Residential Plumbing: Common Plumbing Issues In Bathrooms | Atlanta, GA

Residential Plumbing: Common Plumbing Issues In Bathrooms | Atlanta, GA

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Bathrooms have become one of the rooms in a home that owners use for grooming daily. Additionally, to increase the value of your house in Atlanta, GA, you can design your bathroom with many aesthetic tiles and plumbing fixtures. However, a defective bathroom plumbing system can be a health hazard and inconveniencing factor inside your home. Filthy and dirty tubs, toilets, and sinks can arise from clogged drains, and they require immediate plumbing repair services to ensure they are functional again.

Functional fixtures, drain pipes, and faucets are for sufficient water supply and proper drainage of wastewater. Plumbing problems in your bathroom can be minor or severe, which can cause indoor floods that can destroy property structures and lead to more expensive repairs and replacements. To prevent damages to your well-constructed walls, valuable personal belongings, and floors, you should know some of the bathroom plumbing issues that include:

Leaking Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Flanges

Leaky faucets and pipes connected to tubs, showerheads, and bathroom sinks can cause water loss in the long run without you noticing. For instance, one drop of water from a leaky faucet per second may account for almost 3000 gallons of water wasted annually.

You may find it challenging to notice leaking pipes, hence needing a skilled and experienced plumbing repair expert. They use tools and state-of-the-art technological equipment to check if the pipes in your bathroom plumbing system are leaking.

During a regular maintenance procedure, the plumber can detect leakages as they inspect the entire plumbing system in your residential property. This problem is more experienced in the winter season because of the frozen water in the pipes. The freezing water can lead to cracking pipes, thus the water leakage. Pipe corrosion, excessive water pressure, and stubborn clogs can also burst the pipes and leak water through the floors and walls.

A loose toilet flange can also leak, causing significant damage to the surrounding area if not immediately fixed by an expert. Having a licensed and insured plumbing contractor fix or replace the pipes and toilet flange will prevent irreparable issues to your property, furniture, floor, and walls.

Running Toilets

Toilets are essential for home health since they transport human waste from the house to the sewer pits. Keeping toilets clean depends on functional plumbing and drainage systems.

Running toilet problems occur due to a faulty flapper valve that controls the water that flows to the toilet bowl from its tank, hence the need for a plumbing repair service provider. They can also result from the build-up of sediments and minerals in the cistern tank, which affects the proper flushing of the toilets.

Running toilets can make you incur additional water bills because they trigger water wastage. Plumbing services are necessary to reduce running water and silent leakages. You should look for a reputable plumber to investigate, diagnose, and fix the running toilet problem before it aggravates.

Slow Draining Tubs

A bathtub is one of the bathroom fixtures that help you to bathe in a relaxing and comfortable way. Having a properly installed and beautiful tub in your home can increase the aesthetic value of your property. However, slow draining tubs can be a nuisance and require immediate plumbing repair services from a professional plumber.

The slow drain may be caused by dirt, soap, and debris-blocked drain pipes. A hired plumbing repair expert can check the drainage system of your bathtub and resolve the clogging issue using advanced tools and equipment to remove the built-up hairs and dirt.

Malfunctioning Water Heater

Some residential property owners prefer using hot showers during winter. It’s always annoying when you’re set for a hot shower and boom! Ice-cold water slams on your back.

Getting professional help from a reliable plumber who will identify the crisis and fix it can help you evade problems associated with taking cold baths, including shivering and Pneumonia.

The plumbing repair services will include troubleshooting the thermostat and the pilot light. The plumber from a reputable plumbing company should also mend loose and faulty components of the water heating system in your home.

Clogged Shower Drainage

According to your preference, you can talk to a plumber to install a single-piece, three-piece, or multi-piece drain to remove the gray water from your bathroom. Clogged shower drains make wastewater flow slowly or stagnate on the bathroom floor.

The blockage could be due to pouring hot oil or wastewater with food waste, soap, hairs, and debris down the outlet pipe. The stagnant water can also be a health hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitoes, hence it requires the immediate attention of a plumbing repair service provider.

Without on-time repairs, the water can flood to other rooms in your house in Atlanta, GA causing substantial property damage. To prevent issues such as standing water due to blockage of the shower drains, you should hire a trained and experienced plumber to offer routine shower drain cleaning services to avoid costly plumbing repair solutions and replacements.

Low Water Pressure From Faucets

If you are used to high water pressure when bathing, showering, or brushing your teeth in the bathroom, you will know there is a problem when the pressure is low. A build-up of calcium and sediments in the pipes, hidden leakages, and pipe corrosion can lead to low water pressure.

You should reach out to a trusted and skilled plumber to check the water supply and the entire plumbing system to detect the cause of the reduced water pressure. The plumbing repair services are necessary to restore the water pressure for fast and comfortable use in tubs, sinks, and toilets.

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