Should I Call A Plumbing Service Immediately When I Notice A Leak? | Buckhead, GA

Should I Call A Plumbing Service Immediately When I Notice A Leak? | Buckhead, GA

The most important thing for any homeowner, besides the family’s comfort and happiness, is maintaining their house’s integrity. Unfortunately, in the quest to ensure that the home is in top condition and the family is taken care of, most homeowners do not take the minor signs seriously or, at other times, even notice them. In most cases, thinking about plumbing issues is because of a total breakdown or a non-functioning part that interferes with the daily running of the household.

Leaking pipes are a significant occurrence in many homesteads. Although they are thought not to cause much damage, they can disintegrate your Buckhead, GA home and affect the resale value of your house. Therefore, if you have noticed water patches around the compound or in your house resulting from leaking pipes, it is advisable to seek a reliable plumbing service immediately. Since water leaks have adverse impacts, this article will outline some consequences to help you understand the damage caused by minor leaks. Additionally, it will help you know why contacting a plumbing expert immediately after noticing the leak is crucial.

Mold and Fungal Growth

Water leaks, especially those left unattended for long, leave moisture in their environs. Even when a plumbing service expert fixes the water leak, the moisture does not dry immediately. This moisture-ridden environment left behind by the water leak offers a conducive environment for mold and fungus to grow in your home.

Mold and fungal growth in your house have many hazardous effects on your health. As the mold grows, it releases spores that get into your home’s air supply and pollute it. Their contact with water accelerates their growth, increasing and contaminating your air supply. Once these spores get into your house, it is only a matter of time before they find their way into your body.

Some health effects spores can cause include sneezing, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, and coughing. Additionally, if someone has a weak immune system, such as a preexisting breathing condition, spores can cause dire health complications. Consequently, mold and fungus growth can be especially harmful to families with infants as it poses the possibility of them developing asthma. Therefore, if you see fungus or mold in your house, contact a plumber as it could be an underlying water damage problem.

Wood Rotting

Most of the water supply and plumbing pipes are located beneath the floorboards of a house. Unfortunately, once these pipes start to leak, the first point of contact is the floorboards and wood surrounding them. The water thus causes the wood to warp. Therefore, if you notice out-of-place wooden bumps on the floor or rotten pieces of floorboards, it is an indication that there might be a leaking pipe somewhere. Your immediate action should be to call a plumbing service so that the pipe is located and repaired to prevent further damage.

Paint and Wallpaper Peeling

Leaking pipes can also affect walls, wallpaper, and paints. If you notice your paint peeling off or your plywood is delaminated, this is an indication that there is a leaky pipe. Therefore, you need a plumbing service technician to locate and repair it as soon as possible.

Structural Damage

The other significant consequence of having a water leak in your home is that it causes substantial structural damage. In addition to mold and fungus growth causing health impacts to your family, it also damages the structure of your house. Unfortunately, most people do not seek plumbing service experts’ help until it is already advanced.

The most noticeable signs of mold damage are streaking along the wall, discoloration, and staining your surfaces. This occurs when a leaking pipe, either hidden or exposed, leaks water on drywall, making it warp and swell. When left unattended for too long, the mold, fungus, and wall swelling affect the wall’s structural integrity. In extreme situations, this can advance to causing a hole in the wall. As you do not want to go this far for your Buckhead, GA home, get in touch with a plumbing service immediately at the first sign of mold.

Drives Down Property Value

As a homeowner, you want your property value to remain top-notch. Even if your intention is not to resell the property, it is one of your investments, and its value is essential. However, your home’s value can be reduced by water leaks. If not fixed in earnest, an evaluator can pick up prolonged water damage effects even after fixing the issue. When property inspectors are performing an evaluation, they can pick up underlying plumbing issues and especially water leaks. This automatically affects your bargaining power hence bringing down your final selling price. However, all this can be avoided by continuously inspecting your house for leaks and having a plumber fix any present ones in earnest.

How to Detect the Water Leaks

Since we have outlined the consequences of leaking pipes, we must know the sign to look out for. These signs that suggest your home has water damage include:

Strange Odor

Leaking water often leaves behind a specific smell in the air. However, it could be a mixture of insufficient air circulation and a rotting smell. Therefore, if you are experiencing a new musty scent in the house, there is a water leak somewhere.

Sagging Ceiling and Walls

Pipe leaks or bursts cause water accumulation in the nearest surface or spot. Therefore, if an overhead pipe starts to leak, it deposits that water on the ceiling, causing the ceiling to sack the water and sag. Although it may not be obvious at first, it will become evident as more water leaks and affects the structural integrity of the section.

Discoloration of Walls

The other sign of water damage in your home is a yellow or white stain on the wall. Discoloration of walls indicates a hidden leaking pipe that needs fixing by a plumbing service expert.

Getting in Touch with the Experts

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