Plumber Tips: Using Water Softeners & Filtration Services | Atlanta, GA

Plumber Tips: Using Water Softeners & Filtration Services | Atlanta, GA

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With more awareness of how diets and what we put into our bodies have a significant effect on our health, many Georgia residents are looking at how water softeners, purification, and filtration treatments can improve the environment at home. No one likes to see hard water spots on clean dishes, rust on their plumbing fixtures, or experience the itchy, dry skin caused by hard water. The good news is, Peach Plumbing & Drain offers a variety of water softeners and filtration services to help you correct any water quality issues.

While you may traditionally associate a plumber with the job of fixing leaky pipes, we can also assist in the following areas:

  • Water quality assessments
  • Water filter installation
  • Water filter servicing
  • Water filter repairs
  • Commercial water treatments
  • Residential water treatments

How does a water filter installation benefit your home?

The primary benefit of installing a water filtration system is that it improves the water quality. After running through a working filtration system, the water is cleaner, healthier, and tastes better. It also saves the continual purchase and replacement of bottled water and kitchen faucet filters to try and keep up with your demand for purified water. Particularly in a large family home or business, a reliable water filtration system can benefit more than just the taste of drinking water. A filtration system can help to remove the sediments and impurities that also cause staining in bathrooms, for example.

Water filtration installation, service, or repair by a plumber can solve numerous contamination issues. A water filter that covers the plumbing sequence across a whole home can remove chlorine, landfill and agricultural run-off, lead, mercury, sediment, microbes, and other pollutants from your water that may cause pipe corrosion and asbestos decay.

Which type of water filtration system is best for my situation?

Cost is a significant consideration when it comes to what’s right for you. Smaller filters, such as kitchen faucet filtration systems are the most cost-effective, commonly used water purification option used by many Atlanta, GA, residents. Due to their shorter lifespan, though, replacements are required every 1-3 months. The mid-range option is typically an under-sink filtration system that connects to the existing water line rather than the faucet itself. If you need the storage space under the sink for something else, countertop filtration systems can be attached to the tap and stored on your kitchen counter.

The most comprehensive water filtration system available is the whole house filtration system, which is great for family homes. A whole house filter is connected to the main water line before your water heater, is the most powerful filtration system available, and one of the easiest for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of since there is little to no upkeep required by the owner. Using this type of filtration system means that your whole plumbing system will benefit from both hot and cold filtered water. However, installation, maintenance, and repair by a professional will need to be factored into the cost and upkeep of this comprehensive system.

Does my existing water filtration system or softener need repair or replacement?

When it comes to knowing whether your water filtration system is providing you with the cleanest water, there are some signs to look out for. One of the most unpleasant symptoms is that your water will start to taste terrible, as it’s filling up with the contaminants that your filtration system was designed to remove. Before things get that far, however, other warning signs can indicate water filter degradation, and they don’t involve tasting the impurities in the water!

A decrease in water pressure can indicate a clogged filtration system, but it’s important to ask a plumber to check the fault, just in case the change in pressure is caused by a leak elsewhere. Some filtration systems are equipped with indicator lights that activate when a new filter is required. If your system has one of these, remember to check it periodically. If your filtration system uses a process called reverse osmosis, you may notice drains and faucets making odd noises. While noises are expected while the system is settling after the first installation, continued noise is an indicator that your filtration system installation needs to be re-evaluated for components fitted incorrectly.

Inconsistent water softener results are an indicator that your softener may need repair. Varied results are commonly caused by debris accumulation, dirty resin beds, faulty control valves, or motor failure. A professional plumber will investigate your system to determine the correct cause and remedy the situation so that you can experience better water quality once more. It may be the case that your water softener needs to be replaced by a newer system. Typically, the average lifespan of a softener is between 10 and 15 years. While it’s possible to keep a water softener for longer, older systems become less efficient, which often means additional water usage and salt in your water supply.

How do you install a water softener?

Water softener installation is a process that any plumber at Peach can help you with. Typically, water softeners are installed in the mains water supply inside your home. Softeners are usually connected under the kitchen sink and plumbed into the existing pipes; however, water softeners can also be installed in other areas such as garages and pantries. A plumber will need to cut into existing pipes to complete the installation process, which is why we make sure our plumbers are trained, compliant with Georgia plumbing codes, and experienced at water softener installation, repair, and maintenance.

How do I contact a plumber for a water filtration service?

At Peach Plumbing & Drain, booking a water filtration service in Atlanta, GA, is a straightforward process. Call our 24/7 number to speak to a professional plumber who can arrange a service at your convenience. We live and work in the same city, and we’re always on hand to answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online using a simple form.