Plumber Tips: Here Is What Causes Sump Pump Smells | Atlanta, GA

Plumber Tips: Here Is What Causes Sump Pump Smells | Atlanta, GA

An awfully smelling sump pump is a cause for concern. If you’ve ever experienced this in your Atlanta, GA, home, you understand that the smell can sometimes be off-putting. But is it normal for a sump pump to smell? Should you call a plumber when your sump pump throws an off-putting smell? You’ll learn what might make the sump pump start smelling and the answers to the above questions.

What Might Your Sump Pump Be Smelling Like?

A sump pump might throw different smells whenever they are experiencing an issue. However, every smell points to a different issue. Unfortunately, these smells might make your basement stink making it uncomfortable. You may even be forced to abandon the area. Below are some of the common smells that your sump pump might throw. However, ensure that a plumber inspects the device whenever you detect them.


Your sump pump might produce a gas-like smell. At first, you might think that the smell is gasoline. However, the gas-like smell emanates from the sewer system. When the sump pump dries out, the sewer gasses enter your home, leaking the pungent smell all over your living space. This gas is produced by decomposing wastes and might be either toxic or non-toxic. Call in a plumber whenever you feel the gaseous smell on the sump pump.


Do you smell rotten eggs on your sump pump? That is sulfur coming from the device. Though this might happen due to several issues with the sump pump, the main is a buildup of dirt within the device.

Musty Smell

Your sump pump constantly has water within. Hence, you might notice a musty smell of the mildew and mold growing within the unit. Like any other place that collects water, ensure that the sump pump is always dry. Call a plumber to have the device cleaned and dried whenever you notice a musty or moldy smell.


This is an obvious one. Although it might make you uncomfortable to think about it, waste enters your sump pump daily. Due to that, the wastes build up inside over time and might even decompose. In addition, the waste buildup in the sump pump sometimes results in clogs. Call a plumbing service provider and have the device thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the smell if that is the case.

What Might Cause Your Sump Pump To Smell?

Below are some common issues that might make the sump pump smell:

If It Is dry

After being operational for a long time, the sump pump might dry out. Those sewer gasses collected in the pump are released into your Atlanta, GA, home because there is no longer water to shield the air from these gasses. At best, this only results in pungent smells. However, the leakage of sewer gasses might result in health complications and, at times, a fire hazard. Hence, whenever you notice it, call your plumbing company immediately.

Stagnant Water

Before drying out, the sump pump collects water. The collected water sits in a basin without movement for an extensive period. Mildew and molds flourish in such an environment. Though the growth of mold and mildew doesn’t necessarily change the functionality of your sump pump, it throws a pungent, musty smell. If inhaled, mold spores can also cause health complications which is why you should let a plumber clean the pump.

Dirty Sump Pump

How regularly do you clean the sump pump? The cause of the filthy smell may be how dirty the unit has become over time. Since it deals with waste, it accumulates debris and dirt naturally. If this happens over time, it might result in the blockage of your sump pump.

Broken or Cracked Plumbing

If your sump pump is smelly, it may result from a broken or cracked part of your plumbing. This may be the drains or even the pump itself. Regardless this might damage the sump pump, and you should have the appliance inspected by a professional plumber.

How Can a Plumbing Expert Remove the Smell From the Appliance?

Sealing the Leaks and Cracks

Sealing the leaks and cracks is the best way to reduce the sump pump’s musty smell. This also applies to all plumbing appliances and fixtures at your Atlanta, GA, home. When a plumber comes to address the issue, they check for cracks on the sump pump, the pipes, and other parts of your basement plumbing systems. When the professionals detect a crack or a leakage, they use a waterproof sealer to cover/seal the affected area. This effectively eliminates the excess water that may have caused the formation of molds and mildew.

Clean the System

Although cleaning the sump pump might seem like a simple undertaking that you can finish by yourself, it is both a physically demanding and mentally involving task that is best left to a plumber. Remember, a sump pump also has electrical connections. As you most likely know, electricity and water should never mix. Hence, if you opt to clean the sump pump yourself, you could be exposing yourself to electrical shocks and electrocution. The plumbing service provider is trained and experienced in safely cleaning and handling such systems. Hence, leave the cleaning job to them.

Besides the training, the professionals also have the tools to open the sump pump and clean it thoroughly and effectively. They also wear protective clogging to be safe from sewer gasses, germs, and electrocution. They are also insured, meaning that if they are injured on the job, the insurance company will cater to their medical expenses. Unfortunately, you most likely don’t have either of the above and by opting to clean the sump pump yourself, you place yourself at serious risk.

Inspections and Routine Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance of any plumbing appliance, including the sump pump, are one of the best ways to prevent it from damaging or becoming smelly. Through routine inspection and maintenance, the plumber can notice when the unit has an issue and take the necessary measures to fix the issue. Hence, whatever the action you take, ensure that you keep the unit fresh and the pungent smells at bay!

Your Reputable Plumbing Professionals

Basement floods might result in serious damage to your property and impact your home’s structural integrity. You should have a plumbing service provider install a sump pump to prevent this. However, the unit might develop serious issues unless scheduled maintenance is performed. Do you need sump pump maintenance, installation, or inspection? Call us today at Peach Plumbing & Drain.

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