Plumbing Service: 6 Reasons To Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning | Brookhaven, GA

Plumbing Service: 6 Reasons To Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning | Brookhaven, GA

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Oh no! That is the expression on most people’s faces when they see a pool of water in their bathtub or sink that doesn’t seem to drain. If the water is draining, it does so at a very low rate that it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. This is a source of many problems. It could attract insects and vermin while also having a massive effect on your home’s living conditions.

When dealing with a clogged drain, you only have two options, calling a plumbing service for drain cleaning in Brookhaven, GA, or using chemicals to clean the drains yourself. However, any seasoned plumber will advise you against the latter. Chemical drain cleaners have more negatives than positives. This article will take you through the five reasons to opt for professional drain cleaning services and avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

1. Environmental Hazard

Chemical cleaners are harmful to the environment. If you are environmentally conscious, avoid using chemical drain cleaning agents. You cannot go wrong with enlisting the plumbing services of a professional drain cleaner if you are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Chemical drain cleaners can damage the natural habitats nearby and wreak havoc on the surrounding environment. They might make the glass in your yard dry or even adversely affect your plumbing. When disposing of the bottles, they contain some remaining chemicals. The chemicals can become a problem when they reach the nearby landfill. Enlist the plumbing services of a professional drain cleaning to clean your drains. Try as much as possible to avoid using chemicals for cleaning your drains because of their effects on the environment.

2. Poor Efficacy

Chemical drain cleaning agents have poor efficacy. They may not work and may end up affecting your health, damaging your plumbing, and wreaking havoc on the environment for no reason. Some people pour bottles after bottles of chemical drain cleaners down the drains only to find. It did nothing at all to help in drain cleaning. Even if they clean the drains, it is a minor change and cannot be considered a total fix. When this happens, they will have to call a plumbing service, eventually. The problem is that they end up spending more than they would have, had they called the plumber in the first instance.

You should also note that these chemical drain cleaners will not remove every type of clog. For instance, some chemicals can eradicate and eliminate air buildup and grease. They cannot remove the tree roots, meaning that if the intrusion by tree roots causes the problem, regardless of the number of bottles of chemical drain cleaning agents you pour down the drain, nothing will change. You will only lose the money you bought the cleaning agent with and time.

3. Fixture Damage

When pouring the chemical drain cleaners down your drain, take care because the chemicals may damage the plumbing fixtures, especially if they reach the enamel. The chemical cleaning agents can seriously damage your plumbing if you are not careful. Unfortunately, because it is a clog, you cannot precisely determine where those chemical drain cleaning agents will end. Professional plumbing service is regarded highly.

For instance, say there are clogs in your bathtub, and the water pool has reached knee-high inside the bathtub. You can do nothing to ensure the chemical cleaning agents go down your drains and avoid your bathtub. When the chemical drain cleaner is poured into your bathtub, it mixes the whole tub with the pooled water. If you constantly rely on chemical drain cleaners, you might realize your plumbing fixtures break down prematurely.

The best way of protecting all your plumbing fixtures is by calling a plumbing service like Peach Plumbing & Drain for professional drain cleaning. Our plumbers use various equipment and tools to bypass and protect your plumbing fixtures by targeting the drains and the cause of the clog directly.

4. Corrosion of Plumbing

Chemical drain cleaners eliminate grease, hair, or anything else in the plumbing through corrosion. Chemical drain cleaning agents are strong to remove anything that might stand in their way. Regularly using them can damage and corrode the pipes to the extent that they need replacement.

Conversely, when you hire professional drain cleaning services, you will not worry about corrosion at all. Professional drain cleaning takes care of your plumbing and ensures that it remains in good shape. Our plumbers perform a video inspection during the cleaning service to learn more about your plumbing’s condition. Using modern tools, our technicians will pinpoint the clog or blockage and take the appropriate steps to remove it. They can also inspect for damage signs and undertake minor repairs. Because we do not expose your plumbing to corrosion and use industry-approved drain cleaning agents, we help extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures.

5. Health Hazard

The other advantage of hiring plumbing services for professional drain cleaning is that you do not have to worry about anything. Our skilled plumbers will ensure that everything is performed safely and properly. Our drain cleaning processes are industry-approved, ensuring health safety to you and our workers.

However, with chemical drain cleaners, you do not get these assurances. The chemical drain cleaners produce unhealthy fumes that may damage your body when inhaled. The fumes can irritate your lungs, and at worst, they are poisonous.

As indicated above, one of the main problems with chemical drain cleaning agents is their corrosive nature. When these chemicals get into contact with your body’s skin, they could make you get severe chemical burns.

6. Damaging the Septic System

The Septic system is another vital plumbing fixture that holds the wastes at your Brookhaven, GA home. They contain bacteria that break down the wastes. Using chemical drain cleaners might kill the natural bacteria inside the septic, meaning that you offset how things are supposed to happen. Repeated use of chemical drain cleaners reduces the effectiveness of the septic system, meaning you may have to repair It sooner.

Conversely, hiring a plumbing service for draining cleaning will not affect your septic system. We carefully clean your drains using tools and equipment that are environmentally friendly to ensure Your plumbing fixtures are not impacted negatively.

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Keeping your drains clean is a vital step in ensuring a clean home. However, although you may be tempted to use chemical cleaners, it is evident from the above that they are not the best choice. Although they may seem cheaper, chemical drain cleaners have many disadvantages that make them highly expensive in the long run.

Do you need plumbing services for your Brookhaven, GA commercial or residential property? Call Peach Plumbing & Drain for the best services. Our plumbers are skilled and licensed to undertake all the plumbing problems you or your company may be experiencing.

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