Plumbing Repair: Key Indicators That Your Home’s Garbage Disposal System Needs Repair | Atlanta, GA

Plumbing Repair: Key Indicators That Your Home’s Garbage Disposal System Needs Repair | Atlanta, GA

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The US Environmental Protection Agency reported the average production of municipal solid waste in 2018 at 292.4 million tons, with each person allegedly contributing an estimated 4.9 pounds daily. With that in mind, it’s hard to dispute the importance of having a garbage disposal system in your Atlanta, GA, home. They’re designed to offer a convenient way to dispose of solid food waste after or during the preparation of meals. Essentially, they shred the solid waste particles keeping your home’s kitchen plumbing pipes clean and free of debris.

However, garbage disposal systems aren’t immune to standard wear and tear. While well-maintained garbage disposal can last for up to 15 years, problems may develop down the road, prompting the need for a plumbing repair service. Since most garbage disposals are often beneath kitchen sinks, you should understand some of the signs that show your home’s system may need repairs. For personal safety, always contact your local plumbing expert if you suspect that the unit’s damaged.

Awkward Noises

Garbage disposals are designed with several inherent moving parts, which is why they may produce some noise during operation. However, it may be time to contact your Atlanta, GA, plumbing repair specialist if it begins making rattling, humming, or screeching sounds. The sound of a metal-to-metal grind should also not be taken lightly since it may be a sign that the system may be gradually failing.

Rattling and screeching noises often indicate that there could be something trapped between the blades such as a piece of cutlery. Regardless, you should never attempt to dislodge any foreign object from the systems since you risk injuring yourself or further damaging the unit. Your local plumbing professional can provide comprehensive solutions based on your situation.

Mysterious Drainage Clogs

A problem with your home’s garbage disposal as well as plumbing system may result in drain clogs. Drain blockages can put your health at risk, which is why if the system has any persistent issues, they should be addressed immediately, with the help of a qualified plumbing repair technician.

You may begin noticing frequent kitchen drain clogs if you installed a small unit that’s struggling to effectively satisfy your household needs. Besides that, drainage clogs within the kitchen’s plumbing may become more rampant if the garbage disposal’s blades are worn out, thereby allowing large chunks of solid food waste to enter the drainage system.

Irrespective of the reason, your local plumbing service provider can help inspect the system and remedy the situation. If the plumbing seems fine, you should probably consider finding larger garbage disposal for your home.

Consistent Resets

The reset button on your home’s garbage disposal is meant to help it recover from unusual situations, which may include large loads or blockages. It essentially keeps the unit from overheating under such circumstances. If your kitchen’s garbage disposal shuts down while in action, pressing the reset button could bring it back up.

However, if you find that you have to press the reset button too many times to keep the system working, then you may need to schedule a plumbing repair service to have it fixed. Such scenarios indicate that the system may be aging or has damaged or loose wiring. Whichever the case, don’t hesitate to contact your plumbing repair expert for comprehensive and timely solutions.

No Electrical Power

Your home’s garbage disposal system may need prompt repairs if it can’t seem to turn on or it frequently goes off during operation. This problem may sometimes go away after you press the unit’s reset button. However, if it doesn’t, then it may have tripped the circuit breaker.

If you discover that there’s nothing wrong with your home electrical system, you may need to contact a professional plumbing service provider since your garbage disposal may be working on a worn-out motor. Your technician can either repair or replace it depending on the extent of the damage.

Strange and Persistent Odors

Besides drainage issues, a strange and persistent odor coming from your home’s kitchen sink also denotes a problem with the garbage disposal system. This situation may arise when there are some food particles stuck inside the unit. Under such circumstances, the blades may be rotating improperly or jammed due to gradual wear and tear.

As these food particles slowly begin to decompose, the strange smell may slowly begin to manifest inside the system, eventually finding its way into your residence. Consequently, your home’s indoor air quality may diminish, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if you have guests in your home.

Therefore, a nasty and persistent odor coming from the kitchen sink should prompt you to seek professional plumbing repair services.

Water Leaks

As time passes, water may slowly begin to seep through the tiny spaces found between the sections where your home’s garbage disposal connects to the plumbing infrastructure.

Such leaks can be identified by the presence of puddles under the sink, small pools on the floor near the sink’s cabinet, and drips coming from the garbage disposal system. Distinguishing between a normal sink leak and disposal or dishwasher links can be quite difficult, which is why you should seek help from a well-trained plumbing repair technician.

Subpar Performance

An efficient garbage disposal should be able to break down solid food waste particles quickly and effectively. However, if the system is aged, it may take longer to perform this function. Under such circumstances, a repair or replacement service may be inevitable.

When a unit’s taking excessively long to process solid food waste, it’s often due to the wear and tear of the blades, which reduces their efficiency in cutting up large chunks of food. Alternatively, your home’s garbage disposal may begin to perform poorly if its motor is damaged. Regardless, you should immediately contact your local plumbing repair service provider for a comprehensive assessment along with repair or replacement solutions.

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The garbage disposal unit in your Atlanta, GA, residence is vital in protecting your plumbing system from frequent clogs, which can sometimes pose serious health risks. Therefore, you should contact the professionals at Peach Plumbing & Drain whenever you suspect that it may be damaged. Our technicians are available around the clock to help resolve your home’s garbage disposal problems.

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