Signs Your Water Line Requires The Immediate Attention Of A Water Line Repair Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Signs Your Water Line Requires The Immediate Attention Of A Water Line Repair Plumber | Atlanta, GA

Your home has two essential plumbing systems; the sewer line and the water line. The water line is the vital system that delivers clean water from your supplier to your home. The sewer line clears or drains the wastewater from your home to the septic tank or the municipal sewer line. Although your water line is designed to last for some time, the plumbing fixture tends to age and might develop fractures or cracks and corrosion.

This may result in leakages at your Atlanta, GA home. Homeowners need professional assistance from a reliable plumber for water line repair or replacements whenever such a problem arises.

However, the main issue with your water line is detecting when they’ll need a repair is a challenge since they are buried underground or out of sight. This might result in water leaks that, if left unresolved, might result in various problems at home. The following signs can help you know whether the services of a water line repair company are necessary for your home.

Sudden Increase in Water Bills

Your water bill remains more or less the same every month or year if the plumbing system is performing optimally. After all, the water expenses are calculated based on the amount of water you’ve consumed. Start receiving a water bill having an unusually high figure, without any significant addition in water consumption or the number of family members. This should be a cause for concern. Substantial leakages in the water pipes might be a possible explanation for the high water bills.

Because of aging, the pipes might develop cracks and start leaking, making you use excess water and hiking the water bills. This problem can be resolved by enlisting the help of a professional water line expert. These professionals use modern and advanced technologies like leak detection equipment and inspection cameras to address any of your repair needs.

Growth Mildew and Molds

If your water line is damaged, the walls and floors of your home or garage are bound to become soggy and wet. Damp walls and floors might create favorable conditions for the growth of mold and mildew. Molds are a particular risk to your home. If inhaled, they might cause respiratory inflammation and headaches.

They are also particularly harmful to people with pre-existing respiratory conditions like asthma. Overall, this means that the growth of mold and mildew at home might cause both hygiene and health issues for you and your family.

The two also produce an awful odor like that of rotten eggs in your home. To prevent the growth of mildew and molds, enlist the services of a reputable plumber to inspect your water line and conduct various water line repairs for your Atlanta, GA home. The plumber will use their training and experience in combination with their advanced tools to remove the molds and mildew from your home.

They have the proper protective gear to protect them from mold spores and have medical insurance covers to help settle medical expenses in case of any injury or sickness developed when at work. This shields you from having to foot the bills.

Structural Damage to Your Home

A leaking water line spells disaster to your home. When the leaking water finds its way towards your home’s surface, it puts your home’s foundation under threat. The leaks also weaken the structure of your home’s floor and walls. The floors and walls might start cracking or even weaken your home’s structure, especially when the soil on top of which your home rests becomes weak.

To keep your home safe from any severe damage, ensure you enlist a professional plumber to regularly inspect the water line for any damages and repair them after a diagnosis. This ensures your home has a seamless supply of clean water.

Unusual Damp Areas in Your Home

Do you see sudden soggy spots around your home that you cannot explain? It might be because of the damages to your water line. Due to various reasons, like tree root intrusion, freezing of water inside the water pipe, and clogs that might cause fractures or cracks on your water line, this plumbing fixture might spring leaks. The water begins escaping to the surface from the water line.

The damp spots at your home are signs of problems brewing beneath that might become a significant problem in the waterline, and you must have them addressed quickly. A professional water line repair technician can help you resolve this issue through water line inspections and trenchless repairs or replacements.

Puddles in the Yard

The most easily detectable and common sign that your water line has undergone some damage is the presence of pools or puddles in your yard. Like the grass, muddy patches on your yard’s vegetation are also another sign. The water line connects from the street to your home and traverses through the yard.

Whenever there’s a leak, the water makes its way up to the surface of your yard, and you will notice the issue in the form of water puddles or pools that are unexplainable. Contact a professional plumbing service to come and fix the problems with your water line. The puddles might make your yard turn unsightly by discoloring the vegetation and producing a foul smell because of the decaying organic matter.

Reduced Water Pressure

It isn’t a big issue when the water pressure in all your faucets and taps is always low. However, is there an abrupt decline in water pressure, it might be alarming. A water leak is a usual culprit when it comes to decreased water pressure at your home. If the water piping spring leaks, it means there are some areas of your home which do not receive the usual amount of water. Low water pressure results in high energy bills, affecting your financial fortunes adversely. Enlist the services of a water line repair professional to inspect and resolve this problem before you incur high water utility and energy bills.

Reputable Water Line Repair Professionals in Atlanta, GA

Enlisting a water line repair expert to check your water line routinely is highly critical. If the water line is old and has not been maintained for several years, it might become fatal for your health and your home. Ensure your water line is repaired by enlisting the highly trained water line repair technician from Peach Plumbing & Drain today. Call us today for any plumbing service, including water line repair and installation.

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