Plumbing Service Tips: Proactive Maintenance Is The Proper Way To Care For Your Plumbing System | Atlanta, GA

Plumbing Service Tips: Proactive Maintenance Is The Proper Way To Care For Your Plumbing System | Atlanta, GA

When you are responsible for a home, it is best to get a leg up on any future needed repairs, by hiring preventive maintenance professionals to maintain and care for your plumbing system and other appliances, you are essentially being proactive in your home care. Proactive care is always better than being reactive. Proactive care is the act of caring for something regardless of any malfunctions or how well it works. Reactive care only occurs after something occurs. If you need a plumber for any reason and live in the Atlanta, GA, area, contact the staff at Peach Plumbing & Drain to schedule plumbing service today.

Why Is Proactive Maintenance Plumbing Service better than Reactive Plumbing?

Proactive plumbing care addresses issues before they have even occurred. It can help reduce the number of malfunctions you experience and even prevent some from occurring. Unfortunately, plumbing issues may still occur. In that case, proactive maintenance may actually decrease the negative impact a malfunction may have procured, had there not been any maintenance done on it before. This is due to the fact that proactive maintenance plumbing service, ensures your plumbing system and appliances are operating at their maximum performance. Plumbing systems that are running efficiently can withstand a few plumbing malfunctions without totally falling apart or affecting other areas of the plumbing. If you were to only care for your plumbing system when something occurs, chances are, other parts of your plumbing system will become affected and receive no maintenance until a noticeable malfunction occurs. This is not a smart way of caring for such an important part of your home. If you live in or around the Atlanta, GA, area, and are in need of professional plumbing services, contact the staff at Peach Plumbing & d\Drain to schedule preventive maintenance today.

Preventive plumbing cannot prevent all plumbing malfunctions from occurring. Paying attention and being aware of your plumbing system can also reduce the chances of experiencing a major plumbing malfunction. Understanding the signs of plumbing failure and contacting the appropriate professionals for plumbing services will help prevent malfunctions from seriously screwing up your plumbing system.

What to Look For

Water Heater Issues

The water heater is a vital component of the plumbing system. Although we technically can do without a hot water heater and survive, it is not ideal in this day and age. Almost every home in the U.S comes with a hot water heater. A home without a properly functioning water heater will be significantly devalued. A well-working and efficient water heater can raise the selling value of your home and make living in it more enjoyable. If your plumbing system is equipped with a water heater, not having a functional one will cause other issues to occur. If you recognize any water heater issues contact your local plumbing service provider for urgent repair and inspection service.

Common issues associated with water heater malfunctions include temperature issues, noises, water discoloration, and leakage. All of these issues must be addressed by a professional plumbing provider in order to ensure they do not cause more serious problems for you and your property.

Water heater temperature issues can be a product of thermostat or electricity issues. If your hot water is not hot enough or if it is too hot, you may want to simply adjust the thermostat. The thermostat should always remain between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than 120 degrees is susceptible to bacterial growth. Anything higher than 140 degrees can be dangerous and can even burn you. The sweet spot for water heater temperatures is between these two numbers. If you have adjusted the temperature and are still facing temperature issues, contact your local plumbing service provider for immediate repair.

If you hear noises coming from your water heating appliance, it may not be any cause for concern. A plumbing system is far from quiet. It is common to hear the whooshing of a toilet flush or water trickling in the pipes. However, it is not normal to hear loud or banging sounds stemming from your plumbing system. If you hear strange noises in your plumbing system, contact your local plumbing service provider for immediate inspection and repair.

Discoloration in your hot water could be an indication that something rusty has fallen into your water heater tank, thus causing the water to become brown or reddish in hue. This is not safe to drink or use and should be addressed urgently.

Leaks are another serious, yet common malfunction that occurs with water heating appliances. If your water heater tank has sprung a leak, you will need urgent repair. The longer this issue is allowed to persist, the more damage and problems you will have on your property. Water heater tank leaks can cause flooding, water waste, molding, insect infestation, and more. If you have access to the water shut-off valve in your home and can reach it safely, you should use it when a water heater tank leak occurs. This can prevent water waste and reduce the amount of damage that occurs as a result of this malfunction. If you live in or around the area and are in need of professional plumbing repair or inspection, contact the staff at Peach Plumbing and Drain to schedule service today.

Clogs and Back-Ups

Other plumbing problems you should be aware of include issues that typically occur in the drainage portion of your plumbing system. Clogs are quite common but should be addressed professionally when they occur. Drainage backups are also common but do not occur nearly as much as clogs do. Drainage backups must be addressed urgently for emergency repair. Although clogs can be fixed or alleviated with DIY methods, back-ups, cannot. When dealing with a clog or a backup, it is best to contact your local professional plumbing service provider for inspection and repair. DIY chemical clog removers such as Drano can actually do more damage than good, by damaging the pipes and neglecting to rid the drain of the clog entirely.


When it comes to your plumbing system, it is best to air on the side of caution and follow your plumbing provider’s suggestions. Experts recommend having your plumbing system serviced at least once a year to reduce malfunctions and check for any anomalies. If you live in or around the Atlanta, GA, area, and are in need of professional plumbing services, contact the staff at Peach Plumbing & Drain for assistance today.

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