Plumbing Service Opinion Of The Ultraviolet Water Filtration And Sterilization System | Brookhaven, GA

Plumbing Service Opinion Of The Ultraviolet Water Filtration And Sterilization System | Brookhaven, GA

Getting pure, healthy, and safe drinking water requires additional measures that include water treatment or filtration systems to remove all the impurities. It is wise to know the type of water that runs through your plumbing system for cooking, drinking, and other sanitary demands in your Brookhaven, GA, house. Your water source determines the types of water filters to improve its quality for consumption.

You can opt to have one or a combination of the filtration units, including reverse osmosis, distillation, ion exchange, chlorination, or ultraviolet light, with the help of a plumbing service expert with experience and intensive knowledge of the water filtration systems.

In this masterpiece, the focus is on the ultraviolet water sterilization and filtration system. It uses mercury arc lamps to generate ultraviolet radiation to kill or deactivate bacteria and pathogens in water.

Before installing the ultraviolet filters, a plumbing service provider can evaluate your water supply for suspected pollutants. The professional can also test the efficiency of the UV filters in eliminating the bacteria, viruses, and cysts in the water. Let’s read on to know the pros and cons of UV water filters.

Advantages of the UV Filtration Unit


The UV light water filters effectively remove waterborne pathogens to make the water clean and safe for drinking and cooking. With proper installation by a plumber, UV radiation destroys the ability of a cell to reproduce, killing or destroying 99.99 percent of the viruses and bacteria in your water.

Its effectiveness is dependent on the intensity of the radiation, reactor configuration, nature of the water, and the exposure time of the waterborne pathogens to UV light radiation.

Therefore, a plumbing service provider from a trustworthy plumbing company ensures the intensity of the UV light filters is high for you to get the best possible outcome and safe water for use and drinking.

No Chemicals

People prefer ultraviolet light in treating water because they do not require chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and chloramine to disinfect water.

Not using chemicals in the sterilization process makes the system the best because it does not change the taste of your drinking water. So, if you are the type that values the taste of water, get a plumbing service expert to help you get the best for installation as soon as possible.

Environmentally Friendly

Since the water filtration system does not use chemicals, it is the best option that cannot cause harm to your environment. The UV light sterilization does not handle or generate any toxic fumes or chemicals that can harm the ozone layer or aquatic, animal, or human life.

Therefore, the best option for environmentalists. So, if you value your surroundings and all that is in them, you can get a plumber to install the ultraviolet filtration system in your Brookhaven, GA, residence.


Ultraviolet light filters are cost-effective compared to other water filtration units such as reverse osmosis, water softeners, oxidizing filters, and neutralizing filtration. The mercury arc lamps use low wattage of electricity to produce radiation that treats gallons of water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning in a household.

The power receptacles are conveniently available in stores for the mercury arc lamps, making them affordable for you since it requires annual replacements. If you factor in the installation and maintenance costs for the plumbing service professionals, the system is still affordable.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Furthermore, folks love ultraviolet filters because of their ease of installation. The plumbing service provider can install the unit in a well-lit and dry area for better performance.

Installing the equipment close to the point of use in your water supply system is straightforward and can take less time to complete. The hired plumber can also tune up your ultraviolet system by changing the lamp and the quartz sleeve annually.

Disadvantages of the Ultraviolet Filters

Need for Power

One of the setbacks of using the ultraviolet sterilization or water treatment unit is the need for electricity. If you are in a place without electricity, don’t even bother calling a plumber to get the system.

Unless you have a backup electricity source like a generator, the ultraviolet system is not for you. So, whenever there is an outage in your area, you risk taking untreated water if you have the ultraviolet filtration system because it has no storage unit for clean water.

Not 100 Percent Effective

Another drawback of the UV filters is removing only 99 percent of illness-causing pathogens, including polio, cholera, viruses, bacteria, and typhoid fevers.

Other contaminants such as lead, nitrates, iron, sodium, and micro-organisms do not react to the high-intensity radiation, implying your water is not as clean as you think.

For that reason, a plumbing service expert can recommend installing a reverse osmosis filter at the point of entry to get rid of most pollutants and the ultraviolet sterilization unit at the usage point.

Cannot Shut Down the UV Light

People with ultraviolet light cannot know when it is enough to shut it off or even tell if it is working because of its invisible nature. So, when the unit stops functioning, the plumbing service technician has to test various aspects to pinpoint and diagnose the actual problem.

We Are Here to Address Your Water Filtration Needs!

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Our skilled, talented, qualified, and certified plumbing service professionals use up-to-date technological tools to address plumbing problems that include repairs, installations, and replacements. If you also need emergency services for urgent plumbing issues, we are available all round the clock.

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