Plumber Tips: As Water Rates Rise, What Can You Do To Keep Water Waste Down? | Atlanta, GA

Plumber Tips: As Water Rates Rise, What Can You Do To Keep Water Waste Down? | Atlanta, GA

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For many people, what gets them to check their water usage isn’t variations in the gallons they’re billed for, it’s the sudden shock of a change in the rate that’s used to charge for them. Suddenly, it’s time to figure out how to save on this new, more expensive water bill, starting usually by creating new rules about shower usage and other human factors. In fact, it could be that Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta, GA is who you should be talking to, rather than your kids, because many sources of water waste are plumbing problems. One of the worst, a leak in your water supply line, may actually get your attention on the bill before the next rate increase because it can be huge.

Starting with Big Jumps in Your Water Bill

If you have a big leak in your plumbing indoors, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly in most cases. With leaks in your water supply line from the city, or leaks under your foundation or concrete slab, the nearby soil can absorb huge amounts of water before you notice. In some cases, the only sign you’ll see at first is a patch of greener grass crossing your yard or a beautiful bit of landscaping near where the water line enters the house. If the leak is under your basement floor, you may hear water flowing like there’s a creek under your feet. If the leak is from your water heater line which sometimes runs under the slab, you’ll have a warm spot on the floor — look for pets who notice it and curl up to enjoy the warmth. Slab leaks and other water leaks near your foundation can do a lot more than wastewater, they can erode your foundation and its supports, leading to serious or severe structural damage.

“Regular” Leaks Have Amazing Consequences in Water Waste

The EPA lists impressive numbers about water waste, including that ten percent of homes waste 90 gallons or more per day. The average household’s leaks can lead to almost 10,000 gallons wasted per year. As a benchmark, they suggest a hunt for leaks is definitely required for a family of four that uses over 12,000 gallons in a month. They suggest a variety of strategies to begin the hunt, including simply checking the reading on the water meter when no one’s at home and no water is being used, then checking a couple of hours later. If the number has changed, a plumber could be needed.

Toilets Running, Faucets Dripping, It All Adds Up

The numbers add up even for what seem like minor annoyances, toilets frequently fill-cycling without flushing or quietly hissing in the night from a worn flapper for instance. Sinks start leaking as the faucets wear, and if you tighten them more to stop the leak, the forces involved could eventually cost you a plumber visit to repair the faucet itself. If you’re not inclined to call the plumber for a single leak, it should be pretty easy to come up with a checklist of similar concerns throughout the house. You can also ask us to do an inspection of your home with our trained eyes to see what leaks you’ve just gotten used to and ignore but need fixing just the same. Pipe joints, shutoff valves, and other plumbing features can also spring minor leaks, ones that could become major over time. A plumber visit now could save you a lot more later.

With Showers and Toilets, More Is Less

Our Atlanta, GA plumbers can install amazing technology in your bathroom to reduce water use without making you feel deprived. We have showerheads and other tub and shower features that get you clean and rinsed just as well and quite quickly, but don’t take nearly as much water to do the job. They use better coverage, more force, and other clever techniques to make up the difference. If our plumbers install a luxurious full-coverage shower, just use it to make your shower much shorter since it does everything at once. You’ll probably wind up with net savings in water use. Your toilet can also contribute, with dual-flush models that let you select the flush according to your needs, and that also use water pressure to build up force and blast the flush, rather than just dropping a large quantity of water down the bowl to do the job. It can take a little adjusting to the forceful sound of the flush but have our professionals install one of these and you’ll get used to the savings as well.

Technology Replaces Habits, Too

People let the faucet run for many reasons including convenience, avoiding unnecessary touching of the handles, disabilities that limit movement, and multitasking in the bathroom or kitchen. All of these and many other habits are perfect candidates for new tech-enabled faucets that limit water consumption simply by being more convenient. You can meet your needs simply by having our plumber install a faucet that works for you. There are kitchen faucets that respond to your voice and know when it’s filled your two-gallon container and bathroom touch-free faucets that are simple to turn on and turn off on their own. Even paddle handles for a regular faucet can make life easier for many people, easily flipped on or off by an elbow, wrist, or other motion rather than the old-school grasp and twist.

Peach Plumbing & Drain, Helping You Meet Your Water Needs Wisely

Our plumbers serve the Atlanta, GA area with knowledge and experience. We not only fix what needs fixing but let you know how the latest plumbing technologies and techniques can save you money and benefit your lifestyle. Our expert team is ready to upgrade your home, help you remodel, and take on your major concerns such as sewers, under-slab leaks, and water line issues. Do you need professional plumbers, information, or have questions you’d like answered? Call us at Peach Plumbing & Drain today.