Peach Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service By Appointment Or Emergency | Atlanta, GA

Peach Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service By Appointment Or Emergency | Atlanta, GA

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Sometimes drains give signs of trouble, sometimes they just make a mess. Whenever you need a drain cleaning service, Peach Plumbing is your best choice in Atlanta, GA, our hometown. We’re a family-style operation with lots of experience, which means we’re easy to get along with when you have to invite us over after midnight for a plumbing crisis. Don’t worry about calling, it’s what we do.

How We Approach Each Drain Cleaning Service

When we get the call to come out and perform an emergency plumbing job, our first goal is to prevent damage to your home or sanitary problems. Our second priority is to clear the drain as effectively and as quickly as possible. If we are arriving for a drain cleaning service appointment, you may want us to examine several drains and see which ones might need cleaning at the same time. We can also talk about any other plumbing work that you’ve been thinking about or plumbing concerns and questions that you may have.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service: Let Us Handle It for Best Results

When the water’s rising and there’s no end in sight, of course someone wants to step up and take action. It’s a positive thing to do, but often it just complicates our job. The best thing you can do in a plumbing emergency is to call us. If you are concerned about additional water flow into the sink or toilet, make sure you use the local or house-wide shutoff.

Slow Drains with Stuck Faucets

A slow drain seems like it can wait until you get around to calling the plumber — or maybe it will take care of itself? What if your faucet handle breaks off or your toilet keeps running? Then a slow drain becomes a fast emergency drain cleaning service call as overflow approaches. This is why we recommend regular drain cleaning service before problems arise. We also suggest you make sure that your sinks and toilets each have working shutoff valves. You should also know where your main shutoff is in case of pipe breaks.

Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain

Drain clogs can happen so slowly that you think that’s the way the sink or toilet always drained. If you can run the water for a few minutes and it doesn’t just keep running down the sink, you probably have a clog developing. Likewise, if your toilet flush seems to make the bowl water go up, then down, something is in the way. What is likely to happen is an existing clog, especially from a solid object, accumulates hair, grease, and other material until the flow is significantly reduced, then stopped completely. Some approaches clear the softer, looser material but the clog will return.

Different Answers to Different Types of Clogs

When we begin a drain cleaning service, we look into identifying the cause of any clog that’s slowing the flow in the pipe. Without that information, we can apply the wrong technique to clear it and wind up making the problem worse. For example, if you’ve got a plastic dinosaur in the toilet and you use the plunger, it’s going to go further in and still clog.

If you use an auger, you’ll clear a small path and maybe prevent overflow, but the drain will still be slow and clog again soon. Of course, if you put chemicals down they won’t do much with a plastic dinosaur, and anyone who works on the drain will have to be extra careful not to get burned by the chemicals as they clear the drain. One way we can quickly identify clogs is using a tiny video camera, inserted into the drain until it reaches the clog. Then we’ll see that dinosaur and know what it will take to rescue him.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

You would think that a garbage disposal would prevent most drain clogs but it has its own set of problems. Some are obvious, and we often can simply use our professional touch to extract a hard object that’s fallen inside or disassemble the unit to make a quick repair or disentanglement. Other times, though, expanding materials such as large batches of rice or, believe it or not, laxative powder can absorb water as they sit in the P-trap waiting to move on, and block the drain effectively. Fats poured down the drain without proper care can slowly form a blockage in the pipes as well.

Multiple Backups, Especially in the Basement, Spell Trouble

When nasty water is rising from your sinks, especially in the basement, or up through a basement floor drain, it’s time to call us with some sense of urgency. You may have a sewer backup problem, and while it may be something you’d rather not think about, there’s nowhere to go but forward in dealing with sewer problems. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for problems in your main sewer pipe, and our video camera can help us tell you what we recommend. You may be picturing the arrival of a backhoe, but it could be much simpler.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Service

Replacing your main sewer pipe is only one of many options we now have in our toolkit of sewer cleaning strategies. Our video review of your sewer line’s condition may suggest that a high-pressure blast of hydro jetting is all that’s needed, or that patching or relining the pipe will do the job. If you have concerns about your sewer or you want to check the line on a new house, call us and let’s take a look.

Count on Us for Drain Cleaning Service that Does a Complete Job

At Peach Plumbing & Drain in Atlanta, GA, we know drains and they keep us busy. If yours is getting slow or you have an emergency on your hands, give us a call. We don’t mind if you need service late at night, that’s what we’re here for! Our number is 678-995-5082.