Plumbing Repair: Frequent Shower Problems In Homes | Atlanta, GA

Plumbing Repair: Frequent Shower Problems In Homes | Atlanta, GA

Showering is a daily sanitary activity for children and adults that accounts for 17 percent of residential water usage. It is a way for people to maintain personal hygiene, prevent awful body odor, relieve fatigue, and feel fresh and comfortable. Your shower should always be in good working condition, which is possible with routine bi-annual maintenance and tune-ups.

Imagine waking up in the morning for a busy day ahead, rushing to the bathroom for a quick shower to find out it doesn’t work. The feeling is annoying and frustrating, and you will have to find another alternative.

Shower problems can be mild or extensive, compelling you to hire a plumbing repair service provider for quality services. Some of the shower issues you are likely to face in your Atlanta, GA home include:

Low Water Pressure

Out of all the shower issues, low water pressure tops my list. There is nothing as frustrating as opening your shower just for water to drip out with inadequate water pressure. There are several reasons behind the low water pressure, including:

  • Damaged pressure regulators: If your plumbing system has a pressure regulator, the plumbing service provider can check it out to determine the root cause of the problem.


  • Water distribution issues: The low water pressure you see in your shower could be due to reduced pressure from the water coming from municipal, which will affect most homes in the town or neighborhood.


  • Partially closed valve: The water shut-off valve might be half-closed to affect the typical water pressure.


  • Pipe deterioration and leaks: When the plumbing pipes in your home are corroded or have massive wear and tears, they can affect the water pressure of water coming out of all your faucets because they crack and start leaking.


  • Clogged showerheads: Whatever the reason behind the low water pressure in your shower, it will require quick plumbing repair services. The plumber will clean the pipes, repair the leaking water lines, check the pressure regulators, adjust the shut-off valves, and replace burst pipes to restore the normal water pressure.
    If the issue is malfunctioning faucets, the plumbing repair service expert can replace it with a more advanced type in the Atlanta, GA, plumbing market.

Clogged Shower Drain

Another common issue you are likely to experience with your shower is a clog in the shower drain. The blockage in the drains leads to standing water in the bathroom, which is irritating stepping on dirty water while taking a shower. The cause of the shower clog can be due to hair, soap scum, dirt, and debris.

Children can also drop toys down the toilet, which will affect the entire drainage system in the bathroom. It is a problem that will require urgent plumbing repair services to prevent additional plumbing issues such as floods, mold growth, and water damage.

A hired plumber cleans the drains using either a plumber auger, high-pressure, or chemical techniques. The high-water pressure technique is the most effective in removing all the dirt and clogs in the shower drain.

Blocked Shower Heads

Local homeowners can also have clogged showerhead issues due to blocked faucets. The showerheads might accumulate calcium and magnesium deposits that clog them, preventing the free flow of water from the shower faucets.

To remedy the problem, you will need prompt plumbing repair services such as cleaning the water pipes and showerheads.

The plumber can suggest water softeners in the plumbing system that connects to the municipal water to prevent future blockage. Replacing the showerheads with high efficient ones in the market is another option for dealing with the clog.

Awful Odor in the Shower

When taking a shower and you notice a nasty and irritating smell in the water, it is a sign that mold could be growing inside the water supply pipes. A clog in the water lines can also be the reason behind the nasty odor, especially if your house has hard water that corrodes the pipes and leads to mineral accumulation that lasts for a while.

A plumber providing quality and skilled plumbing repair services can solve the problem of the smelly water in the shower. The expert cleans the pipes, replaces the rusting pipes with corrosion-resistant pipes like PVC, and softens the water.

The professional can also remove the mold in the pipes and disinfect the water lines to eliminate any traces of spores. Removing the mold in the pipes reduces the risk of health issues, such as allergies and respiratory problems.

Rattling Pipes

Most homes have showers with hot and cold water faucets. When the cold and hot water in your shower pipes produces a rattling sound, it is a sign they are fighting for space in the pipes. It is a shower problem that indicates a faulty mixing valve.

The shower mixing valve requires adjustment to stop the noise and get water at the required temperatures. Please do not adjust the mixing valve on your own, but call a plumbing repair service provider to professionally and skillfully do it.

Letting the professionals handle the repairs and adjustments of the shower-mixing valve protects you and your family from thermal shocks and scalding.

Leaking Shower Faucet

Folks can also have leaky shower faucets, wasting gallons of water without prompt plumbing repair services. The cause of the leaking shower heads could be due to broken or faulty inner seals, rings, or gaskets. The rings link the showerhead to the shower hose. With proper installation of the shower faucet and the hose, you will not experience leakage in the shower. The seals wear and tear after serving your home for a long time.

A plumber offering competent plumbing repair services replaces the seals, rings, and gaskets to stop the shower leaks. Better still, the expert can choose to replace the entire shower system with a more technologically advanced type like the ones with LED lights for a state-of-the-art bathroom.

Want Professional Services!

As earlier mentioned, showering is a daily routine that requires the smooth running of the shower system. If you notice any of the above problems with your shower, you should reach out to Peach Plumbing & Drain.

Our plumbing company provides excellent and superior services for clients and communities in Atlanta, GA. We also specialize in plumbing repair, replacement, and installation services. Get in touch with us today for all your plumbing woes.

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