Plumbing Repair Services | Atlanta, GA

Plumbing Repair Services | Atlanta, GA

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Even the best-maintained home in Atlanta will need a plumbing repair at some point. But if you do not know a good plumber then who do you turn to?

You could search on the internet by typing in “Plumber near me”, but you are going to get many results. Do you take a potluck and pick one at random? You should filter out those with many satisfied customers who have left five-star ratings. Once you have done that there is a good chance that you will come across Peach Plumbing & Drain of Atlanta. This is because we have a reputation for high-quality work at affordable prices. The people of Atlanta, GA can depend on Peach Plumbing for any plumbing repair.

Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Plumbing Repair

Burst Pipe

This is one of the major reasons for people calling a plumber. A burst pipe can quickly cause considerable damage to your home, so it is important to be able to locate and turn off the main water supply valve in your home. If you do not know where the valve is then please find out after you have read this article. Quick action can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding damage to flooring, carpets, furniture, and the buildings’ structure. Even if you are insured, it can be a long and stressful experience waiting for your home to dry and repairs begin.

It is also a good idea to turn off your electricity supply, water and electricity do not mix very well, and you want to avoid the risk of electrocution to yourself and others. Once your home is safely secured, call Peach Plumbing, we are on-hand 24 hours a day for any plumbing repair.

Sewer Line Is Backing Up

If your sewer line is blocked or damaged for any reason any wastewater from your home is unable to reach the main sewer network. It has only one place to go and that’s back in your home. Most of us have experienced clogs in our pipework when our sinks, bathtubs, and showers take longer and longer to drain. If there is a problem with the sewer line all these will all likely have standing water in them. You may even see discolored water gurgling back into the sink, with a strong smell of sewage.

This is a serious health problem, and you need an emergency plumbing repair. Call Peach Plumbing as we have a technician fully equipped to locate the source of any blockage or damage. The Atlanta, GA technician will be able to see inside the pipe with a sewer camera so you will know exactly what is wrong and be able to make an informed choice as to what happens next.

Toilet Is Blocked and Overflowing

If you have been flushing unsuitable materials down the toilet, like wet wipes, Kleenex tissues, or sanity towels, it should come as no surprise that blockages occur. We at Peach advise that you should only flush water, toilet paper, human waste, or gentle cleaners down the toilet. Other materials cannot dissolve easily in water and will cause a blockage if not flushed away quickly.

If your toilet is overflowing, please do not attempt to clean this mess up yourself, as you run the risk of serious infection. Our technicians carry protective clothing to keep them safe from all germs and bacteria.

Standing Water Around Your Home

If you see puddles of water permanently forming around the outside of your home, you could have a slab leak. There are other signs such as having your lawn looking green and lush during a dry spell. If it is a slab leak, then you need an emergency plumbing repair.

The slab leak is caused by the water and sewer lines under your home, becoming damaged and leaking. If the leak occurs enters the slab, then the water will be causing structural damage and may even lead to your home collapsing if you ignore the problem. In the past whole floors and gardens needed to be dug up searching for the leak. We at Peach Plumbing have the latest equipment to correctly find the source of the leak, without turning your home and garden into a building site.

Water Heater Repairs

A cold shower is not the best way to start your day. It sounds like there is something wrong with your water heater. Before you call Peach for a plumbing repair, first check the circuit breaker. If you have a gas-powered heater check if the gas supply has been turned off for some reason. Without hot water for cleaning or cooking, life can soon start to get unpleasant. You need a plumbing repair service that will react swiftly, turn up on time and fix the problem quickly, you need Peach Plumbing.

If your water heater is over ten years old and starting to give you problems, it may need replacing. If it is struggling to cope when several water appliances are on, it needs upgrading to one with a larger capacity. Buying an undersized unit will only cause you endless irritation when it fails to deliver the amount of hot water you require. In this case, the purchase will be a waste of money. To avoid this happening let Peach Plumbing help you with selecting the right unit for you. We have many years of experience in installing new water heaters.

Whatever new unit you decide to buy we highly recommend that you have your water heater regularly maintained. A service will ensure that the water heater is running safely and running as energy efficient as possible, lowering your utility bills.

Standing Out From the Rest – A Quality Plumbing Repair Service

Most plumbing companies claim to provide the best service for the cheapest price but only Peach Plumbing & Drain will deliver on that promise. We offer upfront and honest pricing with no hidden charges. Professionalism and turning up for appointments on time are very important to us. We have spent many years earning the trust of the people of Atlanta, GA and we will not let you down.

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