your day-to-day tasks, be it in the kitchen or bathroom. The design of water lines often enables them to last long, but there are certain instances when your water line can sustain damages. The damage can result from external elements such as tree roots, corrosion, floods, or fire. In such scenarios, the best thing to do is to seek timely waterline repair services to mitigate the problem. Read on to find out the troubling signs that should prompt you to seek water line repair services.

Water discoloration and unpleasant odor

If you happen to open your faucets and notice that the water comes out yellow or brown, you should immediately seek water line repair services. Water discoloration is an indication that the interior of the water lines is damaged. The issue could be that the pipes are corroded and rusty hence the change in water’s color. Rust mostly builds up in the water pipes in places with hard or salty water. Such water has harsh mineral deposits that cause metallic pipes to rust over a short period. It’s advisable to install PVC pipes if you reside in an area with hard or salty water. These pipes do not rust, so you can get some assurance that you will never have to deal with water discoloration problems.

Sometimes, sewage from your sewer system may find its way into your water system and cause the water to discolor or even have an unpleasant taste. The sewer system might have damages, and the wastewater may be channeled into your water lines. Since the clean water has mixed with untreated sewage, a pungent smell will occur once you open the faucets. Ingesting the contaminated water can harm your health, including contracting diseases such as cholera, Hepatitis A, or Salmonellosis. If you notice a change in the water’s color, get a specialist to provide water line repair services. Also, schedule annual water line maintenance services to identify and fix any underlying issues affecting your residence.

A rise in utility bills

A sudden increase in your water bill is an indication that there is a problem with a part of your plumbing system. It can be due to water leaks from the supply pipes, hence a lot of water goes to waste. The underground pipes may also have a loose connection, which may contribute to water leakage. Another problem could be that the pipes have sustained damages due to factors such as seismic activity, age, tree root intrusion, or animal activity. If your water bills tend to drastically increase from month to month, seeking water line repair services will help you pinpoint the root of the problem.

For homeowners in Atlanta, GA, with an irrigation system connected to the main water lines for their landscaping purposes, leakage may occur from time to time. Most irrigation pipes are made up of plastic, which tends to become brittle with old age. A loose joint or water line crack may allow water to leak, even when the irrigation system is off. Lots of water gets wasted, and you may seldom notice it. An irrigation system requires frequent maintenance services since it gets its water from the main water line system. Also, a busted irrigation system will require you to seek immediate water line repair services.

Low water pressure

When the water line pipes are clogged with debris and dirt, low water pressure can result. Tree roots may also find their way into the water lines and cause a blockage. Since the pipes are way beneath the ground, this is one of those times that you will have to seek prompt water line repair services. A large enough leak from the pipes can result in a noticeable low water pressure state. If the pipes have corrosion, they may end up forming cracks that result in water leakage, and subsequently, low pressure.

Pipes made of galvanized steel tend to have an expiration date. However, copper and brass pipes tend to last longer but also get worn-out as time goes by. The possibility of your water line pipes corroding increases if you have an older house. Newer pipes are rarely made from galvanized steel, hence they tend to last longer than older pipes that require repiping. With inefficient piping, you might struggle with low water pressure issues. If your home is older, seek water line repair services and have a professional plumber update your water line system.

Unexplained flooding

If you happen to notice unexplained puddles forming in your backyard or soggy patches on your lawn, that is an indication that your water line is leaking from beneath. Extra grass or plants growing next to your water line may also allude to the possibility of water leakage since water leaking directly into the soil provides a lot of moisture that causes plants to flourish. At times the waterline may shift due to natural calamities such as earthquakes or heavy rains. That causes the water channel to change, hence the floods.

You may also notice that your basement floods frequently, and that can be due to damage to the water lines. It is critical to have your local plumber provide regular water line repair services to mitigate such issues. If left unattended, the flooding water may find its way into your home and damage your items.

Strange gurgling sounds

Your toilet and sink should not produce unusual sounds. Gurgling sounds from such fixtures can indicate that there is a possible blockage in the waterline. The blocked pipes allow air pockets to form and end up producing the strange sounds. The sound could be more prominent when you flush your toilet, open your faucets, or run water down the sink.

If not handled immediately, the issue may escalate and lead to water back up into your home. As soon as you notice unusual noises coming from your plumbing fixtures, seek immediate water line repair services. And while at it, contact the plumbing gurus only!

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