Plumbing Repair Services: Warning Signs Indicating A Possible Gas Leak In Your Home | Atlanta, GA

Plumbing Repair Services: Warning Signs Indicating A Possible Gas Leak In Your Home | Atlanta, GA

About half of the homes in the United States use natural gas for water and space heating, cooking, and drying clothes. Like all energy sources, natural gas can be lethal when not handled properly.

It could become unsafe because of loose connections between the gas line and specific appliances or old age. Exposure to high levels of natural gas can be harmful, resulting in explosions, decreased energy levels, and even the release of carbon monoxide.

As a homeowner, you need to know and recognize signs of a gas leak, and once you note a possible gas leak, you should seek a qualified plumber to make the necessary plumbing repairs. Continue reading to learn more about signs that indicate you have a gas leak in your Atlanta, GA home.

Rotten Egg Smell

Natural gas has no odor or color in its raw form. For safety reasons, utility companies add a chemical called mercaptan to give it a distinctive smell that’s hard to miss. Combined with natural gas, it produces an odor that smells like rotten eggs or Sulphur. This makes it easier for homeowners to detect a gas leak early.

The higher the concentration of this rotten smell, the greater the possibility of a gas leak. If you sniff any of these odors in your home, you should immediately leave the house and request plumbing repair services from a reputable company in your area.

Sickness and Fatigue

Once exposed to low levels of natural gas, you may experience headaches, fatigue, irregular breathing, nausea, and dizziness. However, the symptoms are more severe for those exposed to high levels of gas poisoning.

They may suffer severe headaches, loss of consciousness, memory issues, loss of concentration, nausea, suffocation, and fatigue. If you feel sick or abnormal and exhibit the above signs immediately, contact a health professional to determine if you have gas poisoning.

Dead or Dying Plants

If you have been taking good care of your indoor and outdoor plants and they are wilting or dead for no reason, you could have a gas leak in your home. The plant’s roots cannot absorb oxygen when exposed to natural gas.

Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, the plants and grass will wilt. One of the noticeable signs of a gas leak you should look out for is yellow grass and dead leaves. If your plants are dying for no explainable reason despite taking good care of them, you should consider having a plumber in Atlanta, GA inspect the gas lines for any issues. Although it sounds silly, it’s better to be safe by ensuring you don’t have gas leaks in your house.

Hissing or Whistling Sounds

If your pipes or home appliances release large amounts of gas, they produce a hissing sound even when you’re not using them. It’s wise you check your appliances and pipes from time to time for hissing and whistling noises.

Once you have identified the general area, you can use the soapy water leak test to determine the exact source of the leak before seeking plumbing repair services.

Higher-than-Normal Gas Usage

Have you noticed a sudden abnormal rise in your gas bills in the past month? If yes, there is a high possibility your gas is leaking. Sometimes the gas leaks are slow, and it can be hard to notice them, but they may be evident in your gas bills.

Gas usage can increase for various reasons, but if you can’t explain the sudden rise in gas usage, you might have a gas leak in your home, and it’s time to consult a plumbing repair technician in Atlanta, GA.

Irritated Skin

A gas leak could cause you and your family to experience sudden skin irritations. If the concentration is high, you may experience numbness and blisters. In addition, if exposed to carbon monoxide for a long time, you and your family may experience skin discoloration and other issues.

Discolored Flames

Usually, a gas furnace produces a hot blue flame when turned on. A yellow or red flame could mean something wrong with your home appliances or even the gas lines and indicate carbon monoxide’s presence. Thus, you should respond swiftly in such a situation since carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas.

Statistics show that at least 430 people pass away annually in the United States from carbon monoxide poisoning, and over 50,000 visits the emergency department. It’s wise you immediately leave the house and call a plumber to come and check your gas lines.

But before rushing to request plumbing repair services, you should check if there is something that could be causing the yellow or red flames. Sometimes you could have dirty burners that may be the problem and need cleaning.

Air Bubbles Outside Your Home

Gas leaks can also take place in the underground piping just outside. Sometimes bubbles in the standing waters, such as puddles outside your home, could indicate natural gas dispersing through the soil into the atmosphere.

You should consider contacting a technician to check if you have a gas leak and conduct the necessary plumbing repairs.

White Mist or Fog in Your House

Clouds or fog in your house could indicate a ruptured gas line. Most folks are confused about the mist in their house and don’t bother seeking professional repair services. If you notice fog forming in your house, you should immediately seek plumbing repair services before the situation worsens.

Scorching or Soot

A scorching or soot in unusual places on your home appliances could be a possible sign of a gas leak. For instance, a leaking burner creates flames in unwanted places, hence the presence of soot.

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