Silent Signs That Show You Need To Contact An Emergency Plumber Immediately | Sandy Springs, GA

Silent Signs That Show You Need To Contact An Emergency Plumber Immediately | Sandy Springs, GA

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As a proud homeowner, you probably do everything in your power to avoid facing a plumbing emergency. However, as you may have probably noticed already, plumbing issues are seemingly unavoidable.

You can tell when your home is experiencing some plumbing problems. For instance, if your home has leaking faucets or a running toilet, the pitter-patter of the drops of water and the swirling noises coming from your bathroom may tell you that you may need to contact a professional plumber near you.

However, some plumbing problems may be reticent, making them remain undetected for a long time. Such issues can wreak havoc on your home, costing you a pretty penny in plumbing and water damage repair costs.

Therefore, to help you know when to contact an emergency plumber in Sandy Springs, GA, below’s a list of some of the silent signs that hint towards an impending plumbing emergency.

Low Water Pressure in Several Outlets

Low water pressure is a relatively common occurrence in homes, and it may happen for various reasons. For starters, the water pressure may drop if someone tampers with the main water shut-off valve located outside your residence.

Under such circumstances, you could manually crank up the knob to increase the pressure. Past that, if the low water pressure issue predominantly affects the bathroom or kitchen faucets, then the problem could be with the faucet aerators, a complication your local emergency plumber can help identify and resolve.

However, if the problem seems to have extended to other appliances in your home, such as outdoor hoses and showers, then you should probably consider scheduling an emergency plumbing service. This is often indicative of an advanced underlying complication.

Sometimes such situations may unfold if your water utility service provider is experiencing problems with their water supply system. You can check with your neighbor to confirm this theory.

However, if that’s not the case, then there could be a plumbing leak within your residence, one that could potentially facilitate mold and mildew growth and extensive property damage. Luckily, your local emergency plumber can provide solutions when called upon. Minor leaks left unresolved can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water annually.

Elevated Water Utility Bills

Energy and water utility bills top the list of priorities for homeowners and beyond. That said, if you suddenly notice a spike in your water bills, especially one that’s been consistent over the past few months, it’s a sign of a major plumbing complication in your residence.

These problems can range from minor leaks in approximately 10 percent of all American homes to running toilets and worn-out fixtures.

Water leaks can also result from a damaged valve or loose water shut-off valve. Although you may easily denote problems such as running toilets, some of the other circumstances that may lead to plumbing leaks may not be obvious.

That’s why you should call your nearest plumber immediately if you notice an inexplicable spike in your water bills. They can track down the root cause of the problem and provide effective and possible long-term solutions.

Sewer Odor

Emergency plumbers often encounter plumbing installation projects in their line of work. During the construction of your home’s plumbing infrastructure, a trap is a prerequisite for a functional drain.

A vent is also mounted, and collectively, the traps and drains help prevent nasty sewer gases from finding their way back into your house. Essentially, the vents should transport sewer gases up towards the roof as the drain traps create a water plug that prevents the sewer odor from getting back into the house. If you can smell sewer odors indoors, it’s a sign that the traps may have dried up or there’s a crack in the vent line.

Your emergency plumber in Sandy Springs, GA, can easily fix a dried-up trap by filling it with water. They can also inspect it for leaks to prevent the issue from ever happening again.

Tracing a cracked sewer vent could be much more problematic as it may require your emergency plumbing service provider to tear apart your home’s drywall to find and repair the issue.

Bubbling Ceiling and Wall Paint

Contrary to what most homeowners think, not every leak is characterized by a sudden and strong gush of water. Subtle or slow moisture leaks may happen underneath the ceiling and walls of your home since that’s where plumbers often mount plumbing pipes.

In most scenarios, such moisture leaks can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. You may get to know of the problem after the paint on the ceilings and drywall begins to gradually bubble or develop blisters.

These bubbles, blisters, and sometimes discoloration indicate extensive moisture infiltration. Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber for immediate solutions lest the walls and ceilings of your home may get damaged.

Discolored Pipes

Even though the plumbing pipes of your home may not be built to last forever, if they’re discolored, especially around unions, it may be indicative of an underlying problem that only a licensed emergency plumber can resolve.

For starters, this phenomenon may denote the presence of moisture that may be coming from a dripping sink, leaky drain line, or slow leak in your home’s main water supply line.

Pipe discoloration may also happen due to old age, resulting in additional problems, including corrosion, water discoloration, pipe decay, and bursting. Perhaps danger may not be imminent at the moment. You’re bound to experience financially taxing plumbing problems if you don’t ask your emergency plumber for prompt solutions.

A Constantly Running Water Meter

Ideally, if there’s no water coming from any of the outlets in your residence, the water meter needle or digital output should remain. However, if you’re home alone and you notice the meter continuing to provide readings, yet you’ve not turned on the water, you should consider contacting your local emergency plumber.

It’s often a sign of a leak, and your plumbing professional can help identify its location and repair it to avoid additional property damage.

Trust an Experienced Emergency Plumber

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