Plumbing Service Breaks Down The Top Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener | Buckhead, GA

Plumbing Service Breaks Down The Top Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener | Buckhead, GA

Hard water is a bane to the existence of various plumbing fixtures and appliances. Unfortunately, it can be found in some regions of the United States. It contains a high amount of dissolved minerals such as calcium, iron, sulfur, and magnesium. Hence, hard water might have several impacts on your plumbing appliances. To avoid constant repairs and replacements, you should leave nothing to chance. This means consulting your plumber for advice on ways of softening the water. You also might even change the water utility provider.

In most instances, installing a water softening system is the most viable solution. However, this also depends on the extent of the hardness of the water. However, a water softener uses processes like ion exchange to remove the predominantly many calcium ions from the water and replace them with sodium or potassium ions.

This means that you need a plumbing service to refill the water softener with salt for the ion exchange to be effective. If hard water is taking a toll on your appliances and fixtures, have a plumber in Buckhead, GA install an ion exchange water softening system. By doing this, you will experience the following benefits:

Improvement in the Water Heater Efficiency

If you have a water heater installed at your home, a plumber installing a water softener will enhance its efficiency. This is because hard water deposits sediments at the bottom of your water heater, converting the lower heating element. This interferes with the heat transfer process between the heating element and the water whenever this happens. Hence, you might experience lukewarm showers and slower hot water recovery times. This means that the water heater will also strain to heat the water, using more energy than it usually does. Hence, you might notice that the energy utility bill at the end of the month is higher than usual.

And that isn’t all. The sediments catalyze the rate of corrosion of the water heater tank. This means it will become weak and unable to withstand the constant expansion and contraction. The weakened walls develop pinhole leaks where the heated water starts flowing. All these are issues that can be addressed by softening the water. Hence, have a plumbing service provider install a water softening system to ensure that your water heater is efficient and will serve you longer.

Helps Reduce the Probability of a Skin Disease

Bathing or showering with hard water makes the skin dry. This exposes it to a wide range of dermatological conditions. As per scientific research, homeowners with water softening systems installed are at a lower risk of contracting skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Hence, a water softener is critical in helping reduce skin-related diseases. Further, soft water increases the comfort and convenience of your home. It makes your skin clear, resilient, and bouncy. Therefore, hire a professional plumbing service in Buckhead, GA, to install a water softening system at your home.

Spend Less on Soaps and Detergents

Water plays a vital role in soap and detergent use. The type of water, be it hard or soft, determines how soap will react chemically. For instance, hard water doesn’t easily form lather with soap. This means that you will use more soap for sufficient cleaning. Similarly, the appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers will spend more time properly cleaning the clothes or utensils, meaning more energy consumption.

On the other hand, soft water forms lather easily with soap. In such a way, fewer amounts of detergents and soap are used for cleaning activities. Additionally, the appliances will also perform the cleaning faster and better. The reduced soap and detergent use can go a long way in balancing your monthly budget. Therefore, a plumbing service provider has a water softener installed.

Improving the Water Taste

Health practitioners warn that drinking untreated tap water isn’t safe for your health. This is because of the many contaminants dissolved in the water. Although drinking hard water might not impact your health, it has a pungent smell and tastes and is also unhygienic. This is because it contains a collection of unwanted minerals. However, some homeowners still drink the water due to ignorance and lack of awareness.

Fortunately, a water softening system will remove the mineral impurities dissolved in the water. Some softening systems also feature a filtration and treatment system, meaning the water will be safe for drinking and cooking. To ensure that your water is safe for cooking and probably drinking, have a plumbing service provider install a water softening system at your Buckhead, GA, home.

It Could Save You Money In Maintenance

As mentioned above, water softeners remove the hardness-causing minerals from the water. Water heaters are the most affected by sediment accumulation. It impacts the heating efficiency and also contributes to corrosion. Hence, by installing a water softener, you will have protected your water heater from considerable damage. This means you won’t need to keep calling a plumber to have the unit flushed or serviced now and then.

Besides maintenance repairs, a water softening system can also help you with a marked reduction in the electricity utility bills. When you use soft water, appliances such as the washing machine and the water heater work effectively, consuming considerably less electrical energy.

Additionally, when a plumbing service provider installs a water softener at your home, it will remove some undesirable particles known to result in clogging of the pipes. This means the appliances might function efficiently, resulting in more energy consumption.

Reduced Water Line Repairs Costs

Have you noticed you are using money to repair the water line? Then maybe the culprit is the hard water. Some minerals dissolved in hard water are notorious for clogging the piles. This directly impacts the flow of water to various outlets at your home. A water softening system is a preventative maintenance solution to plumbing issues. Hence, a plumbing service provider should install one at your home.

Reliable and Competent Plumbers

A water softening system doesn’t just soften the water. It also protects the other components of the plumbing system. Hence, by having a plumbing service for installing this system, you stand to reap all the benefits above. Do you need a water softener installed at your home? Contact us at Peach Plumbing & Drain, your professional plumbing service provider.

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